365pills.net Review – A Good Chance of Getting Your Money Scammed

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365pills.net is probably the first online pharmacy I came across that does not cut leverage in the form of shipping fee. Interestingly, the site also provides related information for every specific drug including the side-effects and dosage related information etc., a feature not that common in such sites. The online pharmacy has been in operation since 2008 and has store locations and and/or staff based in the USA and Europe.

They sell Generic Viagra on different prices per tablet and these prices vary, based upon the amount to order placed. If a customer places a very large order, cost per pill is reduces. For instance, 10 tablets of 100mg each are sold at a price of 4 USD per pill, for the same tablets, if 360 pieces are ordered, it costs 0.83 USD for each.

365pills.net does not provide FDA approved drugs and states that their drugs are checked by of World Health Organization (WHO) for quality assurance. Moreover, a customer does not need any prescription to order pills. In case of damages during transportation, the company does not pay for damages. However, on the occurrence of an error on the company’s behalf, packages can be refunded or reshipped.

The online pharmacy provides two modes of delivery for customers: Regular and Express delivery. Interestingly, they do not charge any shipping fee for regular delivery. However, in case of urgent need, you can order using Express delivery which charges around 30 USD as shipping fee but delivers the package comparatively in a short time. Regular delivery ships your package in 2-3 weeks whereas, express delivery ships the order in just 5-9 business days. The pharmacy accepts payments using VISA/pre-paid VISA cards, MasterCard, Prepaid debit cards and American Express. Customers, however, cannot pay through PayPal or Gift cards.

Customer service of the site, however, was not that good and I was disappointed for not getting the answer to my query even after hours.

365pills.net Reviews

Upon some searching, I found out that there exist no online reviews for 365pills.net. This reduces the credibility of the seller and he cannot be trusted. Moreover, there may be a chance of involvement of wrong business practices on the vendor’s behalf without the customer knowing. Since the repute of seller is not known or available for the customer to base the decision on, it’s better to order from a place whose status is known and there is lesser risk of money scamming involved.

Based upon the 365pills.net’s reputation analysis obtained from scamadviser.com, the site has a ‘low trust rating’ and there is a high risk involved in using this e-pharmacy. So, the better option for customers is to order from a trustable vendor who has a satisfactory trust rating and have some good user reviews.

365pills.net Reviews 2017

Various scam analysis as obtained recently, specify that the site involves a risk factor. These analyses also identify a malware associated with it. Most recently i.e. in 2016, the site has a very few visitors and has a very high risk associated with it.

The site scamner.com recommends not to deal with the site or to buy from it and specifies that site has no trust records. Moreover, the site has no SSL certificate-this specifies that uploading your data on the site might not be safe and there may be a chance of it getting misused.

The site has been identified as a Rogue pharmacy by scamadviser.com. Moreover, the site is being operated by an unknown person or company i.e. the site owner has hidden his identity by using a service mostly used by scammers, so there is a bright chance that the site may be a scam site. These scam reports also specify that the operation of the site is being done from a high-risk country which identifies a country where mostly online scam businesses are based.

365pills.net Coupon Codes

Interestingly, 365pills.net provides various discount deals. One of the most interesting discount deal that the e-pharmacy store offers to its customers is the transport of packages without any delivery fee and shipping is free for every regular delivery. It is the first time ever that I came across an online pharmacy that does not charges any money to ship the drugs.

Moreover, 365pills.net also provides discounts on bulk orders. The greater amount of order the customer places, the more discount they can avail as per pill cost of drug decreases on large orders.

They also offer Express delivery i.e. fast delivery on bulk orders and send 4 pills as a bonus for any quantity of order. On reordering from 365pills.net, customers can also avail a discount of 10% on their order.


There are many reasons I am not at all impressed by 365pills.net. Firstly, there was no response from the customer service even after 24 hours. Not only this, the absence of any related reviews and the scam reports were a big negative point. Initially, I might be impressed by the low costs of drugs and good discount deals, but the mere fact that the site is probably a scam has decreased its credibility. That is the reason why I would give 365Pills a rating of 2 out of 5.

Considering the fact that the site has absolutely no reviews available is enough to avoid ordering from it. But taking into account the fact that it has also been specified as a non-trustable vendor by various scam analysis, there is no chance that I would consider buying from this site.

Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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