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Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders

Judging by this store’s domain name, the shop specializes in the sale of Viagra and similar medications for erectile dysfunction. Stores with products for impotence (or the difficulty of males in attaining erection even in the presence of sexual stimuli) are increasingly popular today, as meds for impotence treatment are currently in-demand, for some unknown reason. It may be that the male population is ridden with impotence, or the males just prefer to use impotence meds to supplement their erectile response despite the lack of disease.

The store promotes the sale of “cheap Viagra” and the no-prescription policy for ordering. During my visit, I saw that the shop had 646 orders for generic Viagra for the day—I don’t know if I’ll buy that, as the number of orders seemed too excessive to me. also advertises that I can order from the shop “like it’s Amazon”, which meant that the store’s supposed to offer hassle-free ordering and a secure shopping experience. also promoted fast shipping to the US—the store boasts that when you order now, the product will be dispensed within 2 hours and that the tracking number will be available in 24 hours. How the store will accomplish that, I don’t know, but I think that the marketing ploys of this store are rather catchy. I just hope that they are true. only sells generic impotence products or those which are called PDE5 inhibitors. The only products available on are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Priligy for premature ejaculation, and other meds such as Dapoxetine, Modalert, and a few more others. The shop advertises the sale of “cheap Viagra”, but as I read along, I discovered that does not sell the brand-name products, only the generic counterparts. According to, all the meds on the shop are approved by the FDA. The store sells impotence meds manufactured in India, although did not state if it ships out the meds from India or from the United States. Concerning the prices, the best-selling Viagra 100 mg (generic) is sold at a minimum of 10 pills for $29, while the best-selling Cialis 20 mg pills (generic) also costs $20 for 10 pills. Currently, the shop is giving away free pills for every purchase, so regardless of order amount, you can have extra pills from

Shipping on costs $39 or $29. The $29 shipping fee is for the regular shipping option, which takes about 18 days to arrive. The other option, the $39 fee, is for the express shipping (with tracking), which takes about 10 days to arrive. Although these shipping options seem costly, they are rendered free when buyers are able to reach a certain order amount. The regular shipping is given free for buyers with orders above $80, and the express shipping is also given for free for orders exceeding $150. seems to ship only to US locations, as there was no information for shipping to international locations.

The shop accepts payments from VISA and MasterCard credit cards, although prefers payments in Bitcoin—it is evident that encourages the payment using the cryptocurrency, as awards an extra 25% off for every buyer purchase using Bitcoin.

Order cancellations are allowed by provided that the payments for the items have not been confirmed yet and within 2 hours of placing the orders. Refunds are fully awarded by provided that the orders fail to arrive within 21 days post shipping and if the items were damaged during transit. Reshipments may also be requested by the buyers if they prefer so. does not provide its phone numbers, address, or email address on its shop. The store also had no live chat option but instead provided an inquiry box where you can submit your questions. As for the response time using this messaging method, I am not so sure. Reviews

It is commendable that has a lot—I mean a lot of reviews on its domain. According to the shop, it is using a third-party service for its reviews, although these reviews were still posted on the store. During my visit, the shop had about 4500+ “verified” reviews from “clients” it had during the years. Here is one example of the reviews posted on

According to the date on the review, the buyer posted his comment on May 2017. The client, Leglockmaster, which had a “verified review” rated the store 5/5 stars and stated that was the “best in the biz”. Based on the review of this client, had the best prices and best customer support, and was also able to deliver the orders “as promised”. The buyer ended his comment by stating that he will use the store’s service again.

Even if the shop had thousands of reviews posted for its service, I am still double-minded regarding the integrity of these reviews. These client feedbacks were only found in the shop and not from external sources, which means that they may be compromised and may not be entirely reliable.

As for external comments for, I found none, which was interesting because if the shop had a lot of comments on its domain, it should have at least one or two feedbacks posted on external websites. To me, this is questionable. Reviews 2016

There were numerous present-day comments for the service of, but still, they were from the feedbacks posted on the shop.

“Abraham”, one buyer, stated that he’s a returning client. He mainly commented about how satisfied he was with his orders from the store and thanked for its effective product. Service-wise, the shop had no further comments from Abraham. The buyer rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I find it interesting that even if had excellent ratings from its “buyers”, its results from scam-analyzing platforms were still poor. Take this rating from for one—this site rated only 0% for its reliability, as it was detected as a new site (with an age of more or less a year) and also without trust records. On the good side, though, was not yet listed by Google as an “unsafe” domain. Still, a zero score’s too low.

Legit Script also had a poor rating for According to this rating from Legit Script, was a “rogue” store which failed to meet internet pharmacy verification standards.

Besides the on-site reviews and the analyses from two platforms, there still were no forum site/review site comments for from real clients. Coupon Codes

There are several offers from and one of them is the 25% off promotion for buyers paying using Bitcoin. This offer is exclusively for buyers using Bitcoin as payment.

If you don’t have Bitcoin, though, you can still avail of the shop’s other client offers. Shipping is free for orders of at least $80, and is also giving away freebie pills for every purchase. Plus, the shop’s currently on sale for ED packs and orders of more than 200 pills of any impotence medication.


I like how is vibrant and appealing. It also has great prices for erectile dysfunction meds, it offers free shipping for at least $80 only, it gives away free pills, and it is also discounting payments for buyers using Bitcoin. The shop is also with thousands of comments; however, the problem is, does not have external reviews. I don’t think is reliable enough to purchase form, as its multitude of comments and its less than a year of existence do not add up. For me, the score for is only 2 out of 5; however, if I find real reviews for this store, I’ll gladly increase my score for this shop. Review2 out of 5 stars by

Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders
  • Steve S

    Stephen, have you actually purchased from and used product from viabestbuy? Yours is the second site I’ve seen reviewing the site. But I’m still trying to find someone, anyone who can say they’ve actually used the site & product. Thanks.

    • Jeffrey McFarland

      I used this site a year ago and everything they say is factual. I have recently purchased from them again and expect no difficulties!

    • Jeffrey L

      I used this site a year ago and everything they say is factual. I recently reordered and expect no problems. I hope this helps.

    • Skeeter

      I just purchased two days ago….still waiting for my tracking number. I’ll write back the results.

  • R. Ramoz

    I’ve purchased from this site before and left a comment but apparently it was taken down…

  • Joseph Anderson

    Got my viagra in just 9 days and that also at half rate from onupton(dot)com

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