Tadapox 20mg Buying Guide: Revolutionary Dual Power Generic for Full Enhancement

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Tadapox is not just Cialis alternative, but a revolutionary medicine with dual power. It takes care of erectile dysfunction, and at the same time, it prevents premature ejaculations.

Tadapox 20mg Tablets

Tadapox 20mg Tablets

Cialis is a famous brand developed by large pharma corporations GlaxoSmithKline and Icos. It became a very popular and expensive medicine prescribed for various maladies including prostatic hyperplasia and pulmonary hypertension, but it’s most known for its effects on ED.

Nowadays, one can find cheaper and often better generics. Innovative Laboratories go a step further to improve Cialis, by adding compounds that prevent premature ejaculation.

Tadapox is such a revolutionary drug, made by a big and reputable manufacturer, Cipla.

Another thing entirely is finding a genuine drug online. You have to browse through some shady websites to find e-pharmacies worth your trust. You must verify if the site gathered consumer ratings and stars, and if they operate for some time. If they are new, you need to be careful.

Pharmacy Mall operates 20 years to date and has collected super positive 5-star responses over the years. They have experience, guarantee fast shipments worldwide, and present consumers with some uniquely low prices, especially for the quality bestsellers like Tadapox.

Tadapox 20mg on Pharmacymall.net

Tadapox 20mg on Pharmacymall.net

Tadapox 20mg Pros and Cons

Purchasing online carries some risks, so it’s best to be aware of some disadvantages. The advantages are also noteworthy.


Tadapox’ dual power exceeds effects on Cialis

Tadapox is based on Cialis and uses the same active compound, Tadalafil, to manage ED. Tadapox also contains Dapoxetine, a known and safe substance that prevents premature ejaculations. Together, both compounds act in unison to give you a full enhancement you truly seek.

You get more function for less

Although Tadapox contains two different compounds and dual power that adds flare to your sexual life, the tablets cost less than simple Cialis generics, and hundreds of dollars less than the brand medicine itself. The Pharmacy Mall Tadapox is even less expensive than generics offered by other genuine e-pharmacies. Each 30 tablet pack can save you $176.73.

Brand Cialis 20 mg vs Tadapox 20mg

Pills per Pack Brand Cialis 20 mg Average Market Price
(3 Stars)
Tadapox 20mg Price from Pharmacy Mall
(5 Stars)
Your Savings!
30 $235.64 $58.91 $176.73 Get now! Smart trial!
60 $351.96 $87.99 $263.97 Get now!
90 $468.28 $117.07 $351.21 Get now! Customer Favorite!
120 $584.64 $146.16 $438.48 Get now!
180 $817.32 $204.33 $612.99 Get now!
270 $1166.32 $291.58 $874.74 Get now! Bulk Savings!

You get a Cipla Quality

Cipla is the biggest and most recognized Cialis generic manufacturer in the industry. Cipla’s Tadacip (Tadalafil) is even mentioned alongside Cialis in the Wikipedia entry. That’s because Cipla is distributing safe and high-standard generics globally. They also hold pharmaceutical certificates of good manufacturing processes, approved, among others, by the FDA, WHO, and the countries in the EU. The quality you get is equal to that of branded drugs, except, much cheaper. Tadapox is also innovative, safe and highly rated among consumers who appreciate its dual power and a complete effect.


Tadapox tablets are not available in stationary pharmacies

The online sites are the cheapest source of generic medicine. The purchase is also easier and the prices more competitive without the middleman. You can’t go and get Tadapox from the pharmacy, but it’s easy enough to order, and it’s a win for everyone.

Shipping time needs to be included

Whenever you order, you should remember about the shipping time. How long you wait depends on e-pharmacy you have selected, and it’s often shorter when dealing with bigger and reputable sites. But it will always be 3-4 weeks unless you get the expedited shipping in which case you’ll wait at least a week.

Deceitful sites may steal your money

If you know the online market, you should already be aware that there are and always will be deceitful sites that just pretend to be a genuine e-pharmacy. It might seem scary, but there are ways not to let them steal your money, which we mention in the next chapter.

How to Buy Tadapox 20mg Online from a Reliable e-Store

Tadapox is highly popular generic that offers a complete effect on both ED and premature ejaculation. The dual power is what the consumers enjoy the most. They claim Tadapox is effective, safe and better than the simple and expensive brand Cialis.

Buying Tadapox tablets online, you may run into deceitful sites that pretend to be e-pharmacies. To not lose your money, we recommend that you first check the e-pharmacy credentials. Google their ratings and consumer reviews. If you notice that a site lacks reviews or the star ratings, beware. Same goes for finding out the e-pharmacy scored worse than 3/5. That means they might be genuine but don’t care much about their service and their consumers. Chose the recognized and well-rated companies that many consumers use. It will also guarantee timely shipping and lower prices.

Tadapox Price Chart

Pills in Each Package Average Tadapox 20mg Price on the Market
(3 Stars)
Pharmacy Mall Tadapox 20mg Price
(5 Stars)
Your Savings!
30 $76.58 $58.91 $17.67 Get now! Safe trial!
60 $114.39 $87.99 $26.40 Get now!
90 $152.19 $117.07 $35.12 Get now! Customer choice
120 $190.01 $146.16 $43.85 Get now!
180 $265.63 $204.33 $61.30 Get now!
270 $379.05 $291.58 $87.47 Get now! Order more

Pharmacy Mall has 20 years under its belt and continues to deliver top standard service and ships generics to individuals and companies worldwide. They also present consumers with uniquely low prices that cannot be found anywhere else.

Today, Tadapox limited offer discount saves you additional $291.58 on a pack of 270 tablets.

Tadapox 80 mg Prices Chart

Tadapox 80 mg Prices Chart

Tadapox 20mg Alternatives

Tadapox is fantastic Cialis alternative, especially because it has a dual power. Tadalafil manages ED issues, and Dapoxetine prevents PE. Together, you get a full enhancement for less than even the simple Cialis generics. Cipla, the manufacturer of Tadapox, is reputable and makes drugs of quality equal to that of brand Cialis.

Tadapox from Pharmacy Mall is less expensive than anywhere else, and you pay only $1.08 per pill when choosing bulk purchases.

Tadapox 20mg Price vs Generic Cialis

Number of Pills Generic No-Name Cialis 20 mg
(1 Star)
Tadapox 20mg Price From Pharmacy Mall
(5 Stars)
Savings on Tadapox 20mg
30 $70.69 $58.91 $11.78 Get now! Safe try!
60 $105.59 $87.99 $17.60 Get now!
90 $140.48 $117.07 $23.41 Get now! Recommended choice!
120 $175.39 $146.16 $29.23 Get now!
180 $245.20 $204.33 $40.87 Get now!
270 $349.90 $291.58 $58.32 Get now! Save on Bulk orders!

Pharmacy Mall outmatches even the no-name generics from the shady sites. But whenever you find those, we strongly suggest not to buy them. If you can’t see the credentials of tablet’s manufacturer, you might be buying something downright dangerous.


Tadapox is an innovative creation from one of the most reputable generics manufacturers, Cipla. It has a dual power that produced a full enhancement you’ve been looking for. Tadapox has been everyone’s favorite so far and has met with positive responses from real consumers of all ages.

If you look for an inexpensive option, Pharmacy Mall gives you unique discounts unfindable anywhere else. Today’s offer saves you additional 117.07$ on 90 tablets. Hurry up and get yours now!

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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