Duroval 100mg Buying Guide: Why it’s Better to Buy Aurogra 100mg and Save a Lot of Money

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Duroval is one of the most expensive Viagra generics that tried to pass for brand Viagra and failed. The patients immediately noticed that the price is way off compared to good and reputable generics like Aurogra.

Duroval 100 mg Tablets

Duroval 100 mg Tablets

Nobody is buying Duroval, and it has no reviews that could be found online, except one 1-star one which points out the mentioned lack of reviews. That is not a very good sign for a generic and a very bad sign for such an expensive one.

Viagra is a recommended and powerful treatment for ED problem which touches over a half of world population of grown men. But seeing the scary prices of Viagra and its super expensive generic, Duroval, it comes as a no brainer that the market for cheaper substitutes is booming. Everyone is looking to exchange the active Viagra for something equally strong and good like Aurogra.

Aurogra 100 mg Blister

Aurogra 100 mg Blister

Unfortunately, many online pharmacies are fraudulent, or they provide some poor quality drugs. It’s best to make sure you choose the honest provider, with years of experience and good reviews.

Pharmacy Mall is in the marketplace for 20 years and has an excellent reputation as one of the best and the cheapest generics providers on a global scale.

Duroval 100 mg on Pharmacy Mall

Duroval 100 mg on Pharmacy Mall

Duroval 100 mg Negatives and Positives

There are many positives when it comes to buying your meds on the internet. Negatives are also important to be mentioned, but let’s first discuss the positives.

Generics work as good as Viagra

That’s because they contain the same active ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate. That ingredient is what really helps with your potency, and the rest is just branding.

They cost fraction of a price

Viagra comes from fancy, big corporation, Pfizer. They held a patent for Viagra for a very long time, and they branded it as expensive when, in fact, its production cost very little.

Now, Pfizer no longer has the monopoly, and you can enjoy Viagra generics like Aurogra, for a fraction of the price, saving as much as $660 if you buy in bulk. Check the table!

Brand Viagra 100 mg vs Aurogra 100mg

Number of Pills Average Market Price Brand Viagra 100mg
(3* Rating)
Aurogra 100mg from Pharmacy Mall
(5* Rating)
You Save!
30 $195.60 $48.90 $146.70 Buy now! smart trial!
60 $281.16 $70.29 $210.87 Buy now!
90 $366.76 $91.69 $275.07 Buy now! popular choice
120 $452.32 $113.08 $339.24 Buy now!
180 $623.48 $155.87 $467.61 Buy now!
270 $880.20 $220.05 $660.15 Buy now! bulk order

Generics show quality activity

Duroval comes from a poorly known Venezuelan company, Valmorca. They claim to be in business for over 50 years but haven’t provided their website in English as of yet. We also can’t say much about Duroval quality because it just lacks reviews. The only thing we are sure of is that Duroval is way overpriced for a Viagra generic and there are better and cheaper options. Aurogra, for example, is produced by a well-known Indian company, Aurochem Laboratories, with all the necessary GMP certificates and FDA approved methods. Aurogra has many excellent online reviews and a great reputation among Viagra generics.

The negatives of buying Generics online are few.

You can’t get them in regular pharmacies

Local stores don’t stock Viagra generics. Duroval is one of the exceptions often found in Venezuelan pharmacies, but difficult to find online and way too overpriced at that. Aurogra, on the other hand, is inexpensive and easily findable online.

International delivery takes time

Aurogra and other medicine ordered online needs time to be delivered. That means you have to wait for anything from 1 week if you buy an accelerated delivery, to 4 weeks with the regular option.

Fraudulent pharmacies

You may have already encountered some fraudulent pharmacies or medicine producers. You can recognize them by bad online reviews (below 3-star), and a short time they are in the marketplace. The honest e-pharmacies and drug producers are well established online and gathered some great reviews and online following, already.

How to Buy Duroval 100 mg Online and How to Find an Honest e-Pharmacy

Duroval, although recommended by some doctors, has so far failed in the marketplace of Viagra generics. It is overpriced, and we haven’t learned anything about its quality because it lacks online reviews, aka nobody buys it.

The manufacturer is an unknown Venezuelan company that doesn’t have their website in English, and it is difficult to find out more about them, which is not a very good sign for a drug producer.

More reputable Viagra generic like Aurogra is way cheaper. Thanks to all the excellent 5-star reviews we also know it is a very powerful solution to the ED problems. It is produced by a known company that is GMP certified and keeps the highest production standards. They have established an online presence and are known in the marketplace. All in all, we don’t see any reason to throw away your money on an expensive and unknown Viagra generic while you can purchase a great one, Aurogra, for cheaper. Check the excellent prices of Aurogra at Pharmacy Mall. Buy in bulk and save $110!

Aurogra 100mg Price Comparison Chart

Number of Pills Average Market Aurogra 100mg Price
(3* Rating)
Pharmacy Mall Aurogra 100mg Price
(5* Rating)
You Save!
30 $66.02 $48.90 $17.12 Buy now! smart trial!
60 $98.41 $70.29 $28.12 Buy now!
90 $132.95 $91.69 $41.26 Buy now! popular choice
120 $169.62 $113.08 $56.54 Buy now!
180 $233.81 $155.87 $77.94 Buy now!
270 $330.08 $220.05 $110.03 Buy now! bulk order

Another issue is finding an honest e-pharmacy. Many fraudulent providers sell bad generics every day, so you need to be extra vigilant checking their reviews and their background. Best find one that has been in the marketplace for longer.

Pharmacy Mall operates for 20-years, and they deliver quality products and customer service as well. The 5-star reviews and many grateful clients are a testimony to their results. They care about the safety and quality, and they check their producers thoroughly before selling anything to clients.

Aurogra 100mg Prices

Aurogra 100mg Prices

Duroval 100mg Alternatives

Duroval was supposed to be a nice alternative to brand Viagra, but it turned out too expensive, so patients didn’t jump at the opportunity to test it. In fact, it doesn’t have any reviews online because nobody buys it.

Instead, they prefer Aurogra which is both cheaper and known for its potency in resolving the ED problems.The prices of Aurogra at the Pharmacy Mall range from $0.82 to $1.63 per pill which is a real bargain, compared to other Aurogra vendors or even the unknown generics providers.

Aurogra 100mg Price vs Generic Viagra Prices

Number of Pills Aurogra 100mg Pharmacy Mall Price
(5* Rating)
Generic Unknown Viagra 100 mg
(1* Rating)
You Save on Aurogra 100mg
30 $48.90 $58.68 $9.78 Buy now! smart trial!
60 $70.29 $84.35 $14.06 Buy now!
90 $91.69 $110.03 $18.34 Buy now! popular choice
120 $113.08 $135.70 $22.62 Buy now!
180 $155.87 $187.04 $31.17 Buy now!
270 $220.05 $264.06 $44.01 Buy now! bulk order

You wouldn’t want to go cheaper than that. The majority of the cheapest e-pharmacies deliver falsified drugs or medicine from unknown producers that could be unsafe, cause dangerous side effects or miss the active ingredient altogether.

Pharmacy Mall is a global generics provider that has one of the best prices on the marketplace because it obtains the medicine from known producers in huge quantities. They are reputable and have many positive reviews (5-stars), whereas other cheap providers may likely to be fraudulent.


Duroval is, unfortunately, an overpriced generic that clients avoid. There is no information about its activity or side effects because no one buys it.

Everyone prefers a known and potent Aurogra that has many 5-star reviews and a great reputation for resolving ED problems and increasing your potency. It comes from Aurochem Laboratories, a reputable drug producer with GMP certificates and FDA approved procedures, to ensure drug’s safety and activity.

Aurogra is also sold by Pharmacy Mall, a reputable e-pharmacy which always checks drug sources and producers and sells only the best quality, high-activity, and safe drugs.

Pharmacy Mall has a great reputation and multiple 5-star reviews online, and they offer some unusually low prices because they operate globally, with huge quantities of drugs.

You can now save a lot of money on Pharmacy Mall limited time discounts. Buy in bulk today to save more than $660!

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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