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Universaldrugstore.com is an international prescription service which proudly catered to some 500,000 customers over the course of its service. Universal Drugstore is an escrow service which links buyers to ground pharmacies; it is not an actual online pharmacy. Universaldrugstore.com operates from Canada, but its dispensaries are located in various places of the world such as India, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and other places. This store, Universaldrugstore has been in operation since 2002 and still serving its clients until today.

Prescriptions from the patients’ healthcare providers are imperative on every order for prescription-only pharmaceutical products. There is no product list for the items sold on Universaldrugstore.com, but its database is searchable and prescriptions are easy to locate. Like most of the online pharmacies, Universaldrugstore also has impotence (erectile dysfunction) treatments in stock and ready to dispatch. Generic medicines are for sale on Universaldrugstore, but there are “branded” medicines from major players in the pharmaceutical industry. The information for FDA product approvals was missing; the only thing we can assume is that the name-brand medicines are approved by the FDA. Generic meds are approved as well but by the domestic FDAs of the pharmaceutical company’s country.

And because Universaldrugstore.com has already catered to half a million consumers worldwide, the price of its products may be one of the factors of its success. Viagra’s cheapest listing was for its 100 mg product, which is sold for a mere $59 for 4, which is an affordable price for the name-brand since there are pharmacies charging for at least $79 apiece. Conversely, Cialis by Lilly’s lowest price offered on Universal Drugstore is $137 for 28 pills of the 2.5 mg type. It may sound huge, but the offer is, in fact, reasonable, considering the price is for almost a month’s supply of Cialis.

Involving the topic of shipping costs, Universaldrugstore.com charges no fee for orders $100 and up and imposes a meager fee of $7 for the shipping of merchandise orders below the $100 amount. Since Universaldrugstore.com has a “30-day, no-hassle refund policy”, buyers can return all their purchases back to Universaldrugstore HQ within 30 days of receipt of the items, regardless of cause or reason. The refund for the products will be based on the amount consumed by the customers.

Contact details are available for Universaldrugstore.com:

Mailing Address:

Universal Drugstore

4936 Yonge St – Suite 835

Toronto, Ontario

M2N 6S3 Canada

Toll-Free Phone : 1-866-456-2456

International Calls: 001-204-255-9911

For General Inquiries: [email protected]

Universaldrugstore.com Reviews

Posted on Universaldrugstore.com’s testimonial page are heartwarming reviews from clients who were able to enjoy its service. One buyer was a retired doctor, who was looking for cheaper alternative suppliers for his maintenance medicine. Needless to say, he found Universaldrugstore and was contented with the prices and the store service.

Another story/testimonial was from a seizure patient whose mom was looking for meds not found in Canada (where they live). According to the patient’s account, the drug was provided by Universaldrugstore and the patient got better by using the drug.

As much as these narratives are believable, these are only from Universaldrugstore.com’s own page and might not be entirely true. This is not saying that these stories are not real, but they may have been crafted to benefit Universal Drugstore, for all we know.

Universaldrugstore.com Reviews 2016

Though no older review site accounts from real clients were available, there was more current feedback available from a consumer for Universaldrugstore.com:

Matthias was appalled by the service from Universaldrugstore.com. His order took long to process due to the mistake of the customer representative handling his account. Although he was able to pay via credit card, his payment wasn’t noted, so his order had not been shipped for almost a month. To add to his disappointment, the attendant he spoke with was neither apologetic nor empathetic with his concerns. Due to this, Matthias resolved to never order again from Universaldrugstore.com.

Checking with Scam Adviser, Universaldrugstore.com was given a 56% safe rating out of 100. Universaldrugstore was popular with visitors, and it was included in the Alexa ranking for popular websites. However, Universaldrugstore.com was given a threat listed status due to being an “unapproved” pharmacy with links to malware complaints on the consumers’ end.

The same “unapproved” status for Universaldrugstore.com was awarded by Legit Script due to the store’s inability to conform to the guidelines set by Legit Script for verified websites.

Universaldrugstore.com Coupon Codes

If you are looking for coupons or discounts, then you might get disappointed since there were no present offers for buyers of Universaldrugstore.com. However,

there is a free shipping promotional offer for users with purchases exceeding $100. This meant saving $7 on every order since the flat rate charged for the shipping is $7 on all destinations.


There was no concrete evidence which can attest to the goodness of service offered by Universaldrugstore.com. In fact, the information available for Universaldrugstore is quite the opposite; the reviews were bad for Universaldrugstore.com. Its integrity analyses are poor, and its review from one user from a reputable online review platform was quite disappointing. Since Universaldrugstore.com can’t be trusted to handle orders well, the rating for the store would be 2 out of 5. Universaldrugstore.com is not a recommendable store for your erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment needs, although the prices for the ED products here are reasonable and within the budget.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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