Review – Seized Store with Good Prices for Impotence Treatments

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I am seeing too many seized stores on the web, and the shop is one of them. I visited the shop and instead of seeing the store’s main page, I was surprised to see the notice from the US Custom’s Department message of domain seizure for the store. Online pharmacies are not the only ones shut down by the government—gaming sites, info sites, and all other shopping sites are shut down by the authorities mainly for copyright infringement and counterfeit products trafficking. I wish I’d seen more than this generic message, but unfortunately, the web does not have further information for the reprimand of the store owners or operators.

Since the shop is now gone, I tried looking for archived web data for the shop. I was able to find some information for this store using, and I was able to note that had a store name of “Trusted Tablets”, which was not identical to its domain. The authorities had warnings for websites with un-identical domain names and store names—according to the warnings, buyers should be on-guard when it comes to stores with differing store names and actual shop names. was an online pharmacy with mostly generic items in stock. The store sold various meds—the categories for the products were neatly arranged alphabetically on the left-hand corner of the store. Meds for alcoholism, allergies, GI, obesity, and others, were all listed on the drug category roster. But, even if the store had a list of all the medical conditions its drugs are relevant to, still had a separate “bestseller” page where I found meds such as generic impotence meds (Viagra, Cialis, etc.), generic antibiotics, and generic hair loss treatments. The prices for these meds were low—the generic Viagra product was sold for as low as $0.69 per pill, while the generic Cialis drug was sold for at least $1.30 per pill. Most of the prices of the drugs included on the best-seller page were less than a dollar to a little more than a dollar per pill. According to, all of these medications were manufactured in India and were all approved by the Indian FDA. Also, according to, the meds it dispenses usually have a shelf life of 1-2 years.

I honestly have no idea where operated from, as it was not discussed anywhere in the shop. What’s clear, though, was that it sourced the products from India although it was still unclear if the operators were based in India or not. The “About Us” section which was supposed to help me out with regards to basic data for was unhelpful, as I only found rambles and inconclusive remarks.

Shipping was accomplished by using either standard airmail ($10) or express international airmail ($30). The cheaper one took about a month of transit, while the more expensive option took a maximum of 9 days. However, buyers were advised to ship their orders using the standard mail option if their addresses were P.O. boxes or any business establishment.

In case the orders failed to arrive or were lost during transit, refunded the buyers’ payments if they wanted refunds, but the store also offered to reship the items if they wanted replacements for their orders. Returns were not discussed, though.

To contact the shop during its online days, phone numbers were given out. The store also had a messaging function integrated on one of its pages. However, since the store’s now offline, I think it would be difficult reaching now, as the domain is non-functional. Reviews

Archived data for showed that the store had a bunch of reviews posted on one of its sections. However, though there were a number of reviews available, I find that the comments were odd—they did not have dates and appeared to be of the owners’ doing and not from real buyers from the shop—if there were any.

The alleged buyer comments were all positive—as with all on-site reviews. According to one “David”, he was able to receive his order from and was exceedingly grateful because the products he received were effective in treating his impotence. Mark and the buyer “DN” also thanked for its efficient products which treated their dysfunction as well.

Mike thanked for its efficient delivery and confirmed that he received the products.

Although the comments available for were all positive, these comments were ones I have repeatedly seen online in various drug shops. These were repeated comments and therefore were unreliable and untrue. As for external comments for the shop, there were none—no online review platform or forum site carried feedbacks for Reviews 2016 closed down in 2016, so it was rather given that the store did not have client comments for its service for the year 2016 and onwards. Since I could not check how served its clients for the current year, I went on to use several analysis platforms to check on

First, I used was rated 0% and high-risk by this platform, and the data confirmed that was indeed a seized online store. Even if the status of the shop was “seized”, was detected to have a life of almost 6 years and was identified in either Bulgaria or the United States. The popularity of this online shop was also unknown, but according to Scam Adviser, the shop was just viewed 61 times during its lifetime.

I tried looking up on as well, but the result was no better. According to the simple data on Legit Script, was a ROGUE internet pharmacy. The ROGUE rating was the lowest any internet pharmacy could ever have from this platform. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes were unavailable on, as I checked on the data available on the archived information on However, had a few offers for its clients other than coupons and vouchers. gave free shipping for its clients with purchases more than $150, it gave free pills for buyers with certain order amounts, and also gave discounts for returning buyers and clients able to invite their friends on

Conclusion is another seized online store, shut down by the US government for alleged selling of counterfeit medications. There are no further details available for this online store, so I can’t say if the owners are able to evade the law or if they are arrested. I think the prices for the ED meds on this shop are great, but I recommend looking for other online shops since is now closed. My grade for is just 1 out of 5 due to its closed status. Review1 out of 5 stars by

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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