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Online Pills HomeIf you are looking for a pharmacy to trust, Online Pills is a valid choice. This is not just a single pharmacy site. It is what can be called a pharmacy network. Pharmacy networks are simply groups of medical stores which work to make sure that the company or drug vendor running them is getting as many customers as possible. What we mean by this is that you are very likely to locate a large number of websites which you load using different domain addresses but look exactly the same. A good example is the following website look that you get when you load any of the drug stores in the Online Pills drugstore network.

Online Pills has been on the web since the year 2001. This should let you know where the above overly simple look originates from. The good thing is that with a simple look such as the one indicated above, it is extremely easy to place your order. The drugstore sites are simple but they carry all types of meds. They have invested in ensuring that no one ever lacks what he or she is looking for.

A common issue that online medication buyers face is the presence of scam clone sites. These sites will resemble the above website but they will never offer anything good. They will sell scam meds and also steal from you. These sites are never easy to recognize. The only way to avoid them is making sure you are using a genuine domain address to load any site working under Online Pills drugstore network.

Online Pills Reviews

The best way we could prove to you that you will be getting high-quality meds and services from the drug stores in the Online Pills pharmacy network is through showing you the testimonials left behind by previous customers. It was easy to locate these reviews. When we read them, we were amazed by the positivity in all of them. We have a few of these reviews here:

Online Pills Testimonials

According to Smith who resides in the UK, ordering from Online Pills drugstore network gave him a great experience. Dorothy from Andorra is happy that she got to enjoy an excellent service. When she had a query, she did not have to wait for too long before it got dealt with. She says that the query was handled very efficiently. The pharmacy does not only offer great prices for their meds. It also offers great value for the money the consumer spends.

Samuel says that the shipping is very speedy when you are sourcing your meds from Online Pills pharmacy network. The pharmacy network did not just ship his meds and then leave Samuel in the dark. They kept him updated on the shipping progress. After using the pharmacy network for several years he doesn’t feel like quitting.

Online Pills Online

If you love graphics on websites, you might find Online Pills drugstore sites being boring for you. The sites are very simple. This is an advantage though. Buyers don’t spend too much time trying to figure how to order meds. The drugs are arranged alphabetically in 27 categories. This means that since each category contains a large number of meds which can treat the same condition, buyers have hundreds of drugs to choose from.

The meds are really cheap. For example, see the following prices for some of the bestsellers in the drugstore network:

  • Antabuse which is used in the treatment of alcoholism will cost you $0.43 a pill.
  • Metformin that people who suffer from type II diabetes have to use costs only $0.26 a pill.
  • Prednisolone which treats allergies is worth only $0.32 a pill.
  • Xenical is worth only $0.79 per pill

These drugs have guaranteed quality. Some of the drugs being offered by the Online Pills drugstore network are generic. This just means that the original manufacturing company lost the drug patent and other drug manufacturers started producing the medication. The active ingredient in the generic medication and the brand drug are similar. This means that you will always get the same benefits from either generic or brand drugs. Online Pills drugstore network offers generic meds to keep the medication costs low.

Online Pills Coupon Codes

You will not find promo codes, deals or Coupon codes on third-party sites which belong to Online Pills drugstore network. What you will find are numerous offers on the official Online Pills drugstore network sites. Here are examples of offers we found in the shopping cart:

Online Pills Discounts

The drugstore network always gives their customers bonus pills. They give you a chance to choose between the 3 most popular erectile dysfunction drugs. Shipping is free for people who manage to buy drugs costing more than 200 dollars. The people who order meds worth more than 200 dollars also get an automatic 10% discount.

Online Pills Phone Numbers

You won’t have to struggle to find a way to contact the Online Pills customer support department. They have telephone numbers placed on all their sites. The numbers are +1 718 487 9792and +4420 3239 7092. It is also possible to send the pharmacy network an email. You only need to use the pharmacy contact page for this.

Online Pills Spam and Phone Calls

It can be extremely hard to locate a drugstore network that does not spam their customers. However, when you are dealing with Online Pills drugstore network, you will always be safe from spam emails and phone calls. We have determined this after lacking any evidence on the web that could show they spam previous clients.


There is no disputing that Online Pills is a pharmacy network that deserves a 5-star rating. It has been online for a total of 17 years and the only comments it has encouraged are positive. Customers are happy with the quick delivery, quality medications, great customer service, and cheap prices. You only have to be cautious to not end up on clone scam sites.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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