Texaschemist Review – A Pharmacy Network that Allows You to Pay Less for Quality Meds

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Texaschemist is a drugstore network that sources all its meds in India. They claim that these meds are usually manufactured while following the best safety precautions. They indicate any medication you purchase from one of their many websites which look exactly the same is manufactured using the best raw materials. The med store network has been operational for 12 years. They usually ship their meds to all countries in the world. You will not find any brand name drugs on this website. They focus on distributing generic drugs in order to keep the prices as affordable as possible.

Since the pharmacy network sells generic drugs and it does not have any controlled medications in their catalog, people who need these meds can get them without a prescription script. The problem that people encounter when they are sourcing their meds from network pharmacies is the ease by which scammers can trick them. What the scammers do is that they create sites which look the same as the real network pharmacy sites. Ones you use a scam domain address and land on one of the scammers phony pharmacies, you will not notice. Therefore, you will get scammed while you think you have ordered from just another pharmacy that belongs to the Texaschemist network. To stay safe, avoid random web addresses.

Texaschemist Reviews

It is always a good practice to only believe the information about a pharmacy provided by people who have actually dealt with the pharmacy. From the reviews we have found online for the Texaschemist pharmacy network, it is clear that they offer great services. To serve as proof, we have some of the reviews here:

Texaschemist Testimonials

Texaschemist Testimonials

The first person gives his testimonial indicating that he was able to receive his pills and he tried them. The Texaschemist network team followed up and he is thanking them for the follow-up. The man says that he is satisfied and his girlfriend is too. The second reviewer confirms that Texaschemist offers quick delivery. His order was delivered within a period of two days. The service he received was impressive. The man says that when he needs more meds he will be sourcing them from one of the pharmacies in the Texaschemist network. He promises to inform his friends about the pharmacy.

The final reviewer indicates that his meds arrived within three days and this impressed him. The medication he received worked well. He is also impressed by the Texaschemist website which explains everything regarding the medication quality, where the meds are sourced, and the number to call in case he missed something. Ordering was very easy for him.

Texaschemist Online

One thing we noted about Texaschemist websites was that they all had a simple look. This made it easier for anyone to shop for their meds. It does not matter whether you have ever shopped online before or you haven’t. The website indicates that they will accept both credit cards and Bitcoin as a method of payment. If you have never used any of the pharmacies in the Texaschemist network, the following is the look you should expect when you load these websites:

Texaschemist Homepage

Texaschemist Homepage

All the sites in the Texaschemist network will not demand for a prescription. This is not against the law since all the stores don’t stock any controlled drugs or narcotics. Also, they don’t stock brand name drugs which usually have to be dispensed to someone who has a prescription script. By using Texaschemist, you will have the ability to enjoy the lowest price. If you need any support, you will get it regardless of when you call them. The support department is always available in the office for 24 hours 7 days a week. If it happens that you place your order and your meds never reach you, you have the ability to talk to the customer support department and request a refund. The pharmacy has a 100% money back guarantee. The medications that Texaschemist usually sells originates from safe pharmacies located in Canada. This means that they will function just as you would expect them to.

Texaschemist Coupon Codes

We could not locate any coupon or promo codes for the Texaschemist pharmacy network anywhere online. However, what we noticed when we took a closer look at what the pharmacy was offering is that they had various offers such as the following:

Texaschemist Offers

Texaschemist Offers

The more pills you purchase, the lesser the money you pay for each pill. As long as your order is worth more than 200 dollars, the shipping charges are waived.

Texaschemist Phone Numbers

Texaschemist drugstore network has really invested in their customer support department. You can chat with them directly on their website using their online chat function. You can talk to a support agent directly through a toll-free telephone number which is +1-702-965-3395. They have a contact page where you can fill out a form and send them an email to which they will respond to promptly.

Texaschemist Spam and Phone Calls

After searching for a while on the web, we could not come up with even a single report that indicated Texaschemist pharmacies were spamming their previous customers. All we came across were happy customers who had left behind happy comments. This should allow you to shop with confidence since you will get exactly what you need and you won’t get spammed with calls or emails.


Texaschemist pharmacy network has all the great qualities that a pharmacy network should have so that anyone can consider trusting it. They deliver real meds on time. One buyer has confirmed in the reviews above that his meds arrived within 3 days while the other has said his meds reached him in two days. Although the pharmacy does not have any coupon or promo codes, they offer their buyers a large number of discounts. When you buy your meds in bulk, you pay less for each pill. When you buy drugs worth more than $200, you won’t pay for shipping. Texaschemist drugstore network deserves a 5-star rating.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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