Leopharmarx com Reviews – Doesn’t Qualify as a Reliable Web-Based Pharmacy!

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Leopharmarx.com is selling generic medicines online. Let’s dig a little further to find out what this drug shop is about. When buying generic meds online, the price is not the only concern, the genuineness of the meds and the legitimacy of the online pharmacy dispensing them is equally important. With a plethora of web based pharmacies, it is very difficult to find one you can trust. I had the same things going through my mind when I was browsing Leopharmarx.com.

I went through the About Us section hoping to know what kind of experience Leopharmarx.com has in dealing with meds, and the surprising thing is that I got to know next to nothing. The web pharmacy doesn’t reveal which country it’s operating from, the number of years it has been in operation, etc. The information that was there was merely filler and fluff.

As for the meds available at LeoPharmaRx, I found here Smart Drugs (Nootropics), meds related to Men’s and Women’s Health; Eye and Skincare meds; meds to treat conditions like Diabetes, Thyroid and Cancer; Anti-Allergy and Anti-Fungal meds; Anti-Virals and Antibiotics; Hair and Weight Loss, and Pain Relief meds. However, the FAQ section of the site is specifically dedicated to Modafinil (Provigil), a med to treat sleep- related disorders. That’s pretty whacked up! I thought that an FAQ page is supposed to serve another purpose.

Anyways, I decided to check out the area related to Men’s Health and discovered medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which was what I was looking for. I went through different meds available here and saw that Generic Viagra is available here in different potencies and purchase options. You can buy 20 pills of Generic Viagra (100 mg) for $37 if you are a new customer. However, the same med is available for $34 for repeat buyers. Likewise, 20 pills of Generic Levitra (10 mg) are available for $44 for new customers and $40 for repeat customers. It is not specified which generic ED meds have FDA approval and which don’t. For example, FDA approval has been mentioned in Generic Viagra’s description but not in Generic Levitra’s description. Knowing that my generic meds are FDA approved or not is fairly important to me.

I was able to determine that I could pay for my purchased meds through using any of the following payment options: credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express; money transfer services like the Western Union, MoneyGram; E-Checks as well as digital currency like BitCoin; and COD. However, it is notable that COD is available for only US-based customers. A loyalty bonus is given to a customer at the time of each purchase which would make his next order cost less.
Furthermore, Leopharmarx.com uses two shipment methods for delivery of meds: post registered (free of cost) and express shipment ($7). Post registered orders are delivered usually in 21 days, whereas express shipment has expedited delivery time i.e., 8 days or so. For US-based customers, delivery is through the COD method via the USA Priority mail service. The other shipment carriers used by the pharmacy are Singapore Post, EMS, Parcel Force and Royal Mail.

For any queries, there are two options for contacting the web pharmacy: phone or email. USA- based customers can call on +1 (617) 936-8808, UK-based customers on +44 (020) 3290-5374, and Australia-based customers on +61 (075) 660-6468. None of these numbers were toll-free, so I inevitably opted for sending an email to the pharmacy (see below). There are no specifications, as to how soon one can expect a reply. I am waiting for a reply till date.

One important consideration is that Leopharmarx.com has a refund policy: It is possible for customers to claim a full refund in the case of delayed, missing shipment, or receiving damaged product.

LeoPharmarx.com Reviews

I found a separate customer reviews section at the website of LeoPharmarx and browsed it out of curiosity. All the customers seemed to be based in either the USA or Australia, and all the reviews were related to ED meds sold in the Men’s Health section. For example, a Charleston, USA-based customer, Theodore T. Dye, admits that he experiences performance anxiety during intercourse. However, he has been able to resolve this problem thanks to his wife who has been buying Generic Viagra from this web store. Another customer named Ernest A. Sanchez from Tempe (USA) states that his pretty awesome sexual life had experienced a slump due to his sexual health issues and those of his partner. However, they have been able to find their groove back through the sexual health meds available at Leopharmarx.com. Likewise, a customer called Ignacio I. Christenson from Osterley (Australia) lauds the web pharmacy for two qualities: there are lots of different products to be found here and that they work.

Since I have the eye of a skeptic, so I decided to check if there were other customers who had shared their experiences about Leopharmarx on social networks, forums and review sites related to pharmacies and products. However, my search drew a blank. Leopharmarx seemed to be an unknown entity; and therefore, it is not a safe place to order your meds from. I had enough reasons to conduct a background check on LegitScript and ScamAdvisor, and here is what I discovered:

Leopharmarx com Reviews 2016

LegitScript has its own reasons for declaring this pharmacy to be a rogue one, as its practices as a web-based pharmacy are not standard. For instance, it’s not clear where Leopharmarx.com is based, and like most rogue pharmacies, Leopharmarx is also selling prescriptive meds without asking for any prescriptions.

ScamAdvisor too has also assigned a low rating to Leopharmarx.com and it considers it fairly high- risk. Just like the majority of scam pharmacies, this one is probably from Russia and is not popular with visitors. No wonder, I was unable to find any reviews about this web pharmacy anywhere, as no one hardly buys from here.

LeoPharmarx.com Coupon Codes

Like many web-based pharmacies, Leopharmarx also tries to lure in customers with promises of low pricing and discounts. The prices for returning customers are discounted in comparison to new customers, as customers get loyalty points on each purchase. Likewise, orders above 100 pills usually qualify for free shipping. Furthermore, purchases above $130 also qualify for free shipping.


I browsed Leopharmarx with the hope of finding a reliable source and here is what I found: The web- based pharmacy masks where it is based, how long it has been in operation, and what is the origin of its generic meds. Even the FDA approval status of meds sold here isn’t clearly specified. The FAQ section, the purpose of which is to give crucial information, is used to promote a sleep disorder med. The shopping cart area is where you would be able to locate most of the crucial information, such as payment and shipping methods, cost and delivery time. But I am very reluctant to place an order merely on the basis of seeing a sophisticated shopping cart. I need to be 100% assured about the quality, effectiveness, and safety of medicines that I am going to consume.

Leopharmarx just doesn’t qualify yet to be a reliable source. The rating is obviously: 1 (poor). My advice to buyers of ED meds and any type of meds is simple: when in doubt, don’t buy! And that’s true for Leopharmarx too.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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