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on March 6 | in Reviews | by | with No Comments is another online pharmacy I found on the internet having various pharmaceutical products for online consumers like me. It is a template-y site with not many details for its operations; there was an About Us section but without details on when was inducted or when its operations started.’s About Us section only spoke about how its drugs were all approved by the WHO and FDA and that the store ensures that the quality of its medications is always high. There is no information regarding the location of, but detects it in the United States, although the real location of the online store is being hidden, according to the report. I like how had its own blog and how its products were properly labeled and with ample information regarding how they work.

Most of the products of are generic medications. All of its erectile dysfunction meds are generic, with most brands coming from Indian pharmaceutical companies like Cipla, Ajanta Pharma, Aurochem, and others. The store’s generic Viagra from from Aurochem, Aurogra 100 mg, costs $1.71 each when purchased at a minimum of 30 pieces ($51 per pack), although the product can get as low as $0.69 (plus freebies) when purchased by 500s (which is impossible to ship, by the way, since the limit for medicine importation is 3 months’ supply of pills only). As for’s Tadalafil product, only Forzest by Ranbaxy is available. The product costs $3.88 each for a minimum of 16 tablets, but the cheapest the product can go is $1.37 but for the impossible 512-pill quantity. ships the items for free when orders amount to $250 and above. But, the regular shipping costs $22.00 and takes 19-20 days, while express shipping costs $25 and takes 14-15 days. Honestly, there is not much difference. Payment methods accepted by are E-checks ( offers an additional 10% discount) and credit or debit card payments. did not mention anything about its website security and encryption level.

In cases of lost, damaged, or wrong orders, allows refunds and reshipments of the items for free. Regarding its customer support, has a live chat function although the service was offline during the time of my visit. There was no phone number posted for and you can only contact the store via emailing them using the contact form available. Reviews

Not many reviews are available for, but there was a review posted by a client regarding’s service and the report was posted on September 2014 by “Clang3” on, one forum site.

According to the user, he ordered medication from and he was not able to receive his order though he’s already paid for the items. It turned out that this order was sold out; he asked for a refund but wasn’t given one by the store, and the customer representative offered him other products instead. He refused, and he never heard from the store again.

The user’s experience was a horrible one and users planning to buy their meds from should reconsider. It would have been helpful if there were other reviews around; but, this was the only one available for the site. Reviews 2016

It was amusing, though, that even if the 2014 review for was negative, there was also one good review for the website on, one of the reputable online review sites on the web. got 7.4 of 10 as its overall store rating.

The review from Stella Shelton who posted on March 2016 was 5 stars. According to her, she was just recommended to use the site and she tried. She got Bimatoprost for her eyes and according to her, the product worked.

Although the review was positive, it was not a verified review. There are reviews on with the “verified” notes on them, so although this feedback was positive, there is a slim chance that the review is not from a real client. Also, there were no other reviews to back this one up. But, the fact that had one positive review is still considerable, since there are online stores without even a single feedback for them. This user review is still significant.

As for’s analysis, the store had lots of visitors in the past months, although the store was only rated 34% safe by According to the analysis, is a 3-year-old website with an unknown location, although it appears to be located in the United States. The users are advised to deal with this site carefully. Coupon Codes

As mentioned earlier, offers its users free shipping when orders exceed the $250 amount. Also, offers free pills if you order 150 pills or more.

Aside from these offers, users who pay via E-checks/e-cheques are entitled to an additional 10% off their purchases. So if you decide to buy from, you can save more if you use E-checks as a form of payment.

Conclusion is just a typical website with nothing really new to offer. It has a few reviews, one was negative about the site’s service (the client did not get a refund for the sold-out item he’s already paid for), while the other review on one trusted review site was positive.

I think the website deserves 3 out of 5 and nothing more since there are not enough reviews to support the 5-star rating for it from If I can see more good reviews for the website, then I would gladly rate higher. It is just a typical online store without much information on it, but the prices are good and may be considerable to buy generic products from, although if you decide to, there is still some risk to dealing with this website.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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