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on April 15 | in Reviews | by | with No Comments is an online pharmacy venture that mainly deals with the sale of steroids. has been in business since 2004, and as per the site, has been the planet’s leading online steroids pharmacy recommending brand name merchandises as well as selling them. However, then owners of the site are not known. stocks over three hundred forms of anabolic steroids from around the globe. is the authorized reseller of Sciroxx, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Kalpa Pharmaceiticals, as well as Geneza Pharmaceuticals. According to, they are pleased to create an enjoyable, lively comprehensive destination shopping familiarity. With, there are supplementary ways to shop with enthusiastic client reviews on all steroids that will assist in selecting the drug that best suits a client’s needs. All the offers of all accessible varieties of steroids can be found on RoidsPharm classified in injectable steroids, oral steroids, PCT in addition to weight loss steroids. Reviews

According to, is a rogue internet pharmacy. was listed as a rogue pharmacy due to lack of conforming to international laws regarding sale of banned and controlled substances. was listed as a rogue pharmacy on August 2012. According to, is a site that is too risky given the ambiguity of where the site is based. Although the site appears to be based in Germany, there is probability that the site may also be based in the United States of America. This coupled with the fact the company has many negative comments placed by the clients; it is only fair that clients do not do business with the site. To crown it all, the site has also been lowly trusted by other websites. The site also uses fake approval seals to deceive their clients with regards to their services. The site alleges to be approved by although such a regulating agency is not known.

The site prides itself as a forum where a client can purchase steroids online from them as this is an original supply of high value authentic steroids, being a sanctioned steroid provider who can be checked on producer’s sites as well as have debates for references. Coupon Codes

Although the site does not offer coupon codes for all products, some of its featured products are discounted. Clients who may wish to save some cash may consider buying the following products:

• Strombafort 10 Bulk for 102.00 USD from 120.00 USD
• Nandrolone Decanoate for 34.00 USD from 40.00 USD
• Testosterone Enanthate for 29.75 USD from 35.00 USD

However, the company offered a discount of fifteen percent on all products bought as a rate for the Christmas period. The company recognizes payments that are made through Credit Card or Money Transfer Payment. The company also offers free shipping for orders over 600$.

The company should however consider the following:

• Introduce a reshipping policy to cover Australia, Canada, New Zeeland, Singapore and South Korea.
• Upload feedback from the clients on their site.
• Acquire the required accreditation from the relevant authorities.
• Upload more articles that applaud the positive usage of steroids on the site.


It is not easy for any site that sells steroids to convince the public about the safe procurement and sale of the substance. This is because steroids have been banned in some countries as well as being labeled as controlled substances in other nations. It is not easy for a client to procure steroids that are being sold by a site that has not been accredited as required by the law. It is therefore safe to conclude that it would be lucky if a client bought steroids from and got genuine medications of it. This site is therefore not safe for clients. The site gets a rating of 1 star.

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Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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