Potency-help.com Review: An Approved Online Store with Excellent Former Service Is Now Out of Business

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Potency-help.com Main Page

Potency-help.com Main Page

Potency-help.com was an Indian based online pharmacy selling medical drugs for treating generic diseases. The website had been around for 9 years. The products were produced in high quality at the best manufacturing companies in India. These drugs were internationally approved by the FDA as well as comply with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act in India. This ensured the drugs were legal and safe to use. The website provided these drugs with the amount of dose to be taken. Prior to taking any drugs offered by this site, patients were advised to seek their physician’s help. In case of any queries, customers could contact Potency-help.com customer care service for assistance. Their customer care services were available 24/7. They maintained strict confidentiality with the customer’s contact details as they valued extreme privacy. If a customer didn’t receive their order, they needed to contact the company and get a refund from them.

Potency-help.com Reviews

There are no reviews made for this site by other trusted websites. However, we can look for its reliability on scamadviser.com and scamvoid.com. Scamvoid.com found the site had not been blacklisted by other trusted site like Google Safe Browsing. They also found the site to be trustworthy and reliable. This means people can visit the site and place orders without fear of being scammed. Potency-help.com needs to find ways to become popular as this would create more traffic leading to more product purchases. Their popularity will also be able to influence people to form opinions about their product leading to the company identifying which products are most effective and purchased.

Customer testimonials for Potency Help were also available and surprisingly, only constructive comments were available for the store.

Potency-help.com Feedback

Potency-help.com Feedback

As you can see in the image above, buyers thanked Potency Help for its reliable delivery—one buyer even stated that he received his order within a week of ordering from the website. Apart from the reliable delivery, buyers also thanked Potency Help for shipping free pills along with their purchases and also thanked the shop for its “fast” service.

Potency-help.com Coupon Codes

The website gives bonus supplies in an attempt to attract more customers. These bonuses can be any free pills on the site. They also provide free shipping services so customers get to only pay for their orders with no additional fees for shipping. The site needs to come up with coupon codes that will help customers save money. These coupon codes should be at a reasonable discount charge and filled in with the purchase order. New products should especially have discount prices on them to get the customer coming back and even refer the site’s discount charges to friends. Introducing rewarding of points on each purchase order to customers is advisable. The points can be used by customers to make their own coupon codes depending on the number of points they get. This method will have customers saving more of their money and attracting new customers to use the site.


Potency-help.com has been around for many years and was popular with the customers, as denoted by its available customer reviews on the web. The shop of Potency-help seemed legit, but it eventually closed down after years of service. Albeit this is the case, this store still necessitates a good score of 4 out of 5 since Potency-help.com served its customers well during the past years. However, given this store’s closure, it is only fitting that I recommend the use of other web drugstores to consumers with the need for cheap generic medicines.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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