Fairnglow.com Reviews – Apparently Inactive Company with a Total of 9 Products!

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Fairnglow.com is another website that I am going to review today. This website, as the name suggests is proficient in providing the users with the beauty products and drugs. The design of the Fair N Glow seemed to be dull and that’s what makes the first impression on my mind.

Fairnglow.com was introduced in the year of 2008 and is based in Houston, United States. As I navigated through the website, I couldn’t find any useful information about the company, as Fairnglow.com does not offer different specified tabs and “About us” page.

As mentioned earlier, Fairnglow.com only offers the beauty and skin related products, so if you are looking for a treatment of some other condition like erectile dysfunction, diabetes or asthma, then fairnglow.com is not the place for you.

Fairnglow.com claimed to be a charity company as it is mentioned on the “home page” of the website that they just want your contribution aka donation to help vitiligo patients. That is for sure something new I encounter while reviewing hundreds of online vendors. Why bother and sell products, if you can just ask for free money, right?

To know more about Fairnglow.com and its shipping techniques, I navigated throughout the website and couldn’t find anything specifics about the shipping methods and delivery time. Fairnglow.com only highlighted that the company accepts only PayPal as the payment method. Moreover, the shop claims that they ship their products worldwide.

No physical address and online customer support are being provided by Fairnglow.com emphasizing the point that the company does not want you to know where to find them. However, users can contact the company on the following contact numbers in the USA: 001-831-856-5302.

Fairnglow.com Reviews

Whilst shopping online, the biggest concern of a customer is privacy and security. And when it comes to shopping online for drugs and medications, the concern for health also becomes obvious.

As a matter of fact, Fairnglow.com is the skin and beauty facilitator, so people need to remain more focused on the legitimacy of the company as skin and the face are the ultimate thing that cannot be hidden in case you get to enjoin counterfeit products of a questionable origin. Therefore, you should only try the online drug stores that are trusted and have a verified reputation.

With this in mind, Fairnglow.com is not a company to be trusted as no customer review has been found available from any independent source, which could back up the legitimacy of Fairnglow.com.

Fairnglow.com Reviews 2016

Neither old nor any recent customer reviews have been found for the Fairnglow.com, showing that the company has an unconfirmed status. However, in search for evidence through which I can conclude my review, I found the reports of Scamadvisor and Legitscript, which were contradictory to each other.

According to the Legitscript, Fairnglow.com is a “Rogue” company that was not able to meet the online pharmacy verification standards. The shop is not at all trustworthy as it does not offer any vital information or any type of credentials.

However, illogically, the report of Scamadvisor showed that this company, Fairnglow.com is a high trust rating website, which looks safe to use. Moreover, the report of Scamadvisor rated the company with the 75 percent trust score and indicated Fairnglow.com to be free from any malicious and fraudulent activity. I believe the rating is due to a secure encryption that does not let your data leak off the website.

Although Fairnglow.com seemed to be safe and free from any hacking risks, the chances that the users might not get their orders after paying or receive questionable products remain, as Fairnglow.com does not enjoy an appealing reputation online yet.

Fairnglow.com Coupon Codes

Fairnglow.com seemed to be developed and left as it is, as there’s nothing found regarding the promotions or coupons, through which the company can attract its users. Although I found some of the coupon codes on Google for this company, they didn’t work.

So, if you are looking for a company that can help you save your money while providing you with the best beauty and skin care products, you might need to look elsewhere. As Fairnglow.com is not the place that offers different discount coupons and offers to the customers from time to time.


Fairnglow.com seems to be vague and untrustworthy. There is a total of 9 products that the company has to offer the customers with no information regarding the shipping or delivering methods. Moreover, no customers found to be associated with Fairnglow.com, that clearly specifies that this company is not the one to trust.

With the lack of customer reviews and the report of Legitscript, I can completely advise the customers to beware of Fairnglow.com as it seemed to be inactive. Thus, I advise the customers to not to waste their money on such untrustworthy company that has been declared “Rogue” by Legitscript. On reviewing all the aspects, I am going to rate Fairnglow.com with the rating of 1/5 and recommend the users to stay away from it as their products can be hazardous for their skin. I am so saying the product are dangerous, but there is nothing that convinces me otherwise.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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