Legit Online Pharmacy: Possible Dangers and Benefits

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The web is teeming with online pharmacies selling a wide range of products for almost all medical conditions, but it is a constant challenge finding the best legit online pharmacy due to the number of virtual drugstores on the web. The search for legit online pharmacies is made confusing by the number of online pharmacies flooding the web—oftentimes, you can’t tell a legit online pharmacy from a fake website.

ED Pills

ED Pills

What is a Legit Online Pharmacy?

What do we mean when we say “legit online pharmacy”? Aren’t all online drugstores pretty much the same? They are actually not. Not all online drugstores you see on the web are functioning in accordance to federal legislations. In fact, most of the virtual drugstores you saw on the web are scam sites, so if you’re not careful, you are more likely to run into rip-off stores with questionable credibility and also sellers of counterfeit products.

Why did online pharmacies appear in the first place? Online drugstores were created in order to allow patients to access products for cheaper prices. Some medications are marketed at high prices at local drugstores and are consistently a burden to the patients. Web pharmacies were introduced in the market to provide consumers an alternative shopping route and also to help them gain access to cheaper medications.

However, in dealing with online drugstores, you have to make sure that you’re dealing with actual legit pharmacies, so you won’t be wasting any time, money, and effort in no-good online stores.

How Can you Tell if an Online Pharmacy Is Legit?

So how do you know if the online pharmacy you’re dealing with is the real deal? There are some pointers you may need to make your search less confusing. Here are some of the main characteristics of legit online pharmacies (based on the guidelines set by reliable sources):

  • Legit online pharmacies always require prescriptions from their consumers.

Don’t trust online pharmacies which do not ask for prescriptions—always look for online drugstores which ask for valid prescriptions, especially for prescription-only products.

NABP Website

NABP Website

  • Legit online pharmacies usually sport a VIPPS accreditation from the NABP.

Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites are legitimately functioning web pharmacies approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

  • Legit drugstores, according to WebMD, have the “.pharmacy” extension.

The dot pharmacy extension is only given to the shops which are fully compliant with the federal laws. However, not all sites without the extension are scam sites—there are a lot of other domains without the “.pharmacy” and are still legit websites.

  • Legit online pharmacies are not included in Rogue listings and in NABP’s list of unapproved websites.

An online pharmacy is legitimate if it does not have a rogue rating from Legit Script or Scam Adviser and other domain evaluating websites. Also, the store should also not be included in NABP’s list of not recommended websites.

  • Legit online pharmacy stores have licensed online pharmacists.

Look for websites employing the service and the supervision of licensed pharmacists, so you can be assured that your meds will be dispensed properly.

  • Legit online pharmacies are duly licensed.

Trust only web shops which were able to obtain the proper licenses from their countries of operation and from the countries where they export their products to.

Advantages of Using Legit Online Pharmacies

Finding legitimately operating online drugstores can give benefits for the consumers. If you are able to locate a valid, legit online pharmacy, then you are sure to enjoy the following:

  • Good prices – Online drugstores are capable of giving consumers access to good deals for the products they need to buy. Some online pharmacies are able to grant coupon codes and discounts which are not available at your local drugstores.
  • A wide variety of products – Since online pharmacies have a centralized database, patients can have access to a great number of products as well. Some ground pharmacies are only able to offer a few product varieties, unlike online drugstores, which are able to present an extensive database of products, including ones which are rare in a particular locality or country.
  • Convenience – Buyers can enjoy a no-hassle order process—you can order anything from your trusted pharmacy without leaving your home. This can help you save time during busy days, or allow you to secure your medications despite problems such as snowstorms, hail, rainstorms, and other scenarios.
  • Discreet purchases – Buying meds from your trusty pharmacy online helps you maintain your privacy—there’s no need to be ashamed when ordering meds online. Also, online pharmacies ship meds discreetly, so neighbors and couriers won’t even know the content of your package.

Possible Dangers of Purchasing from Illegitimate Online Pharmacies:

If buying your meds online can be advantageous, if you are not cautious, purchasing meds online can also be disastrous. Here are some of the disadvantages of purchasing online (from unsafe sources) can cause you:

  • You can get scammed – If you fail to shop from a legit source of your medications, you’ll end up getting scammed for your money (you may never receive your orders)—or worse, have your credit card information stolen from you.
  • You may be sent fake products – Being sent placebo pills is the least of your problems—you might be sent drugs with an entirely different active ingredient, and you may also be sent products filled with foreign contaminants. Instead of improving, your condition might get worse.


Legit online pharmacy stores are real, and you can actually find legitimately operating virtual drugstores on the web. However, it takes patience to locate real and reliable drugstores, as it is often difficult to weed out the bad ones from the good.

Always be on guard when it comes to online shopping—you should not buy from every other pharmacy offering you freebies and unbelievable discounts. Do your research online and ask around, until you end up buying at reliable sources for your medical needs. It is not impossible to find your legit online pharmacy—you just have to be wise in your search for online pharmacies to patronize and use.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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