Rxpills-online.com Review – A Costly Vendor No Longer Working

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RxPills-Online.com was a relatively new addition in the online world of pharmaceutical stores selling both branded and generic drugs at reduced prices. The store did not live long enough to serve better and has been seized for now. The store used to claim that all of the drugs available in its collection had been approved by World Health Organization (WHO). Rx Pills Online also used to say that it offered all the medicines at up to 80 percent reduced prices. Additionally, all the products at RxPillsOnline had been approved by the FDA as well. The company only dealt in drugs related to the erectile dysfunction and some of its famous products included Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, Zocor, Levitra, Xenical, Kamagra, Accutane, and Zyban. Branded versions of Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra were also used to be offered at RxPills-Online.com. The products offered here were not found to be cheap at all as a 25mg of Viagra tablet used to be priced at 3.45 US Dollars which is quite costly and unaffordable.

The company used to ship internationally to most of the areas of the world. Customers had a free will to choose between EMS or Airmail service for the delivery of their products. EMS was expensive but fast, taking 5 to 9 days to deliver. Airmail was quite slow and took up to 21 days in order to make the delivery and also did not have any tracking option. Payments were to be made using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or E-checks. A contact number was provided for the US customers i.e. +13477080262. For the rest of the clients, a response form had been provided RxPills-Online that was to be mailed to the company.

Rxpills-online.com Reviews

RxPills-Online.com had a few customer reviews on its official website which were found to be positive and in favor of the drug store.

Johnny was a 34-year-old customer who said that he took a “risk” and ordered medicines from Rx Pills Online and made payment through a credit card. He said that he was quite happy with what he received in return as the drugs were “genuine” and were shipped at the right time. The client also mentioned that he used to call the company regarding his doubts and fears and Rx Pills Online always satisfied him.

Mike belonging to Chicago praised the fact how RxPills-Online discreetly sent the medications to him. The customer explained that he could not understand what he had received when he first received it, but when he opened, he found his required products. Mike explained that the products were “exactly the same” as the ones he saw in pictures on the official website.

Stephen Smith said that he placed an order on RxPills-Online and received it a bit late which got him a bit “nervous”. However, the company called him to explain everything. The client said that he understood that it takes time in the processing of an order for avoiding “credit card fraud”. He had also said that he would order again from this website as he found it “honest”.

The reviews regarding RxPillsOnline are positive but because they were present on the official website of the drug store, it is quite obvious. I refuse to believe in the authenticity of these reviews as there is a chance of them being compromised.

Rxpills-online.com Reviews 2016

After watching the compromised reviews for this website, I thought to look for some reviews for 2016. To my disappointment, I was unable to find any review for the year 2016.

Scamadviser gave 0% trust score to this vendor and showed a red slogan to all those who were in favor of this drug store. Scamadviser claimed that the real identity of the website was being hidden from everybody. The pharmacy claimed to be run from Netherlands, but in actual its servers were located in Seychelles. Scamadviser urged people to stay away from this vendor until it was made to shut down by the controlling authorities.

Scamner didn’t approve the trustworthiness of this website and raised concerns about the professionalism and security protocols of this website owners. Scamner claimed that the website had been registered just recently and within few months of its working, it had been made to shut down.

Rxpills-online.com Coupon Codes

The website proved itself very user-friendly when it came to giving out discounts. Just like many other generous pharmacies online, RxPills-Online.com adopted the method of giving out discounts at different steps methods.

This method works on the simple law- the more you buy, the more you get discounts. At the last step, the customer would get Viagra pills at $0.61 each, only if he ordered 360 pills.


RxPills-Online.com seemed like a fake website to me because of many reasons. The layout of this store was completely copied and the same could be observed in the FAQ section. The store had never been cheap as it sold medications at very high prices. No scam analyzing website had approved it and there were no authentic customer responses to support it. Therefore, Rx Pills Online gets 1 out of 5 from my site with an advice to all the customers to avoid such stores in future.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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