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Rxpharmacyshop.com is an online medicine shop that I visited recently when I wanted to find some cost-effective options for Viagra. Since I don’t have insurance anymore, I didn’t mind if I could find other RX meds here, so the search was dual purposed.

I determined from the ‘About Us’ section that the RxPharmacyShop specializes in selling brand meds as well as their generic versions. Furthermore, it is doing business online since 2004. Its supply centers are based in varied locations, such as Singapore, India, Hong Kong & Russia.

The meds available here have been categorized into Best Sellers, a general Erectile Dysfunction meds, Hair Loss meds, Eye Care meds, Weight Loss meds, Smart Drugs and Women’s Health related meds. Besides these, different erectile dysfunction meds are listed separately in the category list.

I found out that I can buy 10 pills of the generic version of Viagra i.e., Sildenafil (100 mg) for $25.40 and the brand version (Pfizer) for $33.50. However, those who want Cialis can buy its generic version Tadalafil for $69.60 (20 pills). Meds sold here have FDA approval from the country they have been manufactured in i.e., India.

You can buy these meds either by making an account or checking out as a guest. There is only one way to pay for your order i.e., through credit cards like Visa, Master, and American Express. As for shipment details, the FAQ section elaborates that orders are sent through either EMS Services or Registered Air Mail. Delivery time to EMS delivery in USA, UK, and Australia is 8 to 12 days. Meanwhile, delivery time for other regions is from 21 to 24 days. Shipping cost is pretty high i.e., a flat $25 for orders up to $199. But all orders exceeding this amount would be qualified for free shipment.

I was a bit surprised to know that Rxpharmacyshop.com hasn’t listed any phone number on its site. However, it does offer online chat support or submission through the email form. Since the live support was offline, I sent an email instead and was led to the confirmation page.

An important concern when buying products online is whether or not refund requests are facilitated by a store in case anything goes wrong. Rxpharmacyshop has a separate Return and Refund page where it mentions clearly that if a customer doesn’t get his ordered meds on time, or it gets lost, or is damaged or tampered in some way, or has been dispensed in incorrect amount, the customer has a right to ask for a complete refund or ask for reshipment of order.

Rxpharmacyshop.com Reviews

I hoped to discover the opinions of customers who have bought meds from Rxpharmacyshop regarding the products sold here and the quality of service. Sure enough, I was able to find some reviews of the customers in the Testimonials’ section of RxPharmacyShop as well with the products. Y M Chan who is a customer based in New Territories, Hong Kong SAR China, appreciated the positive experience during his order placement at this pharmacy. He considers “Excellent Pricing, Best communication” and on time delivery to be the factors distinguishing this pharmacy from others. That’s why he is sure that he would place an order here again. Lori P., a customer hailing from Kansas, USA, is greatly impressed that the customer care service of this pharmacy is “so GOOD about responding so quickly” and is “committed”. The order status tracking helped her learn that her ordered meds have reached the USA in just 6 days and she expects to receive them in 2 days or so. Other customers like Jo Tim Yun also have positive things to say about the “comprehensive services’” and timely delivery they experienced at Rxpharmacyshop.

However, I generally take all the positive reviews on a pharmacy’s own website with a grain of salt i.e., I understand that these reviews would be positive and possibly doctored. That’s why I decided to double check the reputation of this pharmacy on the internet and came across Review Center.

A customer called ZackeryJimenez wrote on 25 September 2015 that he bought Bimatoprost from RxPharmacyShop. The order was split into three packs due to the size, and unfortunately, one pack was seized at customs and was never released. When the customer alerted RxPharmacyShop about the situation, it reshipped the order via a different route, thus leading to a successful delivery. That’s why Zackery considers the pharmacy as “very helpful and understanding” and having “excellent service”.


CircuitDiva is another customer who has recounted in September 2015 how she was very nervous about ordering her meds from an overseas pharmacy. Yet the customer care department promptly and diligently resolved her misgivings. After order placement, she was able to track her package’s progress and got it on time, in one piece and in accordance to her specifications. Resultantly, she is “impressed” by Rxpharmacyshop and considers it a”trusted site and company”.

There were four reviews there related to Rxpharmacyshop and they were all positive, which lent a 5-star rating to it. Thus, it seems that the pharmacy seems to enjoy a fairly good reputation with customers and can be trusted to provide genuine products and great service.

Rxpharmacyshop.com Reviews 2016

Since one customer mentioned that the pharmacy is based overseas, I wanted to know specifically where it is situated. I conducted a search on Scam Alert which showed me that the pharmacy is supposedly in the USA but its real location is hidden and it’s rarely visited. Thus, Scam Advisor thinks the site to be unsafe with substantial risk level.

Rxpharmacyshop.com Coupon Codes

Most online pharmacies announce saving schemes and send out discount coupons to customers, so as to help them save and surge their own sales; however, I didn’t find any such offers at Rxpharmacyshop. The only offer you can find is free shipping on orders exceeding $200. Since I am not fond of bulk buying of meds, I wasn’t very happy with this.


Rxpharmacyshop.com can be a potentially useful resource for the brand and generic meds for customers like me. It has a solid reputation among customers. Though the reviews on the independent forum are not very latest, they are promising. RxPharmacyShop is neatly laid out and all information is visible. One drawback is that the shipping cost seems to be too high i.e., $25. The other slightly negative factor is that Rxpharmacyshop.com is based in an overseas country and its actual location is hidden. But if one can get quality meds instead of counterfeits, with a guarantee of timely delivery, then it’s not a bad deal. Overall, I think Rxpharmacyshop.com can be given a rating of 3 (fair) on all the base of positives mentioned above.

Rxpharmacyshop.com Review -3 out of 5 stars by Stephen K. Walker

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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