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My search for affordable generic meds for insomnia and ED meds led me to an online pharmacy called I browsed the to see what it was about before I can consider placing my order.

Firstly, I was curious to know the origin of and source of the meds sold here, so I checked out the ‘About Us’ section to locate this information. The page doesn’t specify where Medpillrx is located offline and merely iterates how well it does what it does i.e., supply generic meds at low prices. Generic meds found here are under the following categories: Men’s and Women’s wellness, Eye Care, Skin Care, Cancer-fighting drugs, Anti Allergy and Fungal meds, Weight and Hair Loss meds, Antibiotics and Antivirals, meds for Diabetes, Migraine, Thyroid, and Asthma. Also, health testing meds, Smart Drugs, and trial kits are available at this med store.

I browsed the Men’s Health section to locate ED products specifically and found out that 30 pills of generic Viagra cost $56 for new customers, whereas returning customers can purchase them for $50. Likewise, generic Levitra would cost $79 to new customers but only $71 to returning customers. The site specifies that the generics sold here have been manufactured by companies having WHO as well as FDA approval.

As far as the payment methods go, they would remain a mystery till you make an account on Med Pill Rx through a rather longish form. The FAQ section doesn’t work, so you can’t get any information from there or elsewhere related to shipment time, methods, cost, etc.

One extremely negative thing about Med Pill Rx is that there are limited and almost no way to contact this pharmacy prior to placing an order here and maybe later too. The phone number listed on the page contains asterisks: 1-***-***-**87. What a joke! There is a supposed Live chat option but when I clicked on it, the site kept getting reloaded. There was a call back option too but the pop up didn’t take me anywhere. All I was able to do was to leave an offline message (as you can see from beneath). I got an acknowledgment message the next day in my inbox but I am still waiting for an answer to my query.

I found out that the med store offers a complete refund if the shipment is delayed, shipped wrong or arrives in a damaged form, should the customer prefers a refund and not a reshipment of the original order. Well, that’s cold comfort I would say if I dare place an order at Med Pill Rx. Reviews

Since I was curious as to what was the experience of other customers (if any) ordering from, I began looking for candid reviews. Just like the FAQ section, there is also a so-called testimonial section on the site but it is nonfunctional. I was frustrated so far. So, I set myself on the quest to check the Medpillrx reputation at other independent review sites. Reviews 2017

I was able to find just one review about Med Pill RX on the independent and reputable review site Trust Pilot. The review was not for a generic ED med but a sleep med called Provigil.

The review has been posted by someone called Bernard Wilson fairly recently i.e., January 20th, 2017, and lauds the pharmacy for numerous things, such as its informative blog (I found it impressive too), timely delivery, friendly customer support, etc. According to this customer, he “got relieved and now rely on the site” regularly for his meds. But looking at the site and contrasting it with the customer’s claims, I haven’t been able to draw much reason for the said praises.

Since I wasn’t getting very positive vibes for, I decided to check its legitimacy online anyways and learned that Medpillrx shop is potentially based in Germany but is more likely from Singapore. Scam Advisor considers Med Pill RX a low trust site and allocates it 10% safety score, though I would consider it high considering all the negative points that I have mentioned above. Coupon Codes is offering three kinds of discounts to customers: a banner on the site declares that customers paying through e-cheques will get a 10% discount; new customers will get a 10% discount and returning customers will also get meds at discounted prices; shipping is free worldwide, although Medpillrx store’s target market comprises only 10 countries or so.


Buying meds online can be a bit tricky, although there are literally tons of online pharmacies out there. Generics are even available for prices lower than trademark meds. Still, you cannot get a cent percent assurance that the online pharmacy one is dealing with happens to be a legitimate one. is one of those online pharmacies which don’t give out much information as to where they are situated and what kind of experience they hold. Crucial details like payment methods, shipping methods, delivery time, etc., aren’t listed clearly on Medpillrx. You have to make an account on the site before order placement, maybe then you would be taken to an exclusive area where you can learn this information. Another huge drawback is that there are literally little or no ways to contact the customer support. The contact number is listed with asterisks. To top it all, has numerous technical glitches; tabs are there but aren’t working. If these people can’t manage to run a site properly, then are they professional enough to handle my meds? One good review doesn’t mean anything; it may just as well be paid for. deserves a below average rating 2 out of 5. I would rather trust my intuition and look for other more professional online pharmacies than buy from

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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