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Good Pills Main PageFor over a decade and a half, the Canadian pharmacy ltd has been running the Good Pills pharmacy network. Their major goal of a creating a website that is common to a number of web addresses is so that they can get as many customers from the web as possible. The domain addresses registered by the Good Pills network are all genuine and the medications you obtain from these sites will be processed and delivered by an experienced team that has its offices in Manitoba Canada. The pharmacy network has managed to get approval from MIPA, CIPA, and Pharmacy Checker. The pharmacy twork sites have the following look.

Not all pharmacies which have the above look are real. Some pharmacies are fake. These are pharmacies developed by scammers who are looking to use the popularity that the Good Pills network pharmacies have to trick people and steal from them. It is good to be cautious when you are buying your drugs online. You will only be safe when you use proven domain addresses.

Good Pills Reviews

Before ordering from a pharmacy network, it is important to be sure that it will deliver what you have ordered. This can save you your time, money and help you keep your health by avoiding fake meds. We have looked for a couple of reviews associated with the Good Pills pharmacy network.


Good Pills Reviews

The reviews we have checked out prove that all the customers usually have a great experience when they are shopping with Good Pills pharmacies. Smith S. ordered his meds while in the United Kingdom. He enjoyed the experience that he had with the pharmacy.

Good Pills pharmacies don’t only focus on giving their customers the best experience. They also focus on keeping the prices as low as possible in order to make sure that their customers afford their meds. Dorothy from Andorra confirms all this. She says that the service was excellent and her query was dealt with quickly. The prices were great and she got the value for the money she paid.

Samuel from France is happy with the fast shipping that he got. He did not have to worry about a thing since the Good Pills pharmacy he ordered from kept him informed about the whereabouts of his meds during the shipping process. Samuel has used the pharmacy for several years and he is always happy with everything about the pharmacy network.

Good Pills Online

When you use a valid domain address to load one of the websites in the Good Pills drugstore network, you will get the best sellers on the first page. Some of the best sellers that you will find are as follows:

Good Pills Best Sellers

Both Viagra and Cialis are used in the treatment of impotence. They will cost you $0.27 and $0.68 per pill respectively. Clomid which is used to restore fertility in women will cost you $0.44 per pill. The erectile dysfunction sample pack will cost you $2.31 per pill. The sample pack contains both Cialis and Cialis. Brand Viagra from Pfizer will cost $2.56 per pill. Doxycycline which treats microorganisms infections will cost you $0.30 per pill.

Other numerous medications are available on the Good Pills websites catalog on the left-hand side column of the webpage. These are organized into categories which means that you will locate your medications quite quickly. If you already know how the name of the medication you are looking for starts, you can use the search bar. As soon as you start typing, any of the Good Pills websites will autocomplete the name for you. Furthermore, you can search for your meds using the alphabets on the top of the page. The payments are made using credit cards. Therefore if you have a plan of obtaining your meds from any of the websites owned by the Good Pills med store network, you will need to obtain either a VISA or a Mastercard credit card.

Good Pills Coupon Codes

You may search for coupon codes that belong to the Good Pills network online but you will be wasting your time. Therefore, there is no need to do this. Instead, you can head straight to one of the Good Pills websites using a proven domain address and enjoy the discounts that the sites offer.

Good Pills Free Pills

With every order, you will receive free bonus pills. If you buy meds which exceed a 200-dollar price mark, you will be eligible for free shipping. The medication prices will reduce as you increase the number of pills you buy.

Good Pills Phone Numbers

Although Good Pills pharmacy websites lack an online chat function, you can always count on the responsive customer support department to handle your issues very quickly. You can send the pharmacy an email or call them. Their phone numbers are as follows:

  • For the United States citizens, you can use +1-718-487-9792.
  • For the United Kingdom Citizens, you can call using +4420-3239-7092.

To send an email, you will have to find their contact form on their contact page.

Good Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Some network pharmacies focus on exploiting and spamming their customers in a bid to get them to order again. Some of them will even sell the contact information to shady marketing companies. Good Pills pharmacy network is not involved in any of these activities. You will never get spammed after purchasing your meds from Good Pills.


If you search for the feedback that belongs to any of the pharmacy websites registered under the Good Pills network, you will find nothing. All you will locate online are positive comments. The pharmacy has managed to have a good reputation. Their meds are delivered on time. They ensure what they deliver is real pills which will help the consumer eliminate the problems he or she is going through. The pharmacy has so far managed to sell meds to more than one million customers. We rate this pharmacy 5 stars. You should be confident when shopping.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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