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Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders

AllDayChemist Reviews

AllDayChemist Reviews is a well-known drugstore with a decade of experience in the online drugs market. The company does not accept major credit cards, due to which they are not able to serve all potential customers at the moment.

The online store offers more than 1500 items and products. Standard delivery time is 5 – 15 days and if the order is not delivered within 15 days; the company promises to send the product again, or return the full amount. Delivery cost is $25 dollars regardless of the number of items in the order.

Price Comparison:

I chose Generic Viagra 100 mg by CIPLA (Suhagra and Silagra brands) as a reference product for actual comparison. Reviews on the Internet suggest that this product is of high quality, which rivals in characteristics with Viagra from Pfizer.

ADC offers Suhagra by Cipla at the following prices:

– Minimal packaging – 10 pills (+ 10 bonus) = $1.85 per pill (including shipping)

– Maximum – 264 pills (+ 264 bonus) = $1.07 per pill

Payment Methods:

The company accepts , wire transfers and “money order”. Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are not accepted at the moment. For more information you can contact their customer support service.

Customer Service:

There are real people in ADCs support service. I was able to talk to them through phone and via chat as well. Support operators are reachable every day from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM (PST).

Before making a purchase, I always discuss my queries with the customer support (see details in this article), and when I contacted ADC support, the operator was able to answer all my questions and appeared to be a knowledgeable person.

LiveChat Log:

Thank you for contacting us! I am a Live representative here to help you answer your questions. You are now chatting with ‘John’.
John: Hello. How may I assist you?
you: Hello John
you: Who is the manufacturer of your Viagra 100 mg?
John: Kindly give me a moment while I check
you: Ok, sure
John: please go through this link
you: Ok, I see, it’s CIPLA
John: yes
you: How can I pay?
John: you can pay through wire transfer
John: and can send us check /money order
John: while paying through check and money order you get $15 discount on purchase of more than $100
you: What does it mean “money order”?
John: send us money
you: do you mean cash?
John: yes
you: How much does delivery cost and how long does it take?
John: we have flat shipping rate of $25
John: The normal shipping time is 5-15 days
you: What should I do if my order is delayed?
John: you can ask for refund
you: How do I know that I’m not going to be fooled?
John: well we ship with 100%delivery guarantee
John: if you do not get the order in maximum 15 days
John: can ask for reshipment and refund
you: Ok. Where are you located?
John: we are located in india’
you: How will the transaction appear in my bank statement?
John: you will get charge from the name of derric wood
you: Thank you very much. You were very helpful.
John: you are always welcome
John: Thank you for chatting. Good-bye.

As you can see, their support really works! This means when you get some issues you will be able to talk to a real live person.

Background Check: domain was registered in 2002. Now, it has a valid certificate issued by SecureSite (08/17/2011 11:51:56 GMT to 09/27/2013 13:58:53 GMT). It is also certified by MCAFEE SECURE.

People are purchasing drugs from this online store from a long time. When these customers were asked to share their reviews about the site; most of them find it reliable and a legit site. They recommended it to their friends as well. Some of the users are really happy with the packaging. There were few complaints posted on the internet, where some customers felt that the ‘customer-care’ department requires little more improvement. Few complaints were for spam e-mails.

Discounts and Special Offers:

ADC offers a $15 discount if you place an order of $100 and above. The site also promotes discount coupons and vouchers. People love to use them to get an instant discount on their online shopping! Many customers have used these coupons to purchase their drugs online.


In conclusion, is a pretty good online drugs distributor. They provide customers the best quality medicines at affordable prices and a timely delivery. There is a lot of scope for improvement in their customer-care department. Emails should be replied promptly. There are also some problems with the usage of credit cards, but there has not been any sign of fraud or anything like that. The spam e-mails must be checked and stopped! Review5 out of 5 stars by

Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders
  • Le Monde

    I just want to share my experience of having my credit card data stolen soon after I placed an order with ADC. It seems there have been MANY victims, and I suspect this is an inside job. I’m also inundated with spam. Won’t ever buy from them again.

    • Christina

      Someone in Spain (I’m American) tried to make purchases using my CC. I suspect ADC too.

  • Chi Chi Chi

    I buy from alldaychemist never had a problem with cc info this article states they only take money order and wire but i use my visa so maybe it’s updated?..however I do suspect that they sell email phone number ect…info because I get tons of spam and very rude ill-mannered calls from Indians who get very upset when I refuse to buy from them right after I place order online ….the company is ok in my book I wish they had some type of expidited shipping

  • Mary Dell Jones

    I can’t get you! I’m an old customer and need to reorder, but my password you say is invalid again, and I don’t know how to “copy and paste”, I need to reorder but you don’t answer your phone, Dave: (US) 1-310-807-4009 is what I wrote down on 3/2/13. Can’t find another tele. no. as you dn’t have a way for me to contact Allday Chemist–your adv. doesn’t show a contact no. either. Please get in touch with me asap as I need this order! Mary Dell Jones, 3508 Driftwood Ave, Alamogordo, NM 88310, or 1-575-443-1334. Please

    • All Day Chemist

      Our customer service people called you and I believe the issue has already
      been solved. In case of any issue, please feel free to contact us at our Toll Free number + 1(855) 840-0584 or + 1(213) 291-2588.

  • Eye Candy

    i will never buy here again, well this was my first try. i made an order for careprost, they said it was in stock, but it was not, they said they would refund me but they will use my pay pal which i will have to pay fees on. DO NOT PAY THEM ECHECK or any check. if you dont get the right stuff or if you are in dispute you will have to use the legal process to get your money back. ridiculous.

  • PL

    I’ve been ordering from ADC since the very beginning. Back then it was a great company, providing both superior items in stock as well as superb customer service. Now it seems to have gone the way of many other online pharmacies. EVERY SINGLE day I get calls from India (with TONS of background noise of other solicitors) even though they don’t carry what I need to order. Each and every time I go to the site to order, they are out of what I need. Reading other people’s remarks about no longer accepting anything but check or cash REALLY makes me nervous! I have asked numerous times to be removed from their call and/or email list since they don’t stock what I need with absolutely ZERO results. Still call every single day. This company is really beginning to irritate me!

  • Candle Lighter

    I have used ADC previously. Last ordered 11/28/13. Contacted ADC 12/23/13 as it appeared tracking info showed parcel still in India. They were unable to track it themselves and promised to resend the order. They didnt until 1/9/13. I dont think I will use them again. It typically takes 21 to 28 days to recieve an order and this is the second time there has been shipping issues.

  • nadia mccall

    ok, first I have to laugh when you say “few complaints” since anyone who knows how to research on a computer will be overwhelmed by how MANY complaints have been made! Few means two or three. I would say it is MANY complaints, in the hundreds at least. I got sick of reading all of them in fact. Secondly, you fail to mention how trustworthy — as in, REAL — the medications are. You know that fakes are made all the time, everywhere — so can anyone tell me if these are the REAL medications, that work? I don’t care what the package or the company itself says, obviously.

  • Gruntus

    I recently refilled a prescription and accidently pressed “submit” twice, charging my credit card twice. I called their toll-free number and a very helpful man (with a very thick accent) corrected my credit card double charge right away. Very satisfied!

  • sonia Mendoza

    Have used alldaychemist for five years. Use credit card; never have a problem.

  • Cara

    I bought a product at all day chemist last Sept 29 2014 and have not received it, I have emailed them numerous times, They gave me a tracking number and I can not even track it, I gave them my debit card and they charge an outrageous price for shipping. In their website it is all good reviews and I can not even make a comment in the review section. T.hat is why it is all goo reviews. This company is from India and is a scam : (.

  • digical1

    Made a order by credit card & it took about 12 days to get to me. Heard a lot about the credit card scams & watch my transactions frequently. Ordered some retin-a & it works great. Ordered some viagra & honestly was not to impressed. The pills seemed very low dosed. I have not gotten any weird calls from telemarketers & I ordered 6 weeks ago. Can I say this is the best online pharmacy… No but most of these online pharmacies are scammers & this one seems legit. They sell generics so honestly how good can you expect the quality to be? At least you know it’s real.

  • Raina

    I have ordered from this company for several years now and have received over 10 orders correctly. I just don’t care for the 25 shipping fee and it does take several weeks to receive sometimes but the meds are real and the same as I receive from my Doc just about 70 to 90% less. But there is a dark side to using this company, at the time they manually enter your credit card info. I had a guy with a very thick Indian accent call and ask me for my cc info to charge for the meds then he asked me did I have a middle name, birthdate and social. I asked WTF for? He then continued to process without the extra personal info.That was a 1st for me. And a few weeks later I received fraudulent charges on my card for a Shoprite Newton in NJ. Another time after using another card I received fraudulent charges for a Food For Less in Santa Ana California. I believe they were purchasing prepaid card. So now to avoid all of this I use a prepaid Vanilla Visa to purchase from them….problem solved. NEVER EVER use your checking acct or debit cards because there is something strange going on.

  • Riley

    I was browsing through the various AllDayChemist reviews online and saw many happy customers recommending their products. They have created goodwill in the market with their quick delivery services and a dedicated customer support that is available for 24 hours. People believe that the online pharmacy only sells OTC drugs. But, apart from that, the chemist also supplies medications that require a prescription. They deal with skin care products and health supplements. They have a hassle-free process of ordering and offer regular discounts.

  • jonesmax096

    I have been a regular customer at alldaychemist.I have never experienced any kind of inconvenience from their end. I get all my ed pills online from this place and Im satisfied with their service. Ty!

  • Bodhicat

    I have ordered from them in the past but always seem to have delivery problems (I’m in Southern California). A recent order (about two hundred dollars) was split into two shipments, and one of them failed to arrive altogether. I’ve just been on the phone with them and have exchanged emails, but thus far they have not been helpful in the least. The representative I spoke with this morning had a poor attitude and seemed to get all the facts wrong, adding to my frustration. I imagine I’ll eventually get everything I ordered, but I doubt I’ll be ordering from them in the future, as it’s just not worth the hassle. One more thing… when you place an order online they immediately call you demanding payment (their payment thing is not what you’d expect — you place the order and they send you an invoice). In my most recent experience that call came literally as I was entering the payment info online, about two minutes after receiving the invoice, and about three minutes after placing the initial order. That was annoying… I felt like telling the woman “Hey! — I’m doing it now!” So, to sum up: quick to take your money, slow to ship, and even slower to resolve any problems (and you WILL have problems).

  • Penelope Allingham

    I have used this company for about 8 years, believe I used a credit card, certainly did last time so maybe have updated their payment options. Have never had problems with spam or calls. I buy Careprost $107 in the U.S. about $6.75 fro ADC Also Retin A, $59 in U.S. $5.95 ADC. Since shipping is expensive, I buy 12 month’s worth at a time (or more) Sometimes split with friends too. Appear to be the same manufacturers, certainly work great no problems. LOVE this company.

  • Keith Barrand

    If we would do something to control these ridiculous US pharmaceutical companies and their price gouging, we wouldn’t need any foreign drug outlets.

  • RD

    Will also second Le Monde. Created a single-use VISA card for use with ADC and a totally unrelated charge came off the card from a company called RAMSDENS FINANCIAL LTD. ADC themselves said that this charge was not from them, they also never shipped my order. They wanted to contact me via telephone (number that I didn’t give them, because of the reports of them spamming telephones).


  • sam

    These morons are a waste of time. 8 emails today and they still can not get my order total correct!

  • Steve Vise

    If you are worried that someone will steal your credit card info, merely go to Wal-Mart or Target or anywhere that sells debit cards. Buy one and have it loaded with the amount of money you will need to make a purchase. Order your pills, and when the pills arrive, throw away the debit card.. No worries !

  • riko

    No problems with ADC. I put in my first order a month ago for some prescription meds which were ridiculouly cheap compared to local. They turned up within the estimated time frame and were as described. I did pay via bank transfer. I think anyone buying international goods should have a healthy awareness of the potential for credit card scams. I don’t care how reputable a company is, if it’s not on home soil, I won’t give out credit card details. Based on my experience I can highly recommend ADC. Postage and communication was professional. I even made an error in my postage details and this was quickly rectified when i contacted customer service. I will buy from again.

  • Nice vedio
    online caverta

  • LC

    You people are pretty dumb. They ship in the time frame, but US customs is what youre waiting on. If you havent gotten your package that means customs decided not to let it through. B
    efore you blame a company make sure the blame is factual. People who are not ordering legally or trying to get illegal substances in the mail will be immediately flagged at customs and they will cease your package

  • chi chi chi

    I love alldaychemist and have used my Visa card for every order until recently ….they only take bank transfers so unfortunately they lost me as a customer I don’t trust the enough to go through with that I always used my prepaid debit card just in case fraud of any sort happened ….no complaints besides random calls from India

    • Frustrated

      I wouldn’t call daily phone calls random.

  • forsure

    6 weeks after sending money order…foolish of me, never received product, lesson learned!

  • Frustrated

    I ordered from adc, now almost daily I get 2 to 3 phone calls from a us pharmacy trying to get me to get refills. I tried blocking the numbers, but then they just use a different fake number. I would never recommend adc to anyone.

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Unfortunately for today’s consumer, the number of rogue or fraudulent online pharmacies outweighs the number of reliable organizations. These companies will attempt to convince consumers that they are legitimate online pharmaceutical companies.

Shoppers need to remember, reputable pharmacies will never send SPAM emails advertising their products or services, they will never sell a controlled substance with or without a prescription, and they will never sell prescription medication without a verified physician’s prescription.

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