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Pilldr.com ReviewsPilldr.com redirects to ViaMedic.com. ViaMedic is an online pharmacy that is approved to sell Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, Stendra, and other prescription medications. This company has been in business for 16 years. Ordering from this online pharmacy can be completed in 4 simple steps. Search and select the medication that is needed. Sign up with a free account, or sign in for returning customers. Complete the free online medical consultation so the physician can write a prescription. The customer then reviews their order and completes their checkout.

ViaMedic partners with U.S. licensed physicians for their online medical consultations, and utilizes U.S. licensed pharmacies to fill the prescriptions. While this company does offer the free online medical consultation to receive prescriptions, they do state that this does not replace seeing a primary care doctor for a routine annual exam. Additionally, next day delivery is available. In order to take advantage of this, an order must be placed and reviewed by one of the physicians before 3:00 PM PST and have the chance to be shipped for the next morning delivery. This company prices their medications competitively with larger pharmacy chains and includes all expenses in the medication prices to help the customer save money.

ViaMedic is entirely U.S. based and provides only authentic FDA approved medications that are produced inside of the United States. This company encourages customers to contact the makers of the medication to verify the location that the medication was made, as well as confirming the expiration date. If a customer is ordering from Canada or Europe, the company fills the order from the recipient’s country at a licensed facility.

Pilldr.com Reviews 2015

There are no customer reviews or testimonials available on the ViaMedic website, but trustpilot.com provides many customer reviews of mixed ratings, the majority being 5 stars.

This customer had issues with the customer service team, stating that they were rude.

Pilldr.com Reviews

On the other hand, these two customers were very pleased with the services and the overall reliability of the company.

Pilldr.com Reviews

Legit Script lists pilldr.com and viamedic.com as unapproved internet pharmacies and Scam Adviser gives both sites (pilldr.com and viamedic.com) low trust ratings.

Pilldr.com Coupons

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The staff of ViaMedic is adamant about spreading the word against the purchase of counterfeit generic prescriptions that are not regulated in the United States by the FDA, and seems to be totally transparent with its customers. Providing an online consultation to receive a legitimate prescription while encouraging a regular annual exam speaks to the authenticity to the business. This website provides a comparison chart for the main medications that they provide, assisting the consumer in choosing which medication would be suitable for their needs.

What this website is missing though, is customer reviews and testimonials on the site itself. The ratings from Legit Script and Scam Adviser could be overlooked if the ratings on Trust Pilot were reflected on the company’s actual website. On Trust Pilot, the company receives an average rating of 8.7 out of 10, which qualifies as “Great”. This company seems to know the market and customers, while providing a safe and secure ordering and shipping process. Overall, this website receives 4 out of 5 stars (a point lost for the redirect).

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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