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on October 5 | in Reviews | by | with No Comments is another online drugstore which sells mostly generic medications for impotence, at least it was, a few years ago. Today, the shop transformed into a “trusted portal for articles”, which is a far cry to the store this domain once was. Aster Meds was formerly a platform catering to the buyers’ needs for generic medications with various uses. Before, the store sold various products at cheaper prices than the local internet pharmacies. For some reason, though, the store lost all its products and became an online portal for health and related articles.

Before, you can find medications such as generic Viagra, Kamagra, Apcalis, Caverta, Zocor, generic Propecia, Crestor, and several other items on this online pharmacy. Aster Meds asked its buyers to submit their prescriptions before being dispensed with the meds on the store, which was unlike other online web pharmacies. Besides the common products, also formerly offered weight loss products, antibiotics, meds for cholesterol, diabetes meds, hair loss products, and several others. Now, instead of finding various products on Aster Meds, the store only has articles on various topics such as general health, men’s health, sleep and health, weight loss, and women’s health.

I do not know what Aster Meds is going for, but the store allows the buyers to search for articles on the shop. It is relevant to note, though, that the most recent articles published on were from December 2014, which indicates that this platform has long stopped publishing articles for its buyers. There is no clue when the store started functioning as an online database of web articles, but the earliest articles on the store were from October 2010, which may also indicate that the shop probably became an online article site only on 2010.

There is really nothing to discover on this platform today, save for its semi-interesting articles. The most current of articles on Aster Meds include “Simple Home Beauty Tips to Get Over Dry Skin”, “How Fashion is Harmful to your Health”, “List of Foods that Stabilizes the Stomach Acid”, “Healthy Hair and the Side Effects of Shampoo”, and a lot more articles. Overall, the store has articles spanning over its 156 pages of article list, which is rather a lot.

Besides the purpose of this platform to inform buyers, I am unsure about the new purpose of this online store. does not endorse any product on the shop and does not redirect to any online pharmacy. There is no information on the store besides the articles—there are no contact numbers, information section, and at least an about us for readers. Reviews

Previous allusions to Aster Meds were available on the web, but the mentions for the online platform were for the platform being an online pharmacy and not for the website being an online source of articles related to health and related concepts.

The review for is from Karen Blanton, who posted her review on Pharmacies Review last January 2013. Karen rated 0 stars out of 5 and stated that the store is a scam website. According to Karen she paid for her order and was told that her order was already shipped. However, she did not receive anything from the store and during her latest follow-up, there were no replies from the shop’s reps. All in all, Karen said that the store got $137 from her. Reviews 2017

Besides the old mentions for being a scamming online pharmacy, the store did not have any buyer comments for its service. Also, since the shop probably changed into an article database website, there must be no available reviews for the shop from 2016 and the current year.

Because of the lack of reviews pertaining to for its present state or its previous service for the year 2016, I used several platforms to evaluate this website. Using Legit Script, I discovered that was actually a rogue website which failed to comply with the internet standards for proper web operations.

I also used Scam Adviser to identify existing issues for the website. Scam Adviser overtly stated that the platform, Aster Meds, is a threat listed website running for almost 7 years. Like, Scam Adviser also labeled as a ROGUE internet pharmacy. Although the overall rating for is 63% out of 100, a warning is still issued against the use of Aster Meds by consumers. Coupon Codes

The previous Aster Meds store offered free shipping for orders beyond $150 and also offered extra bonus pills for orders of a certain amount.

However, the Aster Meds website today does not sell anything and therefore does not offer any discount promotion or free shipping promotion for its visitors. You can’t buy anything on today and the site does not endorse any deal for its visitors.


I am still wondering why the shop Aster Meds removed all its products and transformed into an online database for web health articles. I also noticed that Astermeds’ latest articles are dated December 2014, which means that the website was inactive for a while.

The store,, though, had previous comments for its bad service as an online store. Today, though, is not an online shop anymore, so you can’t find anything to buy on Since there is nothing to recommend on and since the shop’s almost technically closed, I am rating 1 out of 5.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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