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on October 2 | in Reviews | by | with No Comments is an internet drugshop that offers medicines for less than 90% of its original price when purchased from local dispensaries.

Today, people are looking for ways so they can continue taking their expensive medicines and one of the solutions they found is the use of online pharmacies. Online pharmacies offer low-cost medicines with the same efficacy and quality. With stores like First-Meds, it is now easier for people around the world to get better as they can easily get their hands on their medicines.

First-Meds offers a wide range of medical products such as cholesterol-lowering medicines, drugs to maintain low blood pressure, drugs for weight loss, medicines to treat hair loss, drugs to treat depression and anxiety, and drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. Other medical conditions like allergies and infections can also find their cure in this drugstore. offers generic and branded medicines. Erectile dysfunction medicines are among their bestsellers.

For branded medicines, their most popular is branded Viagra and it costs $9.49 per tablet. Their branded Levitra costs $10.85 per tablet and $10.46 per tablet for a branded Cialis. This is the regular price they give but if you will order in bulk, you can get it at a lower price. If you are not particular with branded and generic medicines, you can just order generic Viagra for $3.80 per tablet or a generic Cialis for $3.72 per tablet. Their generic Levitra costs $4.24 per tablet and again, the pricing of these medicines can get cheaper if you will order in bulk.

As per their FAQ page, all drugs dispensed by First-Meds are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Payments for orders can be completed with the use of a credit card. All orders are delivered either via Regular Airmail or EMS. Regular Airmail costs $10 and EMS costs $20. For EMS, it only takes up to 8 business days for the order to get delivered while Regular Airmail takes up to 21 business days. All orders are eligible for reshipping in case it gets missing, damaged or incomplete. Some conditions apply though. For reports, contact their support team via 1 760 284 3222 if you are in the US or click the ‘contact us’ page and submit your issue through their online form. Reviews

With so many medicines to offer, we wanted to know if there are people who can testify to the efficacy of these affordable drugs that First-Meds offer. Here are some of the testimonials we found.

A customer from France wrote a review to say thank you to According to this guy, his order arrived on time and he was just happy with that. He said he recommended the store to his friends as a sign of gratitude for their efficient service.

Samuel, another buyer who is living in Spain also shared his story because he just received his order as well. Samuel bought Cialis and it was sent in different packaging. He was also wondering when he will get the other half of his order.

The last review we found was shared by Jackson of Italy. At first, Jackson had the impression that he is being scammed because of the delays in his orders. Jackson said that it took his orders a month to get delivered. Fortunately, he received all of his orders in great condition.

Samuel, Jackson, and St Patricks of France were all happy campers of because they received their packages in good condition. They were glad to share how it worked as well. Looks like we found a good online pharmacy that we can try this time. Reviews 2018

According to their website, First Meds has been operating since 2004 hence we expected to see a lot of customers reviews. If they are not doing great in their job as an online pharmacy, they wouldn’t last that long!

We did find additional reviews shared by Landon, Liam, and Dylan.

According to Landon, the medicines he ordered were very affordable and he was glad that it arrived at his doorsteps in time. Liam had the same experience that despite the snow, his medicine also arrived on time. Liam promised to order again if he runs out of pills.

The last story we found was shared by Dylan from Germany. According to Dylan, his order was delayed because of the local courier that handled his delivery. They called him because his order can’t be delivered to his preferred address which is a PO Box address. They then decided to try his home but since he is working all the time, they ended up delivering it at his office address. Fortuitously, his order arrived at his office and he was able to use it without spending an additional fee.

Reading such good stories from people around the world who used produced positive vibe. Imagine these people who entrusted their money to an online pharmacy like First-Meds. Coupon Codes

Just like any other online pharmacies out there, also wants to attract more customers and to keep their existing customers. One way to do it is to offer benefits such as the following.

New and old customers of First-Meds will get free Viagra pills with every order. They call it ‘bonus pill’ promo. This promotion is offered for a limited time only.

The second promotion that they are giving is the free shipping eligibility on all customers whose order is $200 and above. This is a good saving since shipping costs $20 for EMS delivery.

Conclusion is one of the few online pharmacies that we are seriously considering for our prescription refill. This internet drugstore deserves a rating 4 out of 5 because they managed to stay in business for more than ten years. They also deserve the said rating because of their good customer reviews, a wide range of available products and different perks offered to their new and old customers.

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Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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