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RxPharmacy-Online24.com used to be like the other popular drug stores with a customer-friendly layout and content. Judging from the layout and the content of this shop, Rx Pharmacy Online 24 was probably an affiliate website or a marketing arm of one massive online pharmacy company. Whatever the reason might be, the pharmacy has now been closed and cannot be accessed by the customers anymore, which was sad considering the store had a lot to offer.

RxPharmacyOnline24 started its service in the year 2001 and worked for 15 years before finally closing down without a warning. The motto of this store was to provide the clients good quality medications at the cheapest possible prices. Additionally, RxPharmacy-Online24 also used to focus on fast delivery service. Like all the maple-leafed online pharmacies, the shop Rx Pharmacy Online 24 was from Canada—it operated from Canada but shipped its products from various warehouses across the globe (hence the fast deliveries regardless of buyer location). Rx PharmacyOnline24 posted its different certifications including those from the FDA, Pharmacy Checker, and CPA, indicating that the store operated with blessing from reliable drug regulating commissions and organizations.

The list of products that used to be available at RxPharmacy-Online24.com was massive and included all categories starting from ADHD and finishing at men’s health. The specialty of RxPharmacyOnline24 was, however, the drugs for erectile dysfunction. All of the products in the store were approved by the Food and Drug Administration and were guaranteed genuine, safe, and effective to use.

It had been repeatedly mentioned on the company’s official website that the prices of drugs were quite low. Products available at RxPharmacy-Online24 were all generic so I had it coming. A single pill of sildenafil used to be priced between 3.52 to 5.70 US Dollars which was a price considerably cheaper than the brand name Viagra treatment which retails at about $70 per pill. Prices for generic Sildenafil and other medicines available at Rx Pharmacy Online 24 got cheaper with the increased purchase quantity.

RxPharmacyOnline24 only accepted Visa Cards in order to receive payments from the customers. It used to provide international delivery via two services. Regular Airmail service took 14 to 21 days and charged 20 US Dollars while the EMS charged 30 US Dollars and delivered in only 5 to 9 days. No live chat was provided by the company but offered an email and call support for customers with inquiries about their orders. The customers had to call at +1-888-225-84-52 or send an email to the given email address in order to contact the company.

Rxpharmacy-online24.com Reviews

Reviews for this online pharmacy were available online and surprisingly, the shop had good reception from its online customers. Here are several of the shop’s former reviews written by its satisfied clients:

Dulce_girl 124, an anonymous girl posted her comment about the website at 2015-09-09. She said that she was no longer “attractive” to her husband as she was 50 years old. Recommended by her friends, she thought to spice up her sex life where she noticed the existence of this vendor. She ordered “Female Viagra” for herself “Viagra Soft” for her husband and she was “very happy” with the product. She is happy with the way her husband compliments her and flirts with her, which was made possible only due to this seized online vendor.

Octave time Bruxelles also posted his comment on 2015-07-18, which clearly shows that he was happy with the working performance of the vendor.

Octave time Bruxelles also posted his comment on 2015-07-18, which clearly shows that he was happy with the working performance of the vendor.

Caroline Johnson gave her viewpoint on 2015-06-29 where she wrote, ‘This is the best website”. She marketed one of their product by saying that “Female Viagra is a powerful orgasm enhancer” and with its help, she had been able to be more feminine. She also contended with the price and quality of the products.

Rxpharmacy-online24.com Reviews 2016

The reviews available for this store for 2016 were similar to the ones posted in the earlier years – it is evident that customers were duly satisfied with the performance of this online pharmacy. Buyers were generally very happy with their purchases, with some even openly declaring their intent to reorder from the shop.

Buyers usually commended Rx Pharmacy Online 24’s capability to ship buyer orders on time, with no delays. Customers also appreciated that the store only handed them genuine medications, which turned out to be quite effective for the medical conditions they bought them for. Although customers were pleased with Rx Pharmacy Online 24’s service, apparently, Rx Pharmacy Online 24 was not meant to last forever.

Rxpharmacy-online24.com Coupon Codes

No appreciable codes or coupons could be found at this pharmacy, but the store offered other forms of discounts instead. For instance, buyers with large purchases are given lower per-pill prices for their orders.

Apart from this, customers were requested to wait for holiday or special occasion discounts — although this would now be impossible now that Rx Pharmacy Online 24 is closed.


Rx Pharmacy Online 24 is one of my best bets during its online time. The store offered a wide range of choices not only for brand medications but also for their generic products, especially for impotence treatments. This store only sold genuine products with impeccable quality, giving the buyers less doubt about the meds they purchased from the store.

It is not known why the store Rx Pharmacy Online 24 suddenly disappeared, but it is possibly because of big pharmaceutical companies seeking to put generics sellers down. If the store were still online, I’d be the first to recommend its use, but since it is now obliterated from existence, I now recommend the use of other reliable stores, such as the ones found on our list of Top Online Vendors for the present year.

Despite this shop’s closure, I hereby rate Rx Pharmacy Online 24 an excellent score of 5 out of 5.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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