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on April 9 | in Reviews | by | with 14 Comments is an online pharmacy that offers low cost generic drugs to consumers and helps them to save time and money. The company has been in operation for the past 6 years and offers the facility to buy medicines in the most convenient and confidential manner and the buyer don’t have to pay any consultation fees or any other hidden charges while purchasing these drugs. The company makes it easy for elderly and uninsured persons to purchase the drugs that they require easily and also guarantees all the orders will reach on time and if there is any issue, the buyer can ask for a refund. While going through reviews, we have found few customers complaining about unsuccessful credit card transactions and cancellation of orders due to this reason.

The United States Food and Drug Administration reviewed and have come to the conclusion that the company offers products that violates the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The website offers to its customers various drugs that are misbranded and unapproved for sale and are prohibited under the FD&C Act. sells Pirfenidone under the brand name Pirfenex but this drug is not recognized as effective and safe for use. FDA is taking strict action against the firm as the company is selling various drugs that may not assure safety, efficacy and quality. Such drugs have been found to be counterfeit, contaminated and containing various active ingredients. In order to protect the safety of the patient’s health, FDA has declared that the pharmacies and wholesalers selling prescription drugs in the U.S must have a license by the state. Any sort of unapproved drugs that are delivered to the public are not effective and safe for health. is not a safe website from where you can purchase your medications and can also be involved in scam transactions. Thus, it is totally the customers’ responsibility to ensure that all the drugs offered by the company are FD&C Act approved or it is better to select some other platform to buy your medications.

  • benigno cardona castro

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  • drp146

    You are wrong about Buy-Pharma not being safe. I have a very sucessful history buying from them. I get the exact same drugs from them that I get at the local pharmacy. The major difference being price. I save a lot of money. It’s true that I don’t buy Pirfenidone from them, but I have bought a number of common prescription drugs that were in the exact same form that I used to get from the local pharmacies. The major difference being that I paid less than half in most cases than buying locally. Their website is the best alternative I’ve found to being ripped off on drug costs simply because I’m an American.

    • Scammed

      Well they stole money from me so thanks a lot for posting this jacka**. I only bought from them cause I saw your review and thought they might be legit.

      • FRANK

        I don’t believe Buypharma stole anything from you. I have been dealing with them for six years and they have provided prompt refunds or replacements anytime there was an error. Of course I only buy antibiotics and other common drugs and don’t try to buy illegal drugs that get confiscated by customs. I have several friends and neighbors that buy from Buypharma and all of them are very happy with their service and products. We have saved thousands of dollars by using the Zpacks, Gentimycin eye/ear ointment for pink eye and or ear infections and Amoxicillin.
        If you have a problem you can write to Robert at Buypharma and he will reply within 24 hours.

        • quicksilver80

          I’ve used them a few times and they’ve been very inexpensive, quick, and reliable. I get meds for my dog and Retin-A for myself. Once I tried to use an internet check to pay and my bank wouldn’t clear it because of where the transaction was. They sent me a polite email and we worked it out.

        • Jane Hammett Bright

          I agree with Frank. been buying for at least 6 years and no problem. Love the prices!!! and i buy antibiotics for the farm

  • tham58

    If one were to follow these primary school rules to the letter (”mummy told you not to talk to strangers”), one will end up
    buying nothing on the net.

  • Scammed

    To drp146, I guess you got lucky with them. Maybe it’s a hit-and-miss thing with each of these websites but I read your review, tried to purchase from them and got scammed. I’m going around posting about what happened to try and prevent the same thing happening to other people.

    If you’re thinking about buying from Buy-Pharma, let me save you some time and money:
    These guys are F***ING SCAM ARTISTS.
    Thankfully I used a Pre-Paid VISA not connected to my real bank account.

    1) They charged 60AUD from the account, with a reference listing a Singapore address, followed by the word ‘Declined’. The transaction wasn’t declined, they just wrote that in when putting a successful transaction through to try and fool me.
    2) Through email they then tried to convince me that my payment had been declined.
    3) I sent them a photo of my transaction history, pointing out that the $60 was GONE, and just because you write the word ‘declined’ in a reference isn’t going to trick me. The money is gone.
    4) He then agreed and admitted the reference was from their company, and the money had indeed been taken and he was very ‘confused’.
    5) So I demanded he send the product given that we both agreed he had my money. He said that was fair enough and he would do it. The next day though, he changed his mind and said ‘after triple checking with the bank’ that the money hadn’t gone through.
    6) I reminded him once again I had given him PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of the transaction being successful and started accusing them of being scammers. This panicked them and they tried to reassure me.
    7) They continue weeks later to stall for time by telling me they are ‘waiting to hear back from the bank’ and when they do they will send the product. It has been at least 3 weeks I’ve been hearing this.

    I informed them I would report them to as many Government agencies as possible and post these reviews online to warn people away.

    Please do yourself a favour and shop elsewhere. Don’t give these pieces of S*** your money…

    • Edwin Godbold

      I have been using Buy-Pharma for years. Diabestes, heart, cholesterol, protate, etc. I save a great deal of money. Many people do not realize that generics not available in the US can be purchased elsewhere at tremendous savings.(Example: Crestor – which now has a generic, but I have been buying it for years at about 25% of what I could get it at theWM store).

      One order was “late”, and they immediately shipped another order. I received both orders and had to twist their arm to charge me for the 2nd batch. Always fast service. Absolutely no complaints, and always good service. ANd, I am talking about orders of around $800 every 4 months or so.,

    • FRANK

      It is my believe these people saying they were scammed at not legitimate persons.
      I’ve had several transactions declined by credit card companies in the forty years of having credit cards and never once has one of the declined charges shown up as a charge on my statement. Think about it folks if a charge is declined then how would it be processed as a charge on your statement.
      I’ve made purchases in the several hundred dollar range and my neighbor has purchased twelve hundred dollars without any errors delays or problems with Buypharma. They are a reputable company who provides good antibiotics, colchicine for gout, and other items we could not afford if it were not for BuyPharma. Walmart charges $160 for 30 days of colchicine, Buypharma charges $7.50.
      Give them a try don’t listen to losers.

  • quicksilver80

    I’ve used them twice now, and each time the meds have been timely and correct. Am about to place a third order.

  • Al

    Ive purchased from them 2 times now. On both occasions they supplied the goods and so far I have not been disappointed. The products are of excellent quality and their customer service is great. They ship fast across the world and they are very helpful.

  • quicksilver80

    Stevie, you need a proofreader.

  • quicksilver80

    I think I figured it out. When I tried to order my dog meds, something shifted me to a different site – not buy-pharma. I had to be careful to avoid that redirection. So I think the scam is that somebody is getting between us and buy-pharma, and THEY are the scammer!

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Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

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