Reliable Online Pharmacy Criteria

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Online pharmacies are coming up in an increasingly digitized age. Following the dot com boom in the turn of the century, more people have access to internet services and the online platform has been a hotbed of commerce. From Amazon to Alibaba, people are now turning to the online “stores” to buy things they would only buy physically from shops. The pharmaceutical field has not been left behind by this paradigm shift from brick and mortar stores to online stores. In addition to the convenience of having your drugs delivered to your address, you also get some good offers and cheaper prices because you can compare the prices and offers from a catalog of businesses. This fall in price is due to the competition. However, in the midst of all this positivity, is the myriad of scam online pharmacies. These pharmacies offer substandard drugs that are not FDA approved and have been known to steal money from unsuspecting customers. There is little regulation in the business and this has led to the proliferation of scam websites. So, how can you distinguish an authentic online pharmacy from the fraudsters? What are the parameters you will use to weed out the scam and only buy from the best pharmacies on the internet? Read on.

Online Pharmacies Safety Standards

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy states that a majority of online pharmacies do not comply with patient safety standards. Pharmacies that sell drugs to people should be approved by a recognized regulatory body and have actual proof of the approval without merely stating it.

Online Pharmacies Safety Standards

Online Pharmacies Safety Standards

A good example of an approved website is It is recognized by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CIPA, two internationally recognized bodies for approving the safety of the medication. The risk of buying from unapproved vendors is the possibility of buying drugs that are not containing active ingredients or sometimes contain harmful ingredients.

Most online pharmacies deliver the drugs in an unlabeled package that is good for secrecy. However, an online pharmacy should sell you the drugs that are actually advertised. Even if the drugs do not require a prescription, such as the generic drugs, always ensure that they are approved by the regulatory bodies.

Online Pharmacies Credible Reputation Issue

A legitimate online business does not swindle its customers. One way of knowing that an online pharmacy is genuine is the kind of reviews it receives from its customers. In most cases, an online pharmacy will try to drum up business by having purely positive reviews on its testimonials page. While this is meant to hoodwink customers into buying, the prudent customer will look beyond that and look for reviews on online websites that do not have any links to the online pharmacies. Have a look at more than one website to come up with a conclusion as to whether you can buy from them.

Online Pharmacies Custumers Report

Online Pharmacies Custumers Report

Take for instance the ratings on the independent review website of the online pharmacy It looks like a forum where there are not just people who are satisfied with the services offered, there are others questioning the credibility of the online pharmacy. However, there are genuinely satisfied customers who are reassuring the doubtful ones of the quality of the online pharmacy

A reliable pharmacy should still be reviewed positively even on the independent review websites. Even when there are pockets of dissatisfied customers, a majority should be happy with the services. Not all customers are going to be happy with everything a business offers and a few complaints that were acted upon is a healthy sign.

What You Should Know

While the business is online, the clients do not need to know where the storage facilities are or where the servers are. However, details such as the country where it is based and perhaps where it sources its drugs are not too much to ask. Some pharmacies are not based in the United States while they may still be good businesses with excellent services. They do not have to lie to their customers about their location. The year in which an online pharmacy was formed is probably not important but adds to the credibility.

There should be clear information on whether the drugs sold are generic and whether they require prescriptions. Some branded drugs are so expensive and this drives people to the online pharmacies. They find generics that are more affordable and therefore it is important for them to have adequate information.

Customer Service Is Important

This can probably be read from customer reviews from previous customers’ experiences. However, there’s nothing that spells doom on an online pharmacy like poor customer service. When a customer orders a product, they ought to be able to follow its transit and if any issue arises, they should have access to reliable customer care agents. Live chats and toll-free phone lines can help. A customer may also receive the wrong order or receive damaged goods. They need to be able to report and receive a prompt response from the online pharmacy’s customer service agents.

A reliable online pharmacy should display its coupons and offers on its website to allow the customers to use them to save some money. This is beneficial to the business as well. The coupon codes should be valid to enable the customer to have an easy time as well. Good customer experience is the ultimate goal of any business.


In order to get a five-star rating, an online pharmacy has to abide by these few requirements and surpass the expectations if possible. The online pharmacies have enabled more people to access drugs and the only way they can retain them is by being reliable businesses.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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