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Online drugstores are common nowadays due to their ease of access and hassle-free service. One of the online drugstores on the web is a store whose main focus is the sale of generic erectile dysfunction medications for men suffering from the condition.

Although’s main products are those from the erectile dysfunction category, it also has a number of other products for categories like eye care, skin care, women’s health, smart drugs (nootropics), and women’s health medications. It is like the other drugstores which offer vast explanations about their service but giving no actual details like where they operate or when their business started. There is also no information on the status of its products’ FDA approvals; although Medpillmart had tabs for FAQs, About us, and more, they’re nonfunctional tabs which do not contain the necessary details on the information we’re looking for.

Let’s talk about the product prices. Generic Viagra here is cheap, as you can buy one pill for $1.85 (minimum of 30 pills), although the old customer prices are cheaper by several cents. Buyers are entitled to greater discounts and bonus pills when purchasing large amounts (100 pills up). As for Tadalafil (generic Cialis), the cost is higher; a pill costs $6.13 each (minimum of 8 pills) but offers free 10 pills even for the minimum purchase. I like how there were product descriptions on each product, although there were no reviews on each.

Because there’s no FAQ section, we don’t have any idea whether offers refunds or reshipments. I would have definitely asked the customer service attendants but no one was online to assist me with my queries. There was no other way to contact aexcept of the email or offline messaging. There was no phone number or address available for my reference, which makes Medpillmart dubious.

I had to check out first before knowing the shipping rates; asks for $22 for the regular shipping and $25 for the express shipping method. There was no indicated difference on the transit times of either of the options. Payment methods accepted by are E-cheques (+10% discount for this payment method) and credit card payments from AMEX, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover. Reviews has reviews posted on its site from “satisfied customers”. Of course, online shops will post good reviews for their websites for more user traffic. Here’s one of the reviews posted for

According to this comment, the client is thankful for being able to receive his order just in time and mentioned that he was “satisfied” with’s service. Although this review seems good to see, it was only posted on’s own site and may not be reliable.

There was one review from, though. It was from “scottimus”, who posted on January 2014; the user mentioned that he ordered products from about 30 days from his comment and was not able to receive the products. He tried contacting staff but to no avail; according to him, did not respond to his emails and chat attempts. Reviews 2016

There were no more reviews for from the forum and review sites for the past years, so I checked’s status on

According to the site analysis for, it is 52% safe for users. It is not popular with clients, as the site is rarely visited. It is a 2-year-old website with a hidden owner country. also detected the site to be operating from a high-risk country. Coupon Codes

There are several offers for clients from, for newbies and for old users. According to the website promotional banner, new clients can earn 10% additional pills plus ED trial pack worth $16 (which is rather too good to be true). Old users have the same offer, plus an additional discount (10%) on top of the freebies (again, too good to be true).

The store offers free shipping on orders more than $100 and also offers 20% extra pills on all orders—an offer which is rather redundant.’s promos overlap with each other, so I am thinking that there’s something rather untrustworthy about this site. No business would give away so much for nothing in return.

Conclusion is actually cute, but the buttons for the information are not functional. The prices are good and the store offers a lot of promotional offers, but there is no assurance that Medpillmart can deliver. There are limited reviews for the website from reputable sites, and the only one available is from a client complaining about a non-received order. Of course, the on-site reviews are stellar and were all praises for’s service; but then, these reviews may not be reliable.

I am rating 1 out of 5 and I won’t recommend the use of Medpillmart, although its prices for erectile dysfunction medicines are actually good.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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