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Nmihi.com is a very simple website that provides information on several medical diseases, health disorders, and overall medication. Created in 2007, Nmihi has been giving useful insights to several people worldwide. The purpose of this website is to inform people about these conditions so they can find the right meds from them. This website is a compilation of useful information concerning health, making it easier for us to find it.

Nmihi’s repertoire includes more than 500 articles organized alphabetically. Here you are able to find information regarding obesity, arthritis, back pain, nutrition, cancer, skin care, among others. The website offers you several categories of generics and branded meds, explaining to you how they are made and how they can help you with such condition. Moreover, the company helps consumers to find affordable meds from several e-pharmacies.

Nmihi also gives you information regarding what kind of payment methods each online drugstore offers, alongside the cost of the med. I like the idea of having everything organized in one platform so I don’t have to do several google searches. However, I believe that Nmihi would benefit tremendously from a much more appealing design. As for now, this platform’s design just seems incomplete and primordial.

I tried to search for erectile dysfunction and Sildenafil but without any luck. Those particular topics are not available on the website. I used the search button once again and looked for more information regarding Viagra. I can say that everything was on point and no false information was presented. Nmihi also lead me to an online shop which offered generic Viagra for a bit over than $3.0 per piece.

Adequate results were also displayed for Cialis, explaining what the drug is and how should be used. Once again, the portal lead me to another e-pharmacy where I could buy this particular product.

I am still unaware if the actual purpose if Nmihi’s database is just to give useful information, or if the website has some ties with several online pharmacies to promote them. At least there is no direct risk associated with an information-only website.

Nmihi.com Reviews

Since Nmihi.com is not a direct seller, it doesn’t have any customer reviews at all. I’m not sure if all the pharmacies that Nmihi links to are reliable or not. The only thing we can check is if the information provided by Nmihi is correct or not. You may want to use WebMD.com or the Mayo Clinic to double check the facts.

I even tried to look for comments on certain blogs and forum regarding Nmihi’s overall performance, but without any luck.

I have to alert you to always confirm the pharmacies suggested by Nimihi with other sources, because I believe not all of them are reliable. A small online search or just a double check with scam analyzing websites should do the trick. Moreover, I’ve noticed that Nmihi only lists a few e-pharmacies, so you should be really cautioned before purchasing anything from those stores.

Nmihi.com Reviews 2016

II decided to check how Nmihi performed in scam alert websites. My findings were slightly mixed and raised some concern regarding this informative website.

Even though Nmihi is not a seller, Legit Script labeled the website as a rogue internet pharmacy. I don’t exactly understand why, but perhaps it has to be with the linked pharmacies here. Or, it can also be possible that Nmihi used to be an online pharmacy in the past. I couldn’t find enough information online to tell you.

Scam Adviser was able to discover Nmihi’s location: the website is based in Netherlands, but with a high chance of being located in Russia as well. Even for an informative website, Nmihi.com involves a high-risk country. Something seems off, honestly. In reality, Scam Adviser did not consider Nmihi to be entirely safe, giving it a 33% trust score.

Curiously, the website has lots of visitors, making me believe it is proving some value to consumers. I hope it does because, again, I would really value an easy to navigate health platform.

Nmihi.com Coupon Codes

Despite the fact that Nmihi.com tells consumers where they can buy their meds, the company does not offer any discount code to be used in an actual e-pharmacy. It’s typical for this type of websites to provide a coupon code to one of the best online pharmacies mentioned on the website, but Nmihi does not offer this option to its visitors.

I believe the website is merely informative and is just a compilation of useful information for most consumers. Hence, there’s almost no point of giving such discounts and/or coupon codes if Nmihi is not promoting any specific pharmacy. If this platform starts to collaborate with reliable pharmacies, I would love to have a coupon code provided by Nmihi.


Well, obviously, there is no danger of you being ripped off by Nmihi.com directly. The website is purely informative and there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, I believe if they had a much more attractive design, Nmihi would be a pretty useful website. Especially if they linked to reliable and honest pharmacies.

Sometimes many people are easily deceived by the lack of information, believing that a certain drug will treat their condition. A website that explains consumers what the disorder is, what kind of meds (and from which brands) are capable of providing treatment, can avoid serious health damages. I hope Nmihi is not a deceitful marketing trick to lead people to dishonest pharmacies!

If you are looking for information only, then I completely advise you to visit Nmhi. I believe their information is useful and it’s a nice platform. Just keep in mind that you should double check its suggested online drugstores before making an actual purchase there. Overall, I give Nmihi.com a 4 out of 5 stars.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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