Review – A Plethora of Helpful Information, But Site Lacks Feedback

on February 18 | in Reviews | by | with No Comments is the home base for all things concerning Doctor Oz. There are recipes, an episode guide, articles on everything from addiction to aging, to cancer, mental health, and sleep. Users can watch clips of Doctor Oz’s television show, read articles about the latest health news, and can view recipes containing the latest and greatest super foods. DoctorOz is a believer in “whole body health”, meaning that being healthy starts inside of the body, and continues through the mind and radiates outward. What effects this is the food that is put inside of the body as well as the exercise that is done.

There is a section in which users can view and purchase Doctor Oz’s books as well as the books that he endorses for a better life. These are diet books, recipe books, books for better mental health, and all of the like.

At the bottom of the website are links in categories like “Today’s Top Stories” with articles that are trending today, “We Recommend” with the most sought-after articles, and “Sponsored Links” links from his partners. Reviews

There are no customer reviews or testimonials for DoctorOz; however, ScamAdviser gives them a high trust rating, with a 100% safety rating. Reviews Coupons

There are no coupons available to use on this website, but has several coupon codes listed with varying success rates.


DoctorOz is a comprehensive website dedicated to helping people live their best life with the proper diet, exercise, and mental health. The website is almost limitless as to what information it provides in regards to the human experience. Users can even enter in their own search term to discover more content about a specific issue they may be having, or a topic that they would like to learn more about.

The website itself has lots of information – almost an amount that overwhelms. The downfall is that the site does not provide a way for users to see feedback from other users about the site itself, and the individual articles don’t seem to have a section for comments and feedback themselves. This means that the information given is not a dialogue – it is a monologue by individuals that are said to be trusted. The website as a whole is legitimate, but it would be better to see the information presented on it as a discussion. It is beneficial, though, for the casual user that is looking to find more information on a health issue. The format of the website is simple and straightforward, and the search box is handy.

There is a small amount deducted from the stars given because there is not a link to purchase the books that he advertises on the site. Leaving a link out gives the user reason to not purchase the book, and providing a link would save the user from taking an extra step to search the internet for the book that they would like. In today’s world, instant gratification is valued, and the books section of DoctorOz just doesn’t cut it. This website receives 4 out of 5 stars.

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