Review: A Scam Pharmacy for Anabolic Products

on May 30 | in Reviews | by | with No Comments ReviewThis is an online site used to sell anabolic products. They provide a team of professionals who are certified in physical training, nutrition and steroid information. Any questions concerning steroid products, dosage to take, possible side effects and product use can be answered by these professionals. They will guide on workout session and the best diet to take that will suit the results you are looking for. Their main market is athletics that are free to purchase products without a prescription. Due to laws restricting the buying of certain steroid products, this site provides an easy solution to getting these products quickly. These products are manufactured to meet the Good Manufacturing Practices regulations therefore they are safe to use. Overnight shipping is available for the consumer and in case goods are misplaced, the company can track the goods and have them shipped to the correct address. Shipping will normally take 2-3 days within the USA which is fast. Lab results of the products will be shipped along with the product for the consumer to evaluate. Reviews

There were some negative reviews found about the site. Some people warned other the site was a scam site. One researched on the site and found that the site’s real domain name was located in Texas and not the area code provided by the site. The phone number provided does not exist. The only thing that does exist is the email address that might be used for ripping off people. He advised people to pass along the message so as to expose this scam site. Another person confirmed the site was a scam saying the site personnel will tell you to send money for product that will never be received. Upon sending the money the site will cease to correspond with you. These reviews should be considered by the potential users of the site so as not get ripped off. On, the website is found to be of unknown trustworthy and reliability although on rates it to have a 74% trust score. The site was found to be unpopular according to Due to this, users are advised to be cautious when performing any business transactions with the website. Details proving the site are safe to use are not enough. Coupon Codes

There are several offers on cycles on this site, which are:
1. Alpha cutting cycle, an 8 weeks cycle, including Parabolin, Test Cypionate, Nolvadex, HCG and syringes has a 35% discount offer. The product goes for $495 enabling the consumer to save $285.
2. Pro ripped cutting cycle is a 10 weeks program on a 30% discount offer saving the consumer $411. The current price is $979.
3. Ultimate cutting cycle lasts 8 weeks and is 30% off saving the customer $288. Current price is at $697.
4. Basic cutting cycle lasts 6 weeks and the package is 25% off saving the buyer $165. Its price is $495.
5. Fat melting cycle for 8 weeks has a package that is 30% off. The current price is $483 having the consumer save $207.
6. All oral cutting cycles go for 6 weeks at 30% discount saving the consumer $192. Its price is $482.

All these cycles come with a free cycle training and diet guide manual.

Conclusion showed the website has been in operation for 2 years and originated in the US. It shows the website uses a free email address for registered, technical and administrative contact. This means the website might not be legit presenting a high risk for users. The website was found to be OFFLINE. This means it has not been in operation for a while. The life expectancy of the website was short, lasting only a year. The website does not use www on its link which is a technique used by most scam sites. People should be warned against this site as several reasons show it is not legit. The site gets 1 star. Review -1 out of 5 stars by Stephen K. Walker

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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