Review – Fake Pharmacy with Extremely Negative Customer Reviews

on October 5 | in Reviews | by | with No Comments says that it is an online pharmacy that has reliable services and offers drugs that are of top quality. Moreover, the company also says that it offers drugs at very affordable prices. Awc Canadian Pharmacy calls itself as a convenient store where the users can get drugs for erectile dysfunction such as Viagra, Cialis and more. Some of their target clients are located in Toronto, Edmonton, Whitehouse, Quebec city, Halifax, Ottawa, Victoria, Regina, Fredericton, and Charlotte town. It is self-proclaimed by the company that due to their high quality, medications are in demand by men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and want to restore their health, but also don’t want to empty their pockets in buying expensive drugs. The basic aim of AwcCanadianPharmacy is to reach the expectations of its customers and the drug store says that it has been able to reach its aim by offering flexible discounts, several loyalty programs and seasonal sales. The drugs available at this store are approved by the Indian FDA. I checked the price of Viagra offered here and found that the price per pill is 2.82 US Dollars, which is awfully high.

Two methods of shipping are offered at this web store. The first method of shipping is Airmail shipping which takes almost 3 weeks to deliver the products and charges 10 US Dollars. Courier Service can also be availed that takes 5 to 7 days but the charges of this service are not mentioned. Unfortunately, the only method of payment accepted at Awc Canadian Pharmacy is credit card payment. No other payment options are accepted at this pharmacy store. Customers are given 21 days to contact the pharmacy in case they need any refund or reshipment. An SSL Encryption is ensured at this website that allows the customers to safely provide their credit card information. In the ‘Contact Us’ section, I only came across several postal addresses and a contact form to reach the company. There were no contact numbers or live chat option available. Reviews

As far as the customer reviews are concerned, a lot of reviews could be found on the official website of The first review was made by Oscar from New York City who said that this company sells “high-quality medicine” and the drugs are “always available”. He further told that everything that a customer needs can be bought from this store and it is not required to search different stores.

Bob from Levis said that the company had “surprisingly fast shipping” and his order was delivered much sooner that he had expected.

Ricardo from Pittsburgh said that whenever he visits the store, something is always on “sale”. He said that he is able to buy generic drugs at discounted prices due to these sales and also be assured that “they are of good quality”.

Brian from Toronto said that Awc Canadian Pharmacy was “a perfect way” to buy ED drugs and “stay confident”.

John from Austin said that he often shops from this drug store and it is “one of his favorites”. He also mentioned that their customer service “works great”.

The drug store has undoubtedly received a lot of customer reviews but it cannot be forgotten that these reviews are present on the official website of the drug store as well. Moreover, some of the comments were also found to be copied due to which I cannot trust this pharmacy. Reviews 2016

As I checked for latest reviews, I was able to find a few reviews given in the year 2016 and above.

A customer named Winnie Beth has called this pharmacy a “scam” and said that they sent “spam email” to the client every single day. The customer further mentioned that he tried to contact the pharmacy 20 times to discuss this put they put him on a list with other customers for receiving spam email.

Brian Liner said that he was quite “dissatisfied” from his order because he suffered from “zero effect” even after taking his medicine. Then he took some from a doctor and that drug worked perfectly on him. He said that maybe he received a “bad batch” of the pill.

These reviews given in 2016 are quite negative and call this store a scam. Moreover, these reviews are available on an independent reviewing website so, I cannot doubt the authenticity of these reviews. Coupon Codes offers discounts in different forms. First, the customers are able to receive free pills with their order. They can even choose between 4 pills of Viagra 100 mg or Cialis 20 mg as their free gift.

A free Airmail shipping is given with all the orders worth 150 US Dollars while shipping through Express Courier is provided to orders starting from 200 US Dollars. The latter are also given a free insurance with their orders as well.

Conclusion is a fake drug store with no guarantee of reliability. Instead, their customer reviews are copied and the most recent ones are quite terrible. There is absolutely no customer satisfaction and it has accused of spamming the inbox of customers as well. Hence, I will give this store 1 out of 5 and will ask the customers never to try this store for buying ED drugs.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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