Review – Drug Distributor Is Forced Out of Pharmaceutical Business

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Claiming to be a revolution in the world of online pharmacy, was a distributor of FDA-approved drugs in the United States. The pharmacy dispensed both generic and branded meds at the lowest rates. Customers were able to obtain their prescribed or non-prescribed meds at much cheaper rates than local drugstores.

Starting from skin care, Meds 247 Online dispensed meds to treat several conditions including cancer, sexual disorders, antibiotics, dental care, etc. The e-store was fairly recent but did not last long in the market as it’s currently unavailable.

With a very pleasant website, customers were enabled to order their meds using e-check as a payment method. The packages were delivered discretely and all over the world. Meds 247 only provided standard airmail but I wasn’t able to ascertain the cost.

The website was, in fact, very organized and quite clear. Users would not have any trouble finding the meds, and the overall design was quite appealing.

The pharmacy could be reached via phone, Skype or a chat box every day, even during the weekend. I wanted to try the customer service myself but, obviously, I couldn’t.

The pharmacy didn’t offer the typical Sildenafil-based generics to treat erectile dysfunction. Instead, Meds 247 Online provided Suhagra pills at the astounding rate of $0.25 per piece. Apparently, their main assortment were muscle relaxants, including Paraflex and Lioresal.

Deferred or defective products could be completely refunded without any need to resend the products. The company had offices in New Delhi, Florida, and London, allowing the store to ship products internationally and at lower rates.

Up until this point, I can’t really understand the reasons why Meds 247 Online is no longer operational. I need to have a deeper look into the pharmacy. Reviews

Since was an e-pharmacy operating for a very small amount of time, I wasn’t able to find any reviews from previous customers. The pharmacy had an extremely professional appearance, but without reviews proving it, I cannot ascertain its competence. In fact, having reviews from previous customers is what makes us buy in a certain online store, and allow us to verify the pharmacy’s legitimacy and honesty. Reviews important even to understand the efficiency of a certain medication. For example, if an e-pharmacy is selling another brand of a certain drug, reviews can help you perceive if that brand will suit you or not.

Moreover, feedbacks are also useful to alert other consumers about possible scams. Typically, when a store is recent, like Meds 247 Online, I wouldn’t advise users to purchase their meds in that particular store unless they were willing to take a risk. New online drugstores need to provide some sort of opening discount to attract more clients willing to take a leap of faith without losing money. Reviews 2016

Without any reviews, I must check what scam detectors have to say regarding

Legit Script is very clear in its opinion concerning Meds 247 Online, ultimately exposing it as a rogue. The reason behind this label is that Meds 247 Online wasn’t compliant with the health regulation standards for internet pharmacies.

Scam Adviser has much more faith in Meds 247 Online, considering it relatively safe. Scam Adviser believes Meds 247 Online was 67% safe and there was only a small chance of risk. Nevertheless, the risk still exists and consumers should have proceeded with caution.

Despite the fact that the website was located in the United States, Scam Adviser warns us to that fact it was most likely based in Russia.

The popularity of this store is not known, but judging by the lack of reviews, I do think the store did not have time to mature properly. Probably it wasn’t very popular among consumers since not many of them got a chance to actually purchase something in Meds 247 online. Coupon Codes

Meds 247 didn’t use coupon codes to draw more clients and boost their sales. The only discount I was able to find was for US customers only. When using e-checks to purchase their meds, US clients could get a $5.00 off on their checkout. This is nice for US customers but does not help international consumers at all. Perhaps if had provided more discounts, consumers would have taken the risk.

However, I have to say that the store does provide full refunds to unhappy customers and that’s something not a lot of companies do. It’s a nice strategy to help people to put their faith in the pharmacy.


I genuinely believe that had the potential to become an amazing vendor of high-quality meds. I don’t know the reasons why it closed, but I think it is shame and there are far worse online drugstores on the internet. Obviously, Meds 247 Online did not revolutionize the world, and maybe it was just another innocent soul caught in the competitive world of online pharmacies. I guess we will never know. Nevertheless, I must say that Meds 247 caught my eye and I was impressed.

Despite Legit Script’s accusations, I find it hard to believe that two analyzing websites have such dispersed opinions. Thus, I would give Meds 247 Online a “Go”. With such low prices, I’d jump in and order a few pills and see how well they perform. Of course, this is a risky chance, since I don’t have proofs of the store’s trustworthiness, but it doesn’t seem that unreliable to me.

Meds 247 Online had pretty much everything we wish in an online drugstore, therefore I have to give it a 3 out of 5.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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