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is closed. We Suggest
We recommend you try as it is the most reliable pharmacy at the moment according to customer reviews
OPEN review Established in the year 1998, was a leading online pharmacy that offered high quality branded and generic prescription medicines. The company was a licensed pharmacy in Mexico. All products were shipped directly from Mexico. No prescription was required to purchase medicines from this site. All medicines sold through their online store were also available at any other pharmacies within Mexico without a required prescription. The drugs were available at affordable rates and you could get up to 80% off on the US prices. The medicines were of good quality, safe and reliable. The company claimed that all products are manufactured within Mexico and they do not import medicines from India or any other country. The drugs were regulated by federal bodies and you could get medications in the manufacturer’s original packaging.

There were mixed reviews posted on the internet about Customers have given good reviews as well. Most of the customers liked the reasonable pricing of medicines and quick delivery. There were few instances of credit card fraudulent charges. The company had many permanent customers who have been revisiting the site and buying medicines from them. Customer service department was prompt and reliable. Few medicines were exclusively available on their site, which was hard to find with many other online pharmacies and this was one of the reasons customers trusted this site. followed accepted standards of pharmacy practices and has earned a good reputation at that time. It was very popular among customers. The site was a legit one and the company’s address and policies were clearly listed in the “Contact Us” and “Terms and Conditions” on their website. Orders had good expiration date and were given personal attention by the company. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Review -2 out of 5 stars by Stephen K. Walker

is closed. We Suggest
We recommend you try as it is the most reliable pharmacy at the moment according to customer reviews
  • Guest

    Have u tried ordering from them yourself? It doesn’t appear u have done much homework here sorry to say. I read numerous negative reviews myself online but the dates of the complaints were from years ago. I took precautions when ordering with them initially and used a disposable credit card # issued by my bank. If u doubt the company’s online reputation educate yourself on steps u can take when purchasing online and u will be fine. I was pleased with my order and no fraud occurred. All u did was give out information anyone could have googled themselves to find out and u did not test out the company personally. Thanks for your lame and lazy blogging next time pick a topic u r actually experienced with. The company is good and if u don’t try for yourself u will never know so try it and see. There is a lot of online pharmacies loosing customers because of how good medsmex is gee wonder where most of the bad reviews come from? Maybe it’s purposely put there to mislead people so they don’t stop using the more expensive competition

  • Ben

    This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about lol

  • Guest

    I have used this company since 2000. I did not have insurance and this company actually saved my life. They allowed me to obtain medication that I needed to stay alive at a fraction of the generic cost here in the US. I am convinced that all the negative comments regarding such companies (illicit activity excluded) is orchestrated by big Pharma and other such companies who like things the way they are to hold us hostage to pay enormous mark ups or go without the medications.

    I agree with the other reviews. Try it for your self. They have always provided me with exactly what I ordered. I have never had a discrepancy with my credit card and the medication is exactly what was ordered, packaged from the same pharmaceutical companies that package the medications in this country.

  • reglanceboy1234

    I am a customer from and i have no problem with them, in fact i been saving money for my Asthma medication. My last order was on October and i received my package. The customer service is great they are nice compared to the other customer service i had with other company’s.

    Best regards,

  • uniquename72

    I got some antibiotics from them (for acne). Supposedly they were the same pills, same strength as what I’d been getting from my U.S. pharmacy before I temporarily lost my insurance. The pills from MedsMex did nothing. Seriously nothing.

    Once I got my insurance back I started getting the same pills from CVS again and suddenly my acne was totally gone.

    I think their pills are fake — at least, the minocycline is.

  • Dave

    I’ve ordered thyroid meds from them a few times and always received it. It’s been a few years since I last ordered.

  • Cromaxgal

    I’ve ordered from them for over 15 years and never had a problem. The owners live in Klamath Falls, Or.

  • Dave

    Just received an order. Took about 3 weeks. Here’s the proof:

  • mary gold

    I have been using them for over 10 yrs, have always gotten my order
    bentyl for IBS, inderal for BP, retin A, keeps wrinkles at bay, gabapentin neuropathy.
    I highly recommend them, can be slow coming in though, but good otherwise.

  • BillTempo

    I ordered medication worth $236 last month and all I got today is worthless pregnancy pills. I’m not a woman so what I ordered had nothing to do with it. First, they insisted so much no to use my credit card but just use money transfer. It’s clear they were deliberately doing this because we kept emailing back and forth up to when the package was sent to make sure everything was correct. I’ve written them an email without any luck.
    The ironic part is I started ordering this 25th of Dec, 2015 but there’s always an excuse and things dragged on for weeks. After that, I had obstacles like after I ordered the stuff, they mailed me back 2 days later saying some of the items aren’t available but they had known my list of items about 2 weeks earlier. I was planning to move all my legitimate medication orders to medsmex. Now, that is not going to happen.

  • Guest

    umm, I’m going to have to strongly disagree with this article. They scammed me… Sent me the wrong product and now won’t reply to my messages or calls. I had to throw out what they sent me as it’s useless. Don’t use them.

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