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The domain name for was seized by ICE (Homeland Security Investigations) because of a warrant connected to intentionally and knowingly trafficking counterfeit goods, but we were able to retrieve captures of the e-store that were saved in a web archive. The United States government is increasing its vigilance towards suspected domains selling counterfeit medications. Authorities seize online shops under a local warrant issued by a district court in the US, but there were no extra details given for the arrest of the owners of the store. The only data found in the shop was the overt notice on the domain, which was pretty standard for all seized domains, pharmacy or not. was in service for nine years, as it says in the “About Us” page. Products, which were mainly generic medications, were directly shipped from India. They emphasized that they were linked with Indian state licensed and Indian FDA approved company, although the store did not specify which companies were linked to its service.

They had several categories of items such as anti-allergics, muscle relaxants hypertension, mental disorders, migraine, neurological disorders, osteoporosis, respiratory tract conditions, skin care, and various medical conditions common and uncommon. They also had men’s health and women’s health products, which were mostly meds for sexual enhancement, such as generic items for erectile dysfunction, women’s sexual health, and contraception.

Their best-selling products were mostly medicines for Erectile Dysfunction. Generic alternative to Viagra was offered for $0.69. Generic brand of Levitra was offered at $1.50, Cialis Super Force (generic) at $2.22, and Kamagra at $1.50. These products were the first products presented on the shop (as seen on the archives), although you won’t see them today, as the store’s domain is no more than a big note from the government.

One downside with was that it only accepted credit card payment, but it shipped to all countries except for a few in Asia (the store did not specify which countries it refused to cater). The Courier Service option for shipping took 5-9 days and $30.00 was charged for it. This option allowed tracking of the product. On the other hand, Standard International Airmail will take longer at 10-21 days but will be cheaper – $10.00. In the end, it was up to the buyers which courier option to prefer, since they were the ones to spend for the shipping of their products.

If ever damaged products were received or if there were missing products, guaranteed free reshipping or refund of the payment. Item returns, however, were not presented on the archived data.

The website posted toll-free phone numbers so that customers could reach them. But, since was now seized, you can’t contact the e-shop using the following numbers. Reviews

There are more than 50 customer reviews posted on the page dedicated to the testimonials but even at first glance, we were able to deduce that these reviews were exactly the same as those seen in other related online drug store websites!

The reviews all gave positive feedback such as the drugs having the same quality as branded, but were more affordable, the good delivery time and the good customer service. But again, these reviews seemed to have been copy-pasted, and are therefore deceitful and points to an untrustworthy company.

DN, one buyer, thanked the store for the pills, and even mentioned that even his girlfriend was pleased with the outcome of his purchase. Mark, another buyer, had the same theme in his comment—his wife was apparently thankful as well. These buyers gave comments for the products instead of the service they received from

Besides these reviews, there were none on the web— seemed unpopular with clients as it did not gain mentions even from discussions on forum sites. Even if the reviews on the store were positive, I still can’t trust them as they may just be copied or manipulated by the owners to their advantage. Reviews 2016

I tried looking beyond the reviews found on, but the yield for the current year was still null. There were no buyer feedbacks available for for the present year, so I used several platforms to analyze instead.

The scam analyzer Legit Script marked as a “rogue” website. Based on its review, did not meet the internet pharmacy strict verification standards, medical and safety standards and it engaged in fraudulent business practices. Legit Script also noted that the website is currently offline.

In addition, Scam Adviser concluded that has been called a threat and it also documented that has been finally seized by ICE (Homeland Security Investigations). The domain age of is a little over 4 years and the owner identified is someone named Dennis Lazau, but he has been using free email addresses – not professional. The website was located in the US. Coupon Codes used to offer certain bonuses such as free pills for every order of a specified number of generic erectile dysfunction medications, free Airmail Service for orders that exceeded $150.00, a 5% discount applicable on the second order, a 7% discount for the third order and orders thereafter, and a 10% discount if the customer would recommend to friends.

Conclusion, according to its About Us page, operated for 9 years and sold generic medications that were manufactured and shipped from India. Many parts of the website, however, were noted to be exactly the same as those in similar online drugstores, including the customer testimonials. has been identified as a rogue internet pharmacy. Currently, it cannot be accessed because the domain was closed by ICE (Homeland Security Investigations). We will award a low score of 1 out of 5 and recommend searching for functional and reputable online pharmacies. Thank you! Review -1 out of 5 stars by Stephen K. Walker

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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