Auvitra 20mg Buying Guide: Infrequently Chosen Generic from Dubious Producer vs a Guaranteed Generic Levitra from a Trusted Provider

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Auvitra is not the best seller by any means. This poor quality Levitra substitute does not meet patient’s needs, and requirements which are more than clear from feedback easily found online. Auvitra cannot survive against the better, and stronger competition that has much more following.

Auvitra 20mg Blister

Auvitra 20mg Blister

If you really want a Levitra Generic that meets your standards, you should choose a trusted provider of meds first.

Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra

There might be many sites that offer meds which only look legit, but in fact, they fail to work. Such meds could be made by anyone anywhere in the world, in conditions that are not suitable for drugs and they could pose a serious hazard to your health. So selecting the right kind of provider is your best shot at getting the quality medicine you want, and dazzling your partner in bed.

To select reliable e-store known to Google and to the patients. Reviews should pop up right away and give you quite an insight into their services. Then read what the professional reviewers have to say as well. They will gather a lot of important information in one spot, so it’s easier for you to have an overview. Finally, make sure the company exists longer than few weeks or months. Scammers often appear and disappear fast in this market. Opt for sites that operate for a year or longer. Two decades that Pharmacy Mall is in business is something many providers strive for not only in the field of generics but among online stores in general. Pharmacy Mall is not only a leader but also an example of a reliable and resilient provider with lots of expertise and outstanding deals.

Auvitra 20mg on

Auvitra 20mg on

Advantages and Disadvantages of Levitra Substitutes

Levitra substitutes bare many superb advantages, but as with everything, some disadvantages may follow.

Levitra is Vardenafil

No matter which generic you choose, it should work the same because it contains Vardenafil just like in the original Bayer’s Levitra. Some generic might be worse than others because of the quality of the production by inexperience or disingenuous laboratories, which makes choosing the right supplier important.

Price difference will astonish you

Bayer used his monopoly for Levitra and set prices to sky high, but the cost of production of Vardenafil are not that high at all, especially in less expensive countries like India. This is why, generic Levitra, although being the same Vardenafil in the same dose of 20mg can cost much less and the difference is astonishing. Take a look at the table to count your savings. Even a standard pack of 60 tablets is $379 cheaper than Bayer.

Brand Levitra 20 mg vs Levitra 20mg

Tabs in Pack Brand Levitra 20 mg Average Market Price
(3 Stars)
Levitra 20mg Price from Pharmacy Mall
(5 Stars)
You Save!
10 $172.00 $42.26 $129.74 Buy it! Tester Pack
20 $237.20 $58.28 $178.92 Buy it!
30 $302.40 $74.30 $228.10 Buy it!
60 $498.05 $122.37 $375.68 Buy it!
90 $693.65 $170.43 $523.22 Buy it! Best Pick
120 $889.30 $218.50 $670.80 Buy it!
180 $1,280.54 $314.63 $965.91 Buy it!
270 $1,867.44 $458.83 $1,408.61 Buy it! XXL

Quality is well tested

Although many generics come from India, their quality and company’s laboratories are thoroughly tested by official organizations including W.H.O that set pharmaceutical standards for Europe and the whole world, as well as FDA prevalent in the USA. Every laboratory that delivers their generics to Pharmacy Mall, for example, needs to comply with requirements of so-called GMP and be FDA or WHO-approved for distribution in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Disadvantages of Levitra substitutes.

Local chemist won’t have what you need

Levitra substitutes are difficult to find regionally, because of hassle with different countries administrations. To maintain competitive prices and circumvent the need for prescriptions, many providers prefer to sell online. Although you don’t need a prescription every time you purchase generic Levitra online, you should always consult your MD about possible drug interactions and health hazards.

Patience is a name of the game

Choosing to get Levitra online you also agree to a delivery which might take some time. The pill will not appear on your doorstep overnight, and it will depend on many local post offices, from the country of production, to where you reside, to deliver in time. In most cases, you should get your product within 3 weeks or sooner.

Dangers from dubious producers and suppliers

The Internet carries some dangers from counterfeit products. The crucial step is to identify the supplier that you can trust. Such suppliers will know more about various producers and will find a safe and active medicine for you. While buying seemingly solid drug from a shady supplier will often result in getting fake pills.

How to Buy Auvitra 20mg Online and Stay Away from Fake Pills

Patient feedback doesn’t encourage Auvitra purchase. The drug is ineffective and seems to be coming from a dubious manufacturer. While one review claims that Aurochem Laboratories is a known and trusted company, nothing else confirms it. Aurochem has no tangible certificates or guarantees of quality offered to customers. Their page does not refer to GMP standards of any other standards they might be following to produce good drugs for export to the U.S and the EU. Without proper tests and laboratories, you can’t be certain that Auvitra contains Vardenafil, or that it’s not degraded, impure or toxic.

Finding a more desirable Levitra alternative seems crucial. Many suppliers offer generics of Levitra, and you should choose the one that’s trustworthy and recommended. The biggest market leaders like Pharmacy Mall, are the guarantee of generics activity, potency, and safety. Otherwise, you can never be sure if your pills are in fact genuine.

Thanks to their global network and lifelong partnerships with high-quality producers, Pharmacy Mall, offers the best possible prices, that outmatch other global providers of Levitra.

Vardenafil 20mg vs Generic Levitra 20mg Prices

Tabs in pack Average Vardenafil 20mg Price on the Market
(3 Stars)
Pharmacy Mall Levitra 20mg Price
(5 Stars)
You save!
10 $55.23 $42.26 $12.97 Buy it! Tester Pack
20 $76.17 $58.28 $17.89 Buy it!
30 $97.11 $74.30 $22.81 Buy it!
60 $159.94 $122.37 $37.57 Buy it!
90 $222.75 $170.43 $52.32 Buy it! Best Pick
120 $285.58 $218.50 $67.08 Buy it!
180 $411.22 $314.63 $96.59 Buy it!
270 $599.69 $458.83 $140.86 Buy it! XXL

They also throw in daily and weekly discounts so it’s beneficial to stay tuned.

Levitra 20mg Prices Chart

Levitra 20mg Prices Chart

Auvitra 20mg Alternatives

Auvitra is a poor Levitra alternative, not gaining popularity among the patients. Feedback suggests it doesn’t work and albeit cheap, it is not worth the money. Producer, Aurochem labs also does not comply with any European or American standards for pharmaceutical production.

When seeking your Levitra alternative, you should first select a trustworthy provider, who can guarantee safety and activity of your pill. Pharmacy Mall can serve as an example of what you should be looking for in your supplier of choice, namely years of expertise, fast deliveries combined with the lowest charges.

Levitra 20mg Price vs No-name Levitra

Tabs in Pack Generic No-name Vardenafil 20 mg
(1 Star)
Levitra 20mg Price From Pharmacy Mall
(5 Stars)
Savings on Levitra 20mg
10 $50.73 $42.26 $8.47 Buy it! Tester Package
20 $69.97 $58.28 $11.69 Buy it!
30 $89.20 $74.30 $14.90 Buy it!
60 $146.91 $122.37 $24.54 Buy it!
90 $204.60 $170.43 $34.17 Buy it! Best Pick
120 $262.31 $218.50 $43.81 Buy it!
180 $377.71 $314.63 $63.08 Buy it!
270 $550.83 $458.83 $92.00 Buy it! XXL


Auvitra failed customers with ineffective treatment or plain lack of activity altogether. Other generics of Levitra surpass Auvitra on all levels, including the quality, activity strength and the price. Generics of Levitra are particularly strong and top notch when coming from recommended and guaranteed provider such as Pharmacy Mall. Also, their price deals outweigh everyone in the industry. Claim your deal now!

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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