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Canadian Health and Care MallThere are very few network pharmacies on the web that genuinely offers the same great offers as Canadian Health and Care Mall. The medicine prices here are so cheap that customers are so astounded with its difference to local pharmacies. Customers can buy their meds here at prices which are 70% to 80% cheaper than what the local drugstores have which means that they will basically save a very large part of the money that they used to spend locally. With these very good prices for their products, customers inevitably ask how Canadian Health and Care Mall is able to do this. It’s not really a secret since Canadian Health and Care Mall mainly supplies generic drugs which are cheaper versions of the costly drug brands. Generics may be cheap but they have the same active ingredients and formulation as the expensive medicine brands which makes them work just as effective.

Ordering at Canadian Health and Care Mall is very easy as it doesn’t even require prescriptions from its clients. Buyers can simply select their needed medications, prescription or over the counter, and proceed to the checkout page for payment. The medicines are also processed and shipped swiftly as Canadian Health and Care Mall partners with reliable couriers and delivery services like FedEx, UPS, USPS, EMS, and Canada Post to deliver orders around the world.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Reviews

A review from Mike of Toronto, Canada is about how happy he is with the savings that he is getting at Canada Health and Care Mall. He’s correct when he said that medicines are not the most enjoyable stuff to spend money on but since the meds are so affordable at Canada Health and Care Mall, he is so relieved. Mike was used to buying expensive branded drugs and upon finding out that there are cheaper alternatives which work just as great, he switched over to using generic medicines. The medicine that he purchases is Cialis, an erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drug which works just like Viagra but lasts much longer. And because Canada Health and Care Mall has a rich selection of generic ED meds, Mike is planning to try them out the next time.Canada Health and Care Mall ReviewsDavid from Germany is impressed with the website of Canadian Health and Care Mall because of its professional interface which is the reflection of its quality service. So far, he was not disappointed and that made him a long-time customer of the store. He has been ordering his meds here ever since and never once did he encounter any issues with the quality of drugs that he has been buying. They are all effective and of excellent quality. The delivery of his orders are good, always arriving on time.

What Bob likes about Canadian Health and Care Mall are its good services that make it a great place to get his needed drugs. But he recounts an incident where the Viagra that he has ordered arrived with a tear on the side of its packaging. Although he knows that it is not the fault of Canadian Health and Care Mall but a delivery mishap, he simply decided to let the customer support know. But to his delight, a new one was dispatched right away as a replacement to his meds with damaged packaging.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Online

Buyers should not be surprised if they encounter pharmacy sites with different domain names but having the same web content as Canadian Health and Care Mall. These sites are simply its network domains and work just like its main site.One of Canadian Health and Care Mall Domains

All the prices, products, and other information which are on its main webpage is similar to what these network domains have.

One of Canadian Health and Care Mall Websites

These are simply created to bring more traffic to its server and to be able to reach more customers who need to buy low-cost medicines. The transactions made on the network sites are still routed to the main server where all orders are processed.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Coupon Codes

Shoppers of Canadian Health and Care Mall will not only be able to benefit from the cheap prices of its medicines but they can also avail its bonus pill offer where they can choose the pills that they would like to have as additional to their orders. These pills are free and Canadian Health and Care Mall offers them to customers each time they order their drugs. Purchasing meds worth over $200 USD also entitles them to free shipping of their purchases which is additional savings on their end. On their succeeding orders, buyers will also get an additional 10% discount on the total amount of their orders which makes their savings even greater.Canadian Health and Care Mall Bonus Pills

Canadian Health and Care Mall Phone Numbers

Customers who will be needing support from the customer service representatives of Canadian Health and Care Mall can contact its support phone number which is +1 631 371 3659. This number is both for North American and international customers and is open 24/7 to provide assistance to the callers. But for those who don’t have any phones to call the hotline, they can still contact Canadian Health and Care Mall through its email which is [email protected]

Canadian Health and Care Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Customers can expect no phone calls or emails from Canadian Health and Care Mall if they did not request them. It is a pharmacy network that puts a high premium on its customer’s privacy, unlike others that send spam emails and make voluntary telephone calls. All the information that the customers have shared with Canadian Health and Care Mall also stays confidential and would never be shared with outside sources.


One of the best places on the web for ordering medicines is Canadian Health and Care Mall, a place where customers will get the real value of their money. All the medicines here are cheap and customers can even buy prescription meds with no scripts required. Many customers have also given positive reviews for the site, making it a store with a rating of 5. Buyers can also check our top list of recommended providers for other pharmacy networks like Canadian Health and Care Mall.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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