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On my ongoing search for online drugstores, I came across with, a drugstore operating from San Francisco area. The pharmacy was established in 1994 as a pharmaceutical export house and has been dispensing FDA-approved non-controlled prescription drugs to a wide number of clients worldwide. However, International Pharmacy clarifies that only customers living outside the US are allowed to order. The store assures that all products are delivered in the original manufacturer’s container.

I can’t exactly tell you which kind of medications are provided by International Pharmacy because, oddly enough, they aren’t listed on the website. The company explains that the order proceeding is not straightforward like other stores: you must request the needed products alongside with a prescription (if you need one in your country). However, I did a little digging in the website and found a search button that can be used to request meds and perform the payment. International Pharmacy warns customers to make sure their order is compliant with their country of residence. The company doesn’t issue refunds if you place an order and cannot get your meds for lack of compliance. I don’t know what you are thinking right now, but this is already way too confusing to me.

International Pharmacy offers several kinds of shipping methods: first class air mail ($15.75), U.S. Postal service priority mail ($46.50), EMI ($76.50), FedEx International ($112.00), and refrigerated shipping ($215.00) for items which require being kept at colder temperatures. The first 3 options typically take about 5 to 7 days to arrive and usually does not require customs clearance.

The store only accepts wire transfer or U.S. checks. People living outside the US can do a direct payment in their currency into International Pharmacy’s bank account in Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Poland, and Switzerland. Direct payment has a 3% discount. If a customer cannot access to these bank accounts, they can always perform an online money transfer.

International Pharmacy can be contacted via phone (+1 650 573-6200) or e-mail. I tried to give them a call to ask why the pharmacy isn’t allowed to ship within the US, but I haven’t got an answer. Reviews

Reviews are the most reliable tool one can have regarding a certain product and/or store, especially when we are dealing with online purchases. Previous clients can share their opinions and experiences regarding a service and tell you how good, honest and effective that product/service is.

Unfortunately, I was unable to ascertain reputation and legitimacy, since no reviews were available online. The website used to have a testimonials page, but reviews on the official site are suspicious and have a high likelihood of being fake.

International Pharmacy did not seem like a very good pharmacy, at least in the marketing perspective. The overall design was dull and old and the store probably didn’t attract many customers. Moreover, the ordering system is too restrictive and a complete mess. It’s very typical of unpopular stores to have zero reviews. Furthermore, I rarely find feedbacks from stores that aren’t operational for a while, which is the case of International Pharmacy. Reviews 2016

Naturally, I checked how well performed in scam analyzing websites. This can give me more insights about the company when no reviews are available.

According to Scanner, International Pharmacy has an SSL Certification, meaning that your data is completely safe, but got only a 33% on the trust scale. I’m glad I saw that International Pharmacy possesses an SSL Certification. Otherwise, it could mean that your data would potentially compromise and could be exposed more easily. Another good thing is the fact that the website is registered for many years already.

Scam Adviser located International Pharmacy in the United States and, regretfully, mentioned that the store was once threat listed. Being threat listed means that the pharmacy was already accused of deceitful activities during its lifetime. Coupon Codes

Having coupon codes that give customers the possibility to save extra money is always a nice trick to attract more clients. I always keep an open mind with stores that offer friendly discounts since I’m on a budget.

I wasn’t expecting much from a website that doesn’t even display their meds price. doesn’t offer any type of discount whatsoever. For a drugstore with such a complicated and non-convenient ordering system, I believe they would benefit tremendously from offering discounts. Maybe if they did, International Pharmacy would have much more loyal customers.

Conclusion was one of those online pharmacies that made me quite suspicious. It is just so disorganized and full of secrets. I don’t even know if someone actually purchased from International Pharmacy before, giving its incredibly complicated ordering system. I am not happy with my findings all. The pharmacy had an unfriendly design and a dull design. Plus, the company doesn’t even specify the type of meds they dispense and the pricing. I can give it some points for distributing meds produced in the United States and for being in compliance with the prescription-only rule.

Nevertheless, the store did not show to be entirely reliable, as the lack of reviews and poor evaluation from scam analyzing websites demonstrate.

Another point I should highlight is that is only for non-US residents, thus I’m not adequate to purchase my meds here. International Pharmacy is a plain inconvenience. I think I’d get a massive headache just by trying to validate my order here.

I believe International Pharmacy is unpopular and somehow dubious. Additionally, the shipping is quite expensive and I could easily get a better bargain elsewhere. Literally, almost any other online drugstore that ships medications to the US. I don’t believe International Pharmacy was worth the risk and you should definitely look for your meds elsewhere.

In summary, International Pharmacy is a straight no and has plenty limitations and disadvantages, therefore I’m giving it a 1 out of 5.

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Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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