Emedoutlet.net Review – Rogue Pharmacy from China Taken Down

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When Emedoutlet.com was still in the business, they considered themselves to be an online solution for those who wanted to get their pills and other kinds of medications on the internet and at affordable prices. Even though it is hard to decide where Emedoutlet was from, they did not make provision for their time on the internet too. However, I found out from independent sources that they might have been in the business from 2012 through the year 2016.

Truth be told, EMed Outlet e-seller was one which knew what it was selling back in the day. There was an extensive catalog of both brand and generic medicine on the website. There was nothing of the main assortment as told by the centerspread which contained a lot of diverse medications. There was no label of where the medicine came from, but it is not hard to decipher that they sold products made by pharmacies in India.

I got some ED pills on the Emed Outlet. Back when they were in operation, E-Med Outlet would sell their Cialis for as low as $1.66. When I went around to look for Viagra, it was stunning that Emedoutlet.net had nothing of such in stock. For one that promised to offer a wide variety, this is one step back on such a proclamation. Of course, there is the promised FA approval on both brand and generics that are churned out to the customers.

Payment is accepted in diverse ways. While the customer could go for the credit card payment option, they could also pay via eChecks or eBillMe. The credit card options available are limited to just VISA-issued cards. After payment for orders and processing, the order is then shipped to any location in the world for a standard fee of $15. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to certain continents like Africa.

Getting in touch with EMed Outlet customer care support was made possible with either of three options – live chat support, toll-free numbers or an email contact form. There was no sense in testing the live chat tab of a vendor who has decided to call it quits. I very much doubt if there would be someone at the other end of that line. Refunds are given when the customer doesn’t get their package, or it gets damaged in transit. The same policy would not hold should a customer wish to return their package to the store.

Emedoutlet.net Reviews

There was a customer reviews tab on the website when it was still in operation. One of the comments there was left by an April R who has ‘ordered from this company before with great service.” The same vendor claimed that they were back to get even more from the same vendor ‘because of the great services and low prices.’ There is another comment by a Melissa M who has ‘’placed several orders in the past year or two,’ and in this timeframe, has ‘always received [her] meds within a couple of weeks.’

Note that even though these comments are great, they are subject to the vendor’s website and they could have been easily manipulated to suit their needs.

Emedoutlet.net Reviews 2016

ScamAdviser advises people that want to go onto this website that Emedoutlets.com has not only been listed as a threat, but can only be trusted as much as 43%.

The independent review website then states that the internet pharmacy claims to be registered in the USA, but might be truly based in China.

Looking at what can be obtained above, it is not shocking that LegitScript.com would think of the internet vendor as Rogue.

Emedoutlet.net Coupon Codes

On first entering the website the first thing that a customer would be greeted with is some discount options and offers that Emedoutlet.net offers. Some of the most prominent ones include an offer for 50% the next order a customer makes. From the looks of things, it is like this deal is tied to a referral condition.

The next one which comes free of added terms and conditions baggage is the free shipping allowed on pill orders which have reached or exceeded the $150 mark.


The first thing I consider when going for a vendor is their availability status. Emed Outlet is off the internet, and there is no reason to support that. That it not to speak of the fact that it has a sea of information missing from its website, doesn’t have good trust records and even got labeled Rogue.

The above alone is enough to bring me to a 1 out of 5 rating for Emedoutlet.net who I would never wish to buy from.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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