Unitedpharmacies.com Reviews – Potentially Unsafe due to a History of Credit Card Fraud!

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Unitedpharmacies.comUnitedpharmacies.com is an internet pharmacy selling a variety of non-controlled branded and generic meds to USA-based consumers. I decided to check it out in order to see what I could get there in terms of male infertility and erectile dysfunction drugs. Here is a quick round-up of all that I discovered:

United Pharmacies has over five years of experience and is operating out of Oceana. Meanwhile, the meds available here are from the United Kingdom or Australia. However, the target market is USA-based customers only and meds are not shipped overseas.

I could see Packages and New Products listed as the top most categories. Then I found medicines classified under cure for ailments such as Allergy, Depression, Viral Illnesses, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Heart, Infection, Pain Relief, Thyroid, Ulcer, etc. Additionally, you can find Accessories, Eye Drops, Hair and Skin meds, Slimming meds, Neurals, Nootropics as well as Pet Products. You can also find meds for all concerns related to Men’s Health as well as Females’ under two separate categories. All brand meds carry the FDA approval but it’s not clear which kind of approval the generic meds carry.

Since I was concerned with finding options for erectile dysfunction, I clicked on the Men’s Health section to see the products addressing these specific conditions. I discovered that the meds listed in this category are for treatment of conditions like enlarged prostate and impotence, so I was unable to locate popular ED meds like Viagra or Cialis here, which was a letdown.

Whatever medicines available here can be purchased either through International Wire Transfer (with the exception of Western Union) and Cashiers’ checks. The FAQ section also lists Bitcoin as a payment method. Furthermore, Unitedpharmacies.com uses Express shipment (EMS) as well as Standard shipping. The cost is for standard shipment is $12 and the delivery takes 7 to 14 days. However, EMS is more expensive in terms of cost i.e., $40, but the delivery time is anywhere between 5 and 7 days.

Since I had a question or two, I looked for ways to contact Unitedpharmacies.com and found a phone number listed prominently on the site i.e., 1-888-256-3135. Two alternate routes are to send a query on [email protected] or use the form given on the United Pharmacies’ site which I used. However, the form kept generating an error regarding my email being invalid, despite my attempt to use different email addresses:

Unitedpharmacies.com also has a refund policy which has been listed in its Terms and Conditions page. This policy states that a customer can demand a complete refund if the medications he has received are not according to the order, or damaged or defective meds. If United Pharmacy is at fault, then it pledges to refund the order amount as well as the shipment charges.

Unitedpharmacies.com Reviews

Till this point, I was thinking that even if Unitedpharmacies.com doesn’t stock the Viagra that I was looking for, I could still recommend it to friends looking for other meds. But luckily enough, I was able to find a substantial amount of reviews related to United Pharmacies. For instance, look at this three years old review of a user called Obama Blows on the trustable Eroids forum: he ordered some steroids from here and the only complaint he had was that his order’s packaging was crushed but the pills inside were undamaged, and he thinks that’s what counts.

According to him, he never faced any shipment delays or had to call the customer care for resolution of any complaint. For him, this is how it works: “I pay; they ship it”. That’s why he considers the store as “PERFECT”.

However, the other review was from a reviewer called Spinbarket33139 whose order was never processed by Unitedpharmacies.com because of limitation of payment option at their end. What happened was that the said customer received a call after a week of order placement where he was told that his order would get processed only after he places the order through the alternate payment method. Since this customer had issues regarding the security of the other payment method, he decided not to place an order as the “new [payment] method offers [him] none [protection]”.

It seems that Unitedpharmacies.com was a source that was also discussed on body builders’ forums, as I found another negative but fairly old review related to it on UK-Muscle. The member whose alias is Dani31 wrote on December 23, 2012, that he placed an order at United Pharmacies through his credit card (as it doesn’t accept PayPal) and sometimes later his card was charged from a site he never visited. Thus, he strongly suspects that his credit card information was compromised and used by someone at the United Pharmacies. That’s why he resolves never to “buy off united pharmacies again”.

From the reviews given above, it can be safely deduced that though United Pharmacies.com used to enjoy a fairly good reputation with consumers previously due to its low prices, it has fallen down many notches in the popularity rank due to numerous instances of credit card frauds.

Unitedpharmacies.com Reviews 2016


I wanted to check what Scam Advisor had to say about Unitedpharmacies.com. I basically found that it has been listed as a threat because of the recent negative reputation and also because it is based in Hong Kong instead of Oceana as it claimed. There happen to be a lot of visitors to United Pharmacies but we don’t know how many actual customers there are.

Another Scam alert source by the name of Scamner also has shared more or less the same kind of results about Unitedpharmacies.com i.e., it is based in Hong Kong but most importantly, United Pharmacies doesn’t have an authentic SSL certificate which makes it unsafe for internet transactions.

Considering all this, I wasn’t surprised when I went to legit Script and found that it has branded Unitedpharmacies.com as a rogue internet pharmacy.

Unitedpharmacies.com Coupon Codes

I was aware that customers consider the prices of meds at Unitedpharmacies.com to be competitively low, but I was curious if there were other discount codes and schemes that helped the customers save more. I discovered that all orders were qualified for a 5% discount but there were additional discounts of 10% being offered on alternate payment methods, such as Bitcoin and Wire Transfer.


Unitedpharmacies.com made me believe that it was different from other internet pharmacies, as it is well laid out in terms of information, professionally designed and has genuine brand meds as well as generics. However, I have been unable to locate neither the brand nor the generic version of any of the popular ED meds like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra among the meds found in the Men’s Health category. I still thought that I could recommend United Pharmacies to my friends looking for medicines in other categories. But digging a little deeper led me to lots of dirt on it i.e., fairly negative reviews from customers and data verification sites like Scam Advisor, Legit Script, etc. It seems that Unitedpharmacies.com used to enjoy a solid reputation with customers, particularly those looking for steroids at affordable rates, but a history of credit card frauds has made its popularity go down many notches. The alternate payment methods promoted by the United Pharmacies are not favored by many customers. Therefore, I would rate United Pharmacies as one ranking low (poor) on trust rating. No matter how low the prices happen to be, placing your order at any such internet pharmacy is a risk I wouldn’t recommend you to take, as your personal information can fall into wrong hands.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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