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The website up for a detailed review this time is The first thing that comes to my mind when I visit any online pharmacy is the security of my information and the concern regarding my health. With the internet being cluttered with the tons of bogus online vendors, I continue to review such vendors in order to advise the customers where to buy safe generics.

I must admit, looks nice, clean and well designed with all the important information about the brands that a prospect might need. Whilst I cannot find since when DealpharmRx has been operating, the clear image in my eyes starts to get blurry. But the very own lookup via tells me that was created in 2015, making it a newbie in the respective business.

proceeding to the “About us” page, I was able to find the location map of Deal Pharma RX which shows that this company is located/operated from San Francisco, which I also need to verify later. The company offers a huge assortment of drugs for the customers suffering from almost all kind of conditions including Viagra and other ED products. The pictures of products that I found to be present on DealPharmaRX seemed to be very professional and that’s what I like about Deal Pharma RX. However, the prices that I found there made me feel alarmed as Generic Viagra can be bought at as low as $0.78 per pill. However, it was clearly stated on its “About us” page that they sell all FDA approved products ensuring high quality and standard medications.

Speaking about the payment methods, Deal Pharma RX accepts almost all the major credit and debit cards and offer two shipping methods including Normal shipping and EMS. The normal shipping method takes about 19 to 20 days for $22 to arrive its destination while the EMS takes only a week for $25. If the order costs $250 or greater, the product will be sent to its destination via EMS free of cost.

Clicking on the “Contact Us” section, I wasn’t able to find any online representative to talk to and this fact can become a major reason not to recommend Deal Pharma RX. However, the company did not offer a toll-free number for the customers and the only way through which I can contact them is via email. One point down for Deal Pharma RX!

However, claims to offer 100 percent refund on all the products, only in the case if they are delivered damaged or simply remain undelivered. Moreover, their refund policy page is written in poor English that made me say that Deal Pharma RX is surely not based in the US. Reviews

Whilst all the reviews that I found on the official website of the were positive, I could not find any positive or even negative reviews from the independent sources that this vendor can’t control or have access to. This fact makes it very possible that the reviews found on DealPharmRX website are either written by the vendor or are paid reviews, that make the company look untrustworthy and indicate the fact that they can actually be fraud.

Taking a review that I found on the official website of as an example, which was written by Robert Toro from the USA who described his experience with recurrent fungal infection and obtained a medication from DealPharmRx. He said, “it worked so brilliantly.”

Well, as a matter of fact, health is all that matters. By trusting such an unconfirmed website, chances you might get some third class products that might affect your health badly are high. So the websites offering fake/manipulated reviews just to promote its sales and to attract the customers should not at all be considered. Reviews 2016

As mentioned earlier, I wasn’t able to find any customer reviews about the on any independent source. So, I tried to search something else that could help me complete this review. Fortunately, I ended up searching my scam spotting assistants, Legitscript and Scamadvisor.

In the report of Legitscript, as suspected, I found that is not a worthy website. The report declared the company to be ROGUE as does not meet the verification standards set up for internet pharmacies.

Not only this, Scamadvisor suggested a caution of 27 percent for this company. I agree with this percentage as the company is relatively new in the business as well as it does not appear to be legitimate. Moreover, Scamadvisor showed that claims to be operating from San Francisco, but in reality, the company belongs to Hong Kong, that is a High-Risk Country.

With all this in mind, seemed to have a questionable reputation, and thus it is better to avoid it. Coupon Codes

To attract the customers from all across the globe, most of the rogue and fraud companies offer unbelievable discounts and coupon codes over their products and services, so is The company is currently offering 15 percent discount on their products for the customers using the E-check payment method. I would think twice before sending my check somewhere to Hong Kong. will surely get the E-check payments but will you get anything in return is a good question to ask yourself.

Not only this, the company also offers impressive discounts on the products that you might purchase. That I also doubt, as the discount seemed to be too good to believe.

Conclusion is a well- designed and nice looking website that anyone can get sucked into it thinking it is a legitimate one. However, as rightly said “All that glitters is not always gold”, Deal Pharma RX has too many points that show a red flag. Ranging from its date of operation to its fake user reviews, a non-functioning customer support and no contact number, no legitimacy proved and suspiciously low prices, I found Deal Pharma RX to appear shady. And that is the reason I am going to award with a score of 2/5 and giving it a status of not a trustworthy company.

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Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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