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“Canadian” internet pharmacies are famous recently and one of these Canada-based online drugstores is, which is situated in Canada. The store’s aim is to deliver “safe and affordable” medications to its consumers. Based on the store’s credentials, it holds the accreditations of the College of Pharmacists of BC and the Canadian International Pharmacy Association or “the” CIPA. It has also been verified by, meaning, Bigmountaindrugs is a legitimate website. On top of all those, Bigmountaindrugs is also a member of the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPA BC) in Canada.

There is a wide product assortment to what sells and some of the medical categories its products cater to are acne, ADHD, diarrhea, fungal infections, men’s health, and many others. Unlike the other online pharmacies, though, there are no product lists for Bigmountaindrugs, although it has several of its best-selling products on its primary page. dispenses both brand-name and generic medications, requires valid prescriptions for all its Rx meds but does not have information whether its drugs are approved by the FDA or not. offers its products at prices lower by almost 50-90% than the US pharmacy stores, or so it claims. The lowest price for its erectile dysfunction drug is $44 and it’s for a 16-pill pack of Silagra tablets made by the pharmaceutical manufacturer Cipla from India. Aside from those, the store sells branded treatments too; it has the famous brand-name Sildenafil Citrate drug, Viagra by Pfizer, and the cheapest product price for the brand-name treatment is $175 for 16 pills. As for the Tadalafil products, the generic Tadalafil costs $45 for 30 generic tablets from India. The brand-name treatment, Cialis from Eli Lilly costs $168 for 8 pills. Shipping is set at $10 (flat rate) for local and international orders. These prices aren’t really too low; there are other websites offering better prices for their clients.

Although had its own company information section, there is no sufficient information regarding the company’s start of service. The payment methods which are accredited by include MasterCard, Visa, International Money Orders, and personal check payments. Bigmountaindrugs did not offer refund, reshipment, and product return information anywhere on its website. There was no live chat option to use for my inquiries regarding the absence of the policies, but fortunately, there are contact details available on the website for Bigmountaindrugs:

Toll-Free: 1.877.223.9977

Pharmacy Address:

202A, 8322-130th Street,

Surrey, British Columbia,

Canada V3W 8J9

Prescriptions Dispensed from Canada are Dispensed by:

Candrug License #18985

6045438711Pharmacy Manager:

Mohammed Hassan Reviews

As reviews are essential, I tried looking for consumer reviews for the website but found none. This is not a good sign for Bigmountaindrugs since reviews are the backbone of any internet website, store or not. One of these days someone or some website will come up with ways to give this site a negative online reputation which may not necessarily be true, so should come up with a way to boost its online reputation by asking users to give it reviews for the reference of others. Reviews 2016

Well, although did not have reviews from its users, so I tried searching the website’s reputation on a website called, which analyzes sites for their integrity. Here is the result for Bigmountaindrugs:

According to this website analysis, is only 8% safe and that it had previous scam reports. Bigmountaindrugs has also been hiding its company details, which is sketchy. does not recommend purchasing or dealing with due to the riskiness of the site.

Not only found Bigmountaindrugs not good to use; also listed as a “Rogue” internet pharmacy site. Based on the result, did not find compliant with the standards set for sites operating in good faith. did not have a detailed version on why Bigmountaindrugs is classified as a Rogue pharmacy, but users should still note this finding of the pharmacy. Coupon Codes

Instead of coupon codes or vouchers, has a “Rewards Program” which allows its buyers to have a 5% rebate on their next order, based on their current purchase. The 5% of the current amount shall be deducted to their next purchase.

Aside from’s rewards program, there are no other offers for the users. There is no free shipping; however,’s shipping cost is rather low ($10) compared to other online pharmacies on the web.

Conclusion is pretty impressive on the outside, but it did not have user reviews to build up its good reputation. The store mentioned a lot of accreditations from reputable institutions, but those are not enough markers of user safety and satisfaction. In fact, the store actually had pretty bad analysis results from and, which ruins the good impression you can form from seeing the site initially.

Because did not have other good reviews to contradict the bad reports from the analysis sites, I can’t really give Bigmountaindrugs a high score. 2 out of 5 is my score for The store would have gotten a higher score. Price-wise (talking about the erectile dysfunction drugs, specifically) Bigmountaindrugs did not actually have budget-friendly prices, as there are other online pharmacies which can do better. I do not recommend to other consumers, as there are no proofs that the store can actually offer safety in terms of order fulfillment and product quality.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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